Saturday, March 27, 2010

Google China search service to stop switching to Hong Kong

Google China search service to stop switching to Hong Kong

At 5:00 p.m. on March 23, 2010
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■ China's Google's headquarters outside of these signs have been placed on a bouquet of flowers, it seems there are condolences. (AP Photo)

(Beijing 23, AFP) Google Tuesday morning declared a halt to Google search services in China examined and screened, and search services, go to Hong Kong from mainland China.

Google's senior vice president, chief legal officer Drummond by e-mail made public statement declaring an end to the "Google of China" search service filter review, including Google Search, Google News and Google Images.

Now, the public Internet access to the mainland, will be directed to the Hong Kong did not review the

Google does not withdraw from China

When you moved to Hong Kong, service, Google Inc. in the United States time to 22, the official blog explain the reasons for this decision. Google stressed that the Chinese users to access will be automatically transferred, this means that Google search users in China are no longer review of the results.

Reported that the Hong Kong this page is specially designed for people in mainland China (Hong Kong Internet users will not see), through the Google servers relay in Hong Kong, home page below you can see the "Welcome to Google search in China's new home" .

British Broadcasting Corporation specifically pointed out that Google is not in mainland China, shut down all of its business, Google is prepared to continue to retain their own R & D and marketing departments, and to continue for the Chinese search service in the United States to sell advertising.

This move reflects the hope that Google not only the content of the review against the Chinese policy, but also do not want to give up in this fast-growing Chinese market.

Drummond, senior vice president of Google said in a statement, from the a "content has not been reviewed search service" is a "reasonable solution, which is totally legitimate, it would easier for the Chinese people access to information. "

The future, the sales volume in China will depend on the number of mainland Internet users can open the Google Web site in Hong Kong.

China severely criticized Google breach of promise to enter the market

Google China announced Tuesday morning switching to Hong Kong, the Chinese then severely criticized this "breach of promise" and also refers to its "on the hacker attacks, insinuations that China" is completely wrong.

China's State Council Information Office, bureau early this morning, Google announced the cessation of in accordance with Chinese law provides for the harmful information filtering, search services, go to Hong Kong from mainland China issued a statement.

Google's only 2 hours after the statement issued by Xinhua News Agency, then at 5 am Tuesday morning, issued a report citing the "State Council Information Office, Bureau of responsible person" response.

The official pointed out that foreign companies operating in China must abide by Chinese laws. Google Inc. entered the Chinese market when the breach of a written undertaking to stop the search service filtering, and to insinuate and accuse China of hacking, which is completely wrong. The spokesman also said: "We resolutely oppose politicizing the issue of business on Google's unjustified accusations and expressed dissatisfaction and indignation."

Responsible person said, January 12 in Google with the Chinese government departments without prior ventilation circumstances, a public statement, claiming that by the Chinese government-backed hackers operating in China are reluctant to review the Internet search engine, and to consider withdrawing from the Chinese market.

He said that Google's repeated request for the person to listen to their true ideas, "embodies China's sincerity", January 29, February 25 responsible persons of relevant departments of the Chinese government, has also met with Google to talk about companies who take on the questions raised by a patient and meticulous explanations, emphasizing foreign companies operating in China should follow Chinese law.

He was referring to, such as Google's willing to abide by Chinese laws, Chinese companies are still welcome to Google in China operations and development; such as Google's China Web site bent on Google's search services, withdrawal, it is Google's own thing, but it must be in accordance with Chinese law and international practice, in a responsible manner to do a good follow-up work.

Beijing intends to replace the Google Fu Bing

Google China (Google) rumors on April 10 to withdraw from China, with Chinese officials indicated that they are not worried about, said Beijing has privately with Microsoft to reach a consensus, as long as Microsoft's search engine, Bing (will be) to comply with Chinese law, China will Bing would support to replace the status of Google in China.

The official said a senior Microsoft told him that Microsoft's motto is "law-abiding," he was referring to the laws of China a variety of agreements related to the Internet. He also pointed out that Microsoft's closed in 2009 Beijing headache for those with MSN space, and even hide many of Sina, Tencent and Sohu were able to live blog.

The official added: "You say in the international arena, is Microsoft or Google influential influential? Google to stay away it." In addition, we have heard that Google on Monday announced that it will withdraw from China, a large number of Chinese and foreign journalists