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Navy guard ship wreck case of deep-fried South Korea issued two emergency

Navy guard ship wreck case of deep-fried South Korea issued two emergency

At 5:03 p.m. on March 27, 2010

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■ South Korean warship sank bizarre, a Coast Guard vessels in the incident area to begin rescue operations. (AP Photo)

■ President Lee Myung-bak convened an emergency security at the presidential Council of Ministers, to develop countermeasures. (AP Photo)

■ South Korean warship sank after the accident the Navy's family continue to monitor the latest TV report. (AP Photo)

■ the incident area map

(Seoul, 27 AP) South Korea's National Police Agency, 26 night, warning the West Sea naval ship sinking incident to Incheon, Seoul, Gyeonggi and Gangwon Police Agency issued "two state of emergency" command.

According to "Yonhap," reported Seoul local time the evening of 26 9:45 Xu, in South Korea on surveillance duty in western waters of the South Korean navy ship sentry ship days due to unknown causes an accident, hull has been blasted hole in the stern began to sink.

South Korean navy ship carrying a total of 104 people, many people jumped into the sea when the ship sank. Has been reported that 59 people have been rescued about 40 people are still missing.

Does not rule out the incident with the North Korea related to

According to South Korean National Police Agency said senior officials of the day, although not yet confirmed the specific reasons for the boat incident, but did not rule out the event with the North Korea-related possibilities.

"2 a state of emergency" is a South Korean Police to step up vigilance after the start when "a state of emergency" alert order.

After the accident, South Korean President Lee Myung-bak convened an emergency defense minister, the National Intelligence Director, Foreign Minister and other relevant personnel, to convene the Security Council of Ministers to discuss countermeasures.

Lee Myung-bak, 27, hosted the morning of the "Saw ship" Shen sea after the 2nd safety department's ministerial meeting, but is still able to identify the incident, the reasons for the lack of clues, therefore plans to continue to the next meeting to discuss the issue.

"Han Associated Press" reported that Lee Myung-bak instructed at the meeting, said: "To the extent possible, take into account all possibilities, need to be thoroughly and quickly identify the cause of the accident. The military needs to make every effort to rescue work in order to rescue more survivors . "

The military originally planned, in the morning at low tide sea water into divers conduct search and investigation of the site of the incident, but the waves were large, it is not a dive search.

Cheong Wa Dae said that if the weather conditions that afternoon is still not ideal, impossible for divers, search and investigation will be to 28 to get started.

In addition, the South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff, said 27, Cheonan ship sank after being rescued 59 soldiers, 13 people were injured in hospital, of which two cerebral bleeding, but not life-threatening.

The report quoted South Korean military source said last partially Cheonan ship blasted holes are sunk. It was suggested that the possibility of attack. It is understood that at that time in nearby Sokcho mission ship with 76mm guns to the North Korea conducted a cover shoot.

The report quoted sources said that the stern was ripped holes, most likely caused by a torpedo attack by North Korea. At present due to concentrate on ambulance personnel has not confirmed the precise cause of the blast.

It is reported that North Korea conducted a day, dozens of artillery training. An on board a total of 104 days after the accident, many people jumped into the sea, so the possibility of casualties occur.

South Korea's navy has sent to the accident area for emergency ambulance and helicopters.

The military has not issued a very alert to make

On the other hand, despite the South Korean police have Incheon, Seoul, Gyeonggi and Gangwon Police Agency, issued a "two state of emergency order", but so far there was no unusual North Korean military movements, South Korea's military has not ordered the whole army very alert to make.

South Korean military Joint Chiefs of Staff Director of intelligence operations, said Lee Ki-sik, now we can not understand the hole on the bottom of the hull exactly what type, because do not know cause of the accident, therefore, can not say are associated with North Korea.

Therefore, the South Korean military has not ordered the army to make a very alert, but continued to maintain an alert posture, observing North Korea's military movements.

Tension warships on standby

South Korean warship sank an explosion, so that the tense geopolitical situation had improved significantly, Korean media that the incident may not be for North Korea, but the U.S. warships have been ready to assist.

South Korean Navy's "ship Cheonan" Last night on duty in the Korean Peninsula and the western waters when the explosion took place unexplained sinking.

South Korean news media, confusion, there is that "the U.S. intelligence authorities that the incident is not associated with North Korea", "Cheong Wa Dae that has nothing to do with North Korea seems to", but there were reporters in the broadcast stage, said, "alone on a training mission on the explosion, Shen Sea warships, rare. "

U.S. Defense Department official said the U.S. warships in the region have been ready on standby to assist.

Taiwan alert

South Korean navy sank ship after the warning whistle, yet not know whether North Korea related to the Taiwan Ministry of National Defense has responded, saying that maintain a high degree of vigilance.

