Monday, July 27, 2009


Once again in the UK we have the spectre of Islamic “honour” killings. A married Muslim woman has been warned by police that she could be murdered after her lover was attacked with sulphuric acid. The 24-year-old Muslim man had the acid poured down his throat and was stabbed and beaten with bricks by 4 men. He is not expected to live after suffering 90% burns in the London attack, which blinded him and left his tongue destroyed. The victim, who is of Asian origin, is said to have “insulted” his lover’s strictly religious relatives. A teenager and a 25-year-old are due to appear in court charged with trying to kill him by pouring acid down his throat.

Community leader Imtiaz Qadir said: “Honour crime happens a lot in our community, especially the Pakistani community, but we do try to educate the people. It’s a cultural thing from back home.” Bollocks. This kind of crime is being perpetrated by the same people who would force their daughters to accept a life of no education and arranged marriages. It runs counter to UK law and must be stopped. There’s nothing cultural or honorable about premeditated maiming, mutilation and murder. And in any case, judging by the ages of the accused, if they are found guilty of the alleged offences, they will in all likelihood have been born and raised in the UK, not immersed in the “cultural things from back home”. It’s high time that the authorities and our liberal-elite appeasers of radical Islam, like Cherie Blair, who for a human rights lawyer is somewhat conspicuously – and fashionably - very quiet on issues like this, to put a stop to this barbaric, ignorant medieval murderous nonsense dressed up as “honour killing” once and for all.


Increasingly beleagured, bedraggled and inept UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown (pictured above) has admitted that he has endured a “difficult year” – but insists that he can still defy the odds and lead New Labour to victory at the general election. The PM said : “It has been a difficult year because we have had to make tough decisions and tough choices. We have been tested by events such as the financial crisis and the MPs’ expenses scandal.” He argued that no previous British government had ever had to cope with two such huge problems at the same time – presumably because no previous British government has ever been stupid enough to get itself in such a predicament. ”We will stick by our course and we will be judged by the results of our policies,” he said. In other words, he’s going to hang on until the bitter end and have to be booted out next year. Why doesn’t he just put everyone, including himself, out of their misery and go NOW ?


In the state of Texas the ersatz-nazi Christian right (represented above) is making an effort to force religion further into the school curriculum with the state’s education board about to consider recommendations that children should be taught that there would be no United States of America if it had not been for God. Members of a panel of experts appointed by the board to revise the state’s history curriculum, who include a Christian fundamentalist preacher who says he is fighting a war for America’s moral soul, want lessons to emphasise the part played by Christianity in the founding of the US and that religion is a civic virtue. Opponents have decried the move as an attempt to insert religious teachings in to the classroom by stealth, similar to the Christian right’s partially successful attempt to limit the teaching of evolution in biology lessons in Texas. I wonder if these same members of the Christian right would be so enthusiastic in promulgating the notion that all men are equal in the eyes of their God, even if some of these men weren’t white ? Now religious nutcases always reek of hypocrisy, but these guys take the biscuit, acting just like fanatical Islamic fundamentalists they would be the first to condemn.


Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (above left) has been told by the country’s supreme leader to ditch his controversial choice of a top deputy. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has reportedly ordered that Esfandiar Rahim Mashai (above right) be removed immediately from his job as first vice-president. The move is a rare split among Iran’s top conservatives and is a humiliating setback for Ahmadinejad, who appointed Mashai, his son’s father-in-law, less than a week ago. But Mashai angered many of the country’s hardliners after declaring that Iranians were “friends of all people in the world – even Israelis”. It’s clear that Ahmadinejad needs to be more careful, considerate, democratic and thoughtful in foisting unelected nonentities on the Iranian people. Come to think of it ………..


There have been an estimated 100,000 new cases of swine flu (above) reported in England since last week and 840 patients are in hospital with the virus, 63 of them in intensive care, the Department of Health said yesterday. This means the number of people consulting their doctor because they think they have swine flu has almost doubled in one week, up from 55,000. Which just goes to show how effective a load of alarmist bullshit spread by the government, eager to be seen to be “doing something” – or at least seen to be talking about doing something, can be.


Well done to Canadian singer Dave Carroll (pictured above), who composed “United Breaks Guitars” after his Taylor acoustic was damaged at Chicago’s O’Hare airport. His song has become a YouTube hit with nearly 4 million views in 10 days. I’m sure Dave speaks for many of us who’ve had horrendous experiences with airline luggage. You can see him here :