Monday, July 27, 2009


And just to illustrate the point, a failed asylum seeker who left a young girl dying under the wheels of his car after a horrific hit and run accident was freed yesterday by a Judge in a court in Blackburn, Lancashire. The defendant, Aso Mohammed Ibrahim (pictured above), was due to be deported after his applications for asylum and citizenship were kicked out. But the 31-year-old Iraqi has been released from custody while he makes yet another bid to stay in the UK. The family of 12-year old Amy Houston who was mowed down by Ibrahim’s car as she went to the shops have spoken of their outrage. Her father, Paul Houston, said : ‘The politicians talk big but I see no action. He’s used up so many resources trying to stay in the UK at taxpayer’s expense. How many more appeals does he get ?”

Just weeks before killing Amy, Ibrahim had been banned for 9 months for driving while disqualified, without insurance and without a licence. Schoolgirl Amy, was outside her home in November 2003 when she was knocked down after running into the path of Ibrahim’s car. She was trapped beneath the car but Ibrahim got out of the car and ran off. The Iraqi, who has never held a driving licence, was jailed for 4 months for driving while disqualified and failing to stop after an accident. This piece of scum, who’s hiding behind human rights legislation by claiming it would be “too dangerous” for him to return to Iraq (I thought Iraq was safe now, at least according to the politicians ?), shouldn’t be getting any favours – he should be done for murder. Or are Muslim votes in Blackburn, Lancashire more important to New Labour than natural justice ? As if we didn’t know the answer to that one. And in answer to poor Mr Houston’s question about how many appeals does this piece of trash get – that’s easy – an unlimited number until some wooly headed politically correct moron gives him indefinite leave to stay and leech off the country, that’s how many.


The recession could tip Britain towards riots and civil disorder (example above) unless voluntary organisations are handed extra resources, the UK Communities Secretary Hazel Blears warned yesterday. Ms Blears, a puerile incompetent idiot even by the banal standards of New Labour, went on to promise to come up with sustainable sources of funds by the summer, Ms Blears said the economic downturn could either drive communities apart or bring them closer together. “Economic recession has the power to do one of two things to a society,” she told Community Service Volunteers (CSV) in the Edith Kahn Lecture. So that’s the answer is it Hazel ? Stop riots by giving taxpayer’s cash to your Party’s pet voluntary schemes like Gay Rights, Lesbian creche facilities, Islamic drop-in centres and Human Rights seminars for illegal immigrants ? What a load of bollocks – and typical of the drivel talked by this stupid, talentless, useless woman.