"Central News Agency" report, being overseas visits by Taiwan President Ma Ying-jeou told the news, immediately called a meeting accompanied by national security, diplomatic and other officials related meetings held in response.

Taiwan Defense Ministry spokesman Yu Si-zu last night pointed out that for inter-Korean event, the Ministry of Defense has been the first time to acquire the relevant conditions, and high-level government hospital and the National Security Unit to keep in touch and exchange of views.

He said Defense Minister Gao Hua-chu, chief of staff have been instructed to Town Yi, deputy chief of the rate of 3 enter the Hengshan command post to maintain a high degree of vigilance.

Yu Si-zu, said some of the military readiness, remained normal operation. Later developments would be appropriate as a basis.

North and South Korea the brink of war? Ma Ying-jeou to convene the National Security Conference

North and South Korea the brink of war? Ma Ying-jeou to convene the National Security Conference

At 12:39 on March 27, 2010
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■ South Korean President Lee Myung-bak.

■ People watch the news.

South Korea today (26) night, an explosion occurred the sinking of warships patrolling the accident, South Korean source said North Korean ships suspected to have fired a torpedo attack on a warship, plunged into an unprecedented tension between the two Koreas, Taiwan's President Ma Ying-jeou also immediately announced the launch of Guoanjizhi.

South Korean patrol vessel "Cheonan ship", the evening was suspected North Korean torpedo attack, the stern exploded, and the other a warship, "Sokcho ship" immediately cover of "days-an-ship" to suspected North Korean ships returned fire, witnesses said, when the sudden appearance of up to 15 minutes of gunfire.

Ma Ying-jeou was on his overseas visits and the media to talk to immediately cancel and call the Secretary and other officials of the National Security Bureau to convene a mini-National Security Conference will address the situation of the two Koreas to make the most appropriate response.

"Tian An-ship" was hit by an explosion soon after the sinking, the authorities said there were 104 people on board, the current emergency rescue, only rescued 59 people. South Korean President Lee Myung-bak convened an emergency security immediately the Council of Ministers.

If it is really a torpedo attack occurred in North Korea South Korea warships, the two Koreas, I am afraid of war imminent.

219 votes to 212 votes in the U.S. House of Representatives approved the completion of a headache Barack Obama health reform task

219 votes to 212 votes in the U.S. House of Representatives approved the completion of a headache Barack Obama health reform task

At 16:44 on March 22, 2010
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■ Obama on health care reform bill passed, to speak to reporters. (AP Photo)

■ Texas House of Representatives on health care reform bill by Sarah, will be hand pressed on the bill copy, the relieved sighs of relief. (AP Photo)

■ Speaker of the House of Representatives surrounded by Pei Luoxi on the historic health care reform bill through the House of Representatives held a press conference. (AP Photo)

(Washington 22, Reuters) The U.S. House of Representatives, 21 voted 940 billion U.S. dollars (about 31165 RM billion) health care reform bill, Obama to become the second in U.S. history, the success of the president on health care reform legislation.

Medical reform the House of Representatives vote in the Senate bill, the House of Representatives to complete medical reform legislation "two-step" in the first step.

The House of Representatives the same day (Malaysia Time on the 22nd at about 10 am) on health reform by the Democratic Party to vote on the final version of the motion. The results of 219 votes to 212 vote, passed the 940 billion U.S. dollars of medical reform bill. The motion will be submitted to the President Obama signed into law.

During roll call, when the bill is passed, the minimum 216 votes required to be present when the Democrats are excited applause and chanting slogans.

More than 46.3 million Americans without health insurance

The United States is the only public health care has not advanced countries, the population of their own to buy private health insurance to prepare for contingencies. It is estimated that 300 million Americans, there are more than 46.3 million people with no health insurance, many Americans have health insurance will be inadequate.

Medical reform bill would 34 million people covered by medical insurance coverage, make health care of Americans have been increased to 95%; insurance companies will face more regulation. The Congressional Budget Office estimated the bill for the next 10 years, spending 940 billion U.S. dollars, but may reduce the fiscal deficit 138 billion over the same period (about 457.6 billion ringgit) dollars.

Ever since Theodore Roosevelt in 1912, after unsuccessfully attempted to reform, at least seven presidents have made attempts. Democratic President Johnson was instrumental in enabling legislation is the only president. After more than a year a bargain in 1965, Johnson signed a bill to set up a federal health insurance help for the elderly (Medicare).

Obama to persuade Members, described this as "self-Medicare health care reform has been the most important step" in the hope Congress making of history.

