Monday, July 27, 2009


An off-duty police chief opened fire in a supermarket in southern Moscow yesterday morning, killing at least 3 people and wounding another 7. “During the night Denis Yevsyukov had a fight with his wife and had a nervous breakdown,” a city police spokeswoman said. She said he then went on a shooting spree in the shop (pictured above), randomly spraying bullets at passers-by after first returning home to change into his police uniform. Russian television broadcast CCTV footage from inside the supermarket showing Mr Yevsyukov calmly reloading his weapon as he walked down one of the food aisles. A prime example why it’s probably preferable for officers to not normally have access to firearms. And just as well especially that the UK police aren’t normally armed, because if the’d behaved like they did at the G20 with guns in their hands nobody would have left the recent London demonstrations alive.