Century Medical Reform Barack Obama personally canvassing this battle

United States President Barack Obama is considered the most important internal affairs of any health care reform initiative was finally vote. Sources said the day before yesterday, former President Bill Clinton is more unusual is to join the camp of lobbyists to personally call the Members to support a number of free programs.

Clinton then tried to implement health reform, but unfortunately ultimately fail.

House of Representatives passed the Senate version of health reform bill will be signed by the Obama effect, as the amendment will be sent to the Senate, when Democrats need only 51 votes in the Senate to obtain a simple majority can make it through, avoiding the Republican Party to vote in any to obstruct the process.

However, comments that, regardless of winning or losing the battle, the Democratic Party will pay a high price.

Texaco station was highest in the U.S. raid 2:00 Jinlu disposable sister crying alarm

Texaco station was highest in the U.S. raid 2:00 Jinlu disposable sister crying alarm

At 11:18 p.m. on March 21, 2010
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■ Shijie Liu Yi-min said that she had been indecently assaulted by police in handling this case and hope to catch the suspects as soon as possible.

■ Men's ripped skirt Lu 2:00, Liu Yi-Min has also been negligent in his left hand is bruising.

(Singapore 21 AP) Pirates of the card Shijie Liu Yi-Min Ris Low) at the Texaco station was ripped off Shoulder Black Dress, 2:00 Jin Lu, hand has also been caught bruising, crying alarm!

20-year-old Liu Yi-Min recent blog in the complaint that he 16th of this month (星期二) 晚上, in the Texaco station boyfriend when suddenly a 30-year-old man was washed over, pulled down her black skirt (tube dress )! She was naked bra as a result, two Jin Lu, bruising his left hand is also man caught.

This is the highest America sister were abandoned after this cry, the next day, accompanied by her boyfriend will be in alarm.

Liu Yi-Min's visit to reporters, said: "I was at the Park Mall shopping center taxi station boyfriend noticed the man came in front of me had been staring at I watched 5 minutes, I started to just ignore him, did not think He suddenly turned round and firmly grabbed my left hand, and then told me to kiss him, then he ripped off my black skirt, causing me to flee the spot. "

She said: "At the time the taxi stand about seven individuals, one of the top row of the men then came forward to help me, indecent assault upon my men, who quickly fled."

However, she claims that only time of the incident and that the name of the man indecently assaulted her and rescue her man, saw that her flee the scene.

The next day afternoon, Liu Yi-min, accompanied by her boyfriend to the police report that she had been frightened to tears more than, in the comfort only when her boyfriend began to calm down emotions.

For the left hand caught bruising, Liu Yi, said: "the man is forced to grasp my hand, I could not resist pain, I went the next day only to find in the hands of bruising."

Reporter to contact the police, the police confirmed cases, said the investigation is still ongoing.

Daily habit of naked bra

Previous Shi Jie: "I am unaware of the habit of wearing a bra. This is the second time I have been indecent assault, the last time also foreign workers hit chest!"

Liu Yi-Min said that this is the second time she had been indecently assaulted in two years ago, she and her sister in the Orchard Road shopping and when the attack was by a group of foreign workers chest.

She said: "I and my sister shopping at Orchard Road, was originally wanted to go to another street in the past, but was greeted by an exclusive labor blocking the avenue, is beyond them that we are trying to block" The Wall "when you actually attack the chest, I was immediately kicked them Jijiao, but did not further pursued. "

Asked about her being ripped off in the latest dresses, why not wear a bra, she explained that: "In order with this black skirt, I wore no bra, and I usually do not wear a bra habit."

Internet self-made video castigated indecently assaulted man

Vent their dissatisfaction with the Internet has been indecently assaulted by the former prime Yan Shijie homemade 30-second video, he derided the man for indecent assault.

Liu Yi-Min, said: "I'm recording this short is to vent their anger, blame the man, I would like to urge all women, if the indecent assault, the best was screaming for help, but remember to kick them severely to surmise."

Privately, she does not love make-up, prime Yan recorded this 30 seconds, also criticized the video: "I absolutely will not let the man with impunity."

User Reviews for her English seemed to progress, she said she had worked very hard to upgrade their standard of English, is currently working with sponsors to discuss arrangements for her to English classes.

Shareholder dissatisfaction with the Toyota vehicle recalls to mention class-action lawsuit

Shareholder dissatisfaction with the Toyota vehicle recalls to mention class-action lawsuit

At 16:57 on March 23, 2010

At 16:57 on March 23, 2010Related Photos

■ Toyota spokesman Hoyt (right) said that the results of police investigation to prove that the Toyota Motor's security. Next to the New York representative of the police. (AP Photo)

WASHINGTON (AP 23) Due to shareholders on the recent Toyota recalls cars dissatisfied with Toyota Motor Corporation has filed suit.

In the recall of nearly 8.5 million vehicles, Toyota is facing from investors to launch at least three class-action lawsuit, the reasons are all violations of securities laws.

Shareholders filed a lawsuit on behalf of the December 22, 2009 to February 2, 2010 Toyota bought shares between. He believes that Toyota has made a "serious false and misleading statements", thereby misleading investors and the public. Toyota, the complaint in his complaint "did not indicate the vehicle security problems." The most important is that this is Toyota's shareholders expressed dissatisfaction with the stock decline in the value of an opportunity.

Dissatisfied with the value of stocks decreased by

January 22, Toyota catching problems due to the accelerator pedal recalled 2.3 million cars, when the company's stock value is 90.42 U.S. dollars per share. At present, the stock value fell to 79.80 U.S. dollars per share. Such stock price decline, largely due to a sudden there is a dispute.

Experts have pointed out, securities cases, investigation and evidence collection will be very difficult.

New York Police Prius hit the wall to support the event of mistakes made by drivers

USA New York Police Department Monday announced support for security checks after the Federal Bureau of view, took place on the 9th of this month in New York on the outskirts of hard phases of acceleration events Prius drivers, operational mistake.

The survey found that Prius drivers, Rozelle was the incident, has never stepped on the brakes, but crashed into the wall directly.

56-year-old woman driving a 2005 annual Grozel day, Prius driving in Harrison, New York, but the car suddenly accelerated out of lane, across the street crashed into a stone wall, she depresses the brake pedal, but can not afford to effect.

Mara police officer in charge of the investigation in Sydney, said: "Accident vehicle record information that the accident happened when the accelerator is 100% shit, but there is no indication that any braking if the owners take measures."

Mara Sydney, said: "She (Rozelle) thought he hit the brakes board, but that is not the case."

This conclusion with the last week, the U.S. Federal Safety and Inspection Service's findings coincided. They told the board data recorder, it was discovered in which the data has not been depresses the brake pedal records show only the time the incident was completely depresses the accelerator pedal.

Depresses the brake pedal is no data recorded

Mara Sydney that driving the computer data also show that the original road traveling at high speed the speed of 56 kilometers an hour, but hit a wall the moment the speed has been reduced to 27 kmh, so the possibility of vehicles, there is little hard phases of acceleration存在.

Toyota department also said that before the accident with the San Diego Prius hard phases of acceleration the same incident, was able to quickly conclude that due to the Prius models installed in a vehicle similar to aircraft black box data recorder, they will vehicle's current situation to record. At present the U.S. government is studying this black box technology as the industry standard in the U.S. market introduced by force.

Google China search service to stop switching to Hong Kong

Google China search service to stop switching to Hong Kong

At 5:00 p.m. on March 23, 2010
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■ China's Google's headquarters outside of these signs have been placed on a bouquet of flowers, it seems there are condolences. (AP Photo)

(Beijing 23, AFP) Google Tuesday morning declared a halt to Google search services in China examined and screened, and search services, go to Hong Kong from mainland China.

Google's senior vice president, chief legal officer Drummond by e-mail made public statement declaring an end to the "Google of China" search service filter review, including Google Search, Google News and Google Images.

Now, the public Internet access to the mainland, will be directed to the Hong Kong did not review the

Google does not withdraw from China

When you moved to Hong Kong, service, Google Inc. in the United States time to 22, the official blog explain the reasons for this decision. Google stressed that the Chinese users to access will be automatically transferred, this means that Google search users in China are no longer review of the results.

Reported that the Hong Kong this page is specially designed for people in mainland China (Hong Kong Internet users will not see), through the Google servers relay in Hong Kong, home page below you can see the "Welcome to Google search in China's new home" .

British Broadcasting Corporation specifically pointed out that Google is not in mainland China, shut down all of its business, Google is prepared to continue to retain their own R & D and marketing departments, and to continue for the Chinese search service in the United States to sell advertising.

This move reflects the hope that Google not only the content of the review against the Chinese policy, but also do not want to give up in this fast-growing Chinese market.

Drummond, senior vice president of Google said in a statement, from the a "content has not been reviewed search service" is a "reasonable solution, which is totally legitimate, it would easier for the Chinese people access to information. "

The future, the sales volume in China will depend on the number of mainland Internet users can open the Google Web site in Hong Kong.

China severely criticized Google breach of promise to enter the market

Google China announced Tuesday morning switching to Hong Kong, the Chinese then severely criticized this "breach of promise" and also refers to its "on the hacker attacks, insinuations that China" is completely wrong.

China's State Council Information Office, bureau early this morning, Google announced the cessation of in accordance with Chinese law provides for the harmful information filtering, search services, go to Hong Kong from mainland China issued a statement.

Google's only 2 hours after the statement issued by Xinhua News Agency, then at 5 am Tuesday morning, issued a report citing the "State Council Information Office, Bureau of responsible person" response.

The official pointed out that foreign companies operating in China must abide by Chinese laws. Google Inc. entered the Chinese market when the breach of a written undertaking to stop the search service filtering, and to insinuate and accuse China of hacking, which is completely wrong. The spokesman also said: "We resolutely oppose politicizing the issue of business on Google's unjustified accusations and expressed dissatisfaction and indignation."

Responsible person said, January 12 in Google with the Chinese government departments without prior ventilation circumstances, a public statement, claiming that by the Chinese government-backed hackers operating in China are reluctant to review the Internet search engine, and to consider withdrawing from the Chinese market.

He said that Google's repeated request for the person to listen to their true ideas, "embodies China's sincerity", January 29, February 25 responsible persons of relevant departments of the Chinese government, has also met with Google to talk about companies who take on the questions raised by a patient and meticulous explanations, emphasizing foreign companies operating in China should follow Chinese law.

He was referring to, such as Google's willing to abide by Chinese laws, Chinese companies are still welcome to Google in China operations and development; such as Google's China Web site bent on Google's search services, withdrawal, it is Google's own thing, but it must be in accordance with Chinese law and international practice, in a responsible manner to do a good follow-up work.

Beijing intends to replace the Google Fu Bing

Google China (Google) rumors on April 10 to withdraw from China, with Chinese officials indicated that they are not worried about, said Beijing has privately with Microsoft to reach a consensus, as long as Microsoft's search engine, Bing (will be) to comply with Chinese law, China will Bing would support to replace the status of Google in China.

The official said a senior Microsoft told him that Microsoft's motto is "law-abiding," he was referring to the laws of China a variety of agreements related to the Internet. He also pointed out that Microsoft's closed in 2009 Beijing headache for those with MSN space, and even hide many of Sina, Tencent and Sohu were able to live blog.

The official added: "You say in the international arena, is Microsoft or Google influential influential? Google to stay away it." In addition, we have heard that Google on Monday announced that it will withdraw from China, a large number of Chinese and foreign journalists waiting in the Google headquarters in Beijing to wait, but by Monday night still unaccounted for.

Google and China is not reconciliation, the White House was disappointed

(Washington 23, Reuters) The White House means, Google and the Chinese government Internet censorship on the issue after several months of negotiations after the dispute failed to reach a settlement, the U.S. government expressed disappointment, but still respect the closure of Google within China by the review of Web search service's decision.

U.S. National Security Council spokesman, said Monday Maikehanmo, Google can not be reached with the Chinese government to continue to operate site agreement, the White House was disappointed.

Google announced earlier in the Eastern time Monday, log on Google China web site users will be linked to the uncensored Google Hong Kong Web site, including Web search, news search and image search. But Google, it has not withdrawn the Chinese market. The company had said in January suffered cyber attacks from China.

Maikehanmo, said in an e-mail, Google announced the news on Monday to the United States National Security Council shortly before the briefing.

North Korean man arrested for watching American movies

North Korean man arrested for watching American movies

At 4:56 p.m. on March 27, 2010

(Pyongyang) A North Korean man who watched the U.S. film "2012," was arrested. Last month, the North Korean man, watched the "2012", was the informant, could be sentenced to five years imprisonment.

2012 North Korean leader President Kim Il Sung is the 100th anniversary of North Korea also proposed in 2012 building "a powerful and prosperous country," the goal, but the movie "2012" The content is 2012, humanity will face a major disaster, with North Korea inconsistent with the objectives, it is considered a "disrespectful to the movie."

Japan: Princess to school bullying

Japan: Princess to school bullying

  • Could inherit the throne of Japan's Princess Aiko has been naughty male students mischief, became too frightened to go to school, causing widespread concern in Japanese society. (Photo: AP)

(Japan) Japan bullying culture seriously, the Japanese Imperial Household Agency Friday (March 5) that the 8-year-old Crown Prince Naruhito's daughter Aiko, in school than male students for violent behavior, feeling very uneasy, and feel abdominal pain, early March is almost impossible to start school, the Imperial Household Agency has asked her son to school to address the incident, but denied that her son had been bullied.

Aiko is the couple's only child, Crown Prince Naruhito, now specifically for children admitted to the Japanese royal family "learning hospital", attending elementary school 2 grade subjects. Responsible for managing the affairs of the Imperial Household Agency Crown East

Nomura into a palace doctor, said Friday her son and other students by the boys over at the same level, "maltreatment" and said he felt unease abdominal pain. Aiko fever last week, to 37 ℃, closed a few days after school, although the two week back to school, but had been cold to go home early, after they have been not in school. Although the incident took place some time, but only now released the Imperial Household Agency, which Nomura said: "In matters involving her son in to be announced after the school understood."

Boys were "manhandled" ‧ fever, abdominal pain

Learning Institute, said early last year between July to November, there are more than, and love the child with the students who often threw bags, ran in the corridors and shouting. Learning Centers executive director of the East Park-based government disclosed that her son said that leave early Tuesday, the "corridor of boys rushing to me, almost necessary to hit me," she remembered a similar incident had occurred last year, I feel terrible .

School Friday insisted that "there were no acts of violence against the son," also said the school has taken to deal with. Nomura has denied that the school boys have been bullying her son, and said the graduation ceremony at the Gakushuin March 16, loving son still wanted to go to school.

High ranking government officials were the H-reaction of events is too large ‧

Princess suspected bullying incident, immediately become the focus of Japanese media, "Sankei Shimbun" more use "of the royal family unheard-of 'violent behavior'" to describe this incident. However, Nomura this public event, unexpectedly so that he had been the Imperial Household Agency officials and some educators have criticized.

A long-term sources serve the royal couple said: "A child does not 'royal' sense of fear and reaction Nomura too big. No matter what era has a naughty child. Doctor should not be disclosed news, this may make the crown prince husband and wife even more worried. "the Imperial Household Agency officials also said:" This should be the children solve the problem and not the responsibilities of Orient House. "in the education sector fear that this son would affect the students around, because we have begun to" look a prisoner. "

Aiko has been admitted to hospital to study because of frequent sick leave, the Japanese media have criticized the Prince Naruhito married couples who have been too lenient with her daughter. Naruhito said many times to let her son "like a normal child, like life", that is to use the concept of Western education, emphasizing education, pleasure, without the royal family rules repressed daughter's personality. In Japan the succession, the love child may be ranked No. 4 in theory, if the Japanese government is willing to change the future of the throne, "Chuan-male," the regulations, she is still possible to become empress.

‧ 87% of serious bullying pupils suffer

Japan's bullying problem is serious. Japan's National Institute for Education Policy last year, a survey shows that the capital Tokyo and surrounding cities is about 4800 junior secondary and primary school pupils, more than 80 percent had bullied others or were affected by the experience of bullying, students bullying on the rise.

The Institute in 2004 against 687 in the lifetime of the survey, 58.4% of respondents had never been "friends were excluded, ignored, and behind his back ill" and so on bullying, but in the 2006 follow-up survey, this group of junior high school students indicated that "never subject to bullying," the ratio has dropped to 19.7%, 81.3% of the respondents also acknowledged that once said that "bullying approach to bullying others." In the same year a primary school for 738 sixth-grade health survey also showed that only 97 people has not been bullied, that is, the percentage of persons who have been bullied up to 86.9%.

Not stand bullying ‧ spate of student's suicide

Ministry of Education said that from 1999 to 2005, 40 student suicide case, at least 14 cases involving school violence, bullying, of which 3 is the main cause of student suicide. November 2006, Yamagata Prefecture, a high school girl, from the 10-meter-high roof jump suicide, leaving the mobile phone SMS over the school, said students have long been battered. In the same month while a junior high school bullying because they can not withstand the pressure to commit suicide. Japanese education policy groups to combat the culture of bullying in 2007, had proposed to restore corporal punishment, so that teachers have the right to implement the suspension action, and, if necessary to bring the case to the police.

Son accused of often put stinky face, the less auspicious

Tian-ding with the success of the two royal Prince Akishino a comparison, the Crown Prince Naruhito one of the negative news is undoubtedly a lot more. Crown Princess Masako, a long-term depression, long ago, many have lost patience with her Japanese media, and even the little Princess Aiko has also become the target of criticism.

Japanese Crown Prince couple spoiled daughter of the media boom

Japanese media, such as "Literary Spring and Autumn", have questioned Naruhito was too lenient with his wife daughter, "No (the royal family members should be the) auspicious," reports even claimed that her son had "autism" in the face of the media is often assumed stink face, do not utter a word.

Some Japanese media also claimed that "wayward" son of a gift to others, if not satisfied, not only with gratitude, then do not say, or even to throw the gift back; an early age, her son every day to see the kindergarten director, but also self-serving walked over, and never take the initiative to say hello.

50-year-old Naruhito, today (Saturday, March 6) the visit to Kenya and Ghana, the Japanese media are concerned about the 46-year-old Masako will not be accompanied by visits. Naruhito responded by saying: "In the future arrangements for Masako's overseas trip will depend on the doctor's point of view, I will be there with my people around her to discuss."

Masako's doctor in February, said that her emotional problems in the past five years, slowly coming back, and better able to deal with stress, but their visits abroad for her too much pressure, to full recovery will take some time. (Ming Pao)


Cambodia: Leprosy Guo Lian Diesel

Cambodia: Leprosy Guo Lian Diesel

(Cambodia) Cambodia's first bio-diesel in order to extract the fruits of leprosy company, plans to mid-March to upgrade to a daily production capacity of 600 liters.

NCT Jacam Energy Co., Ltd. CEO Choi Su-bo accept the "Cambodia Sin Chew Daily" reporters, said that the company's bio-diesel extraction plant is located in real home province, this company now can produce 100 liter per day bio-diesel, customers mainly construction business, small power plants and rice plants, part of the diesel is also used in the company transport.

He said that this company is for him, this

Joint venture and a Japanese engineer, bio-diesel and the refining of the institutions are also in Japan for the design and manufacture, and production began in October last year, the initial capital of about 20 million (approximately RM 667.14 thousand ringgit).

"Company action has been gradually stabilized, we plan to introduce another machine three months, so that capacity increased to 600 liters a day."

It is learned that, NCT's real home from Cambodia's provinces, Battambang and Banteay Meanchey farmers in the hands of 1,800 kg per day of fruit leprosy. NCT paid to farmers to purchase the price of fruit per kilogram of leprosy in 15 to 20 cents a share. This company sells biodiesel price of 80 cents per liter than petrol filling stations sold diesel prices by 5 cents lower.

Choi Su-wave estimate: "The current leprosy in Cambodia fruit cultivation area of about 5,000 hectares." He said frankly that this company is currently facing the greatest difficulty of leprosy as a raw material supply can not meet the fruit production of bio-diesel demand.He said: "If we are able to buy more fruit of leprosy, this year we will increase our biodiesel production."

He added that the next two years, this company's goal is to produce 4,000 to 5,000 liters per day bio-diesel. He said: "We plan to sell in the domestic market, if possible, we will also seek export bio-diesel."

He said that the Cambodian farmers to plant Jatropha fruit, but they do not understand the market, and now this company began producing bio-diesel, so that would be easier to promote fruit cultivation project Leprosy.

Farmers unhappy with low purchase price

Radio Free Asia reported that Cambodian farmers on the purchase price per kilogram of fruit leprosy less than 20 cents, deeply dissatisfied with leprosy has begun to cut down their fruit trees.

In this regard, Choi Su-bo said that this company simply can not afford to improve leprosy fruit offer, because this company is sold by the bio-diesel prices, and production costs is only fair.

"We hope that someone can buy fruit leprosy left after oil extraction residue, so that we will be able to open up another way of getting money and the ability to enhance the fruit of leprosy purchase price."

He added: "Now the price of fruit leprosy is not stable, reflect market conditions, the company plans to develop contract farming, and planting fruit farmers leprosy signed an agreement, then it will stabilize the price of raw materials, but also can guarantee the supply."

Choi Su-bo said, according to this company's technology, every 3 kg of Jatropha fruit can extract a liter of biodiesel. According to a report by Industry Mines and Energy, 10 companies are looking for production of bio-diesel project. There are three of them, including the NCT include daily processing of 300 public and up to 500 liters of refined oil.

China: new market high-speed rail dark horse

China: new market high-speed rail dark horse

  • Average speed of 350 km of the Wuhan-Guangzhou high-speed railway, December 26 in Wuhan, Changsha, Guangzhou, three simultaneous car, this lasted four and a half years, called the world's longest and fastest high-speed rail officially put into operation. (Photo: AP)

(China ‧ Beijing) China wishes to build an extension to Russia, Central Asia and East Asia 17 countries, high-speed rail network to facilitate the integration of China and Eurasia Asian countries, have given rise to concern.

China's recent aggressive expansion both inside and outside the railway layout, has South Korea, Germany, France, Japan and other threat.

It was reported that 18 countries high-speed rail network, if successfully completed, not only to facilitate the integration of China and Eurasia Asian countries, so that China was a tremendous thirst for natural resources, in addition to help develop China's "far West

China is now established in Central Asia and Russia, mainland China transverse rail, Southeast Asia, railways and other three high-speed railway network construction plans, working with relevant countries to negotiate, is expected to be completed in the year 2025.

Meanwhile, China also participated in the United States and Brazil, and Asia, high-speed railway construction project bidding, is the world's high-speed rail market, a new dark horse.

Materials into the country's longest high-speed rail operation mileage

In accordance with the Ministry of Railways of the latest plan, to the end of 2012, China's inter-city passenger rail line, and mileage will reach 13,000 kilometers. By then, China will surpass Japan and Germany, an early start in high-iron country, become the world's longest high-speed rail operation mileage of the country.

From 2004, China's Ministry of Railways decided to introduce foreign high-speed rail trains, high-speed railway in China in 2012 rose to the world's longest operating mileage of China's railway to use when less than 10 years. Especially last year, the world's longest mileage, speed of 350 km of the Wuhan-Guangzhou high-speed rail opening and operation, it has become another milestone in China's high-speed railway.

China's rapid rise of the field of high-speed rail has been South Korea, Germany, France, Japan and other threat.

America media: High Speed Rail Biao, a "Chinese speed"

U.S. World News Network had earlier written, entitled "High Speed Rail soared out of China," the article said that when Wu wide high-speed rail cars, "China Speed" Let the world shocked. Currently, a large number of railway projects is rapidly advancing, and constantly refresh the record of human history of railway development, "China Speed" has become synonymous with the development of China ... ...

Wuhan-Guangzhou high-speed rail cars, substantially narrow the gap between Wuhan and Guangzhou, the distance between the two places also changed the Chinese economy has shifted.

Wuhan-Guangzhou high-speed railway is operated by the opening of the first high-speed railway, and so far the longest mileage of the world's first built, run the fastest high-speed rail.

Japan 60 years to build high-speed railway, until the new century, China has not high-speed railway; China years behind the Japanese 40 years. However, the short period of less than 10 years, high-speed rail mushroomed have been appearing, not only among the forefront of the world, but also out of self-innovation.

In fact, the Beijing-Tianjin high-speed rail when they were built to attract the United States, Britain, Japan, more than 30 countries total more than 200 batches of tens of thousands of people take the Beijing-Tianjin high-speed rail study, are amazed to China. Among them, the International Union of Railways, director of high-speed railway is said with emotion, "railway construction are entering a great era, and China is becoming the global leader in the world of the future of the railway in China."

United States and its people: a far-reaching impact on China High Speed Rail

Many Americans felt that the current high-speed railway construction in China, similar to President Eisenhower in the 50s last century, the United States to implement highway project, will give China a profound impact on society.

In the 2009 State of the Union speech, U.S. President Barack Obama said the United States built a railway network in history and highway network, but "there is no reason to (allow) Europe and China can build the fastest train to ... ..." .

Obama to arouse Americans 'sense of crisis'

In the past State of the Union, the U.S. president that China, more to China's requests, and even accusations. But Obama the reference to China, but the unprecedented success of China's high-speed rail has shown sigh. "Obama is a Chinese high-speed rail as a frame of reference, to arouse Americans 'sense of crisis'." Chen Zhiwu, finance professor at Yale University on "Financial National Weekly," told reporters.

State of the Union published the day after Obama that is south Florida, and in the local announced that the U.S. government will spend 8.0 billion, creating America's own high-speed rail network. For a time, China's high-speed rail has become quite a hot topic in the United States.

February 13 Chinese New Year's Eve, "The New York Times" in a "China has high-speed railway network as a growth engine," the news, made a simple comparison, saying that the distance between Wuhan to Guangzhou, equivalent to the United States, Boston to Virginia, But the Chinese way along the road of time, the United States Railway Passenger Transport Company's fastest trains only "from Boston to New York" ─ ─ namely, less than half the distance away.

"New York Daily News" reporter was shocked that the Wuhan-Guangzhou high-speed rail is just the "China 2012 years ago, started or planned to start 42 in a high-speed rail lines. As a comparison, the United States in 2014, will build the first high-wire End Only 84 miles long, connecting Florida's Orlando and Tampa. "

China, Europe and Asia to build high-speed rail network ‧ money is the biggest problem

European and Asian countries of China and build 18 high-speed rail network, Europe and the United States media have widely reported increases. The high-speed rail plan the auspices of the Beijing Jiaotong University, Professor Wang Meng-shu, said China has committed to providing technology, equipment and high-speed car. However, he clearly pointed out that "From our point of view, the biggest problem is money."

China is willing to supply gas to China has provided substantial financing countries. However, China is spending huge sums to expand its domestic rail system, Wang Meng-shu, said he looked forward to the high-speed rail network through the state and civil placements, but the Chinese prefer those countries, "to use their natural resources" in return for China's technology and financing .

WANG Meng-shu point of a word problem key, because he "South China Morning Post" said, "the resources of those countries would flow into China, to support China's development." He also bluntly that the scheme is "high-speed rail diplomacy."

For example, the batteries need to lithium, lithium-rich mines in Myanmar, China has committed to pave the way for financing the exchange of lithium in Myanmar.

18 States to high-speed rail network, if successfully completed, not only to facilitate the integration of China and Eurasia Asian countries, so that China was a tremendous thirst for natural resources, in addition to help develop China's "far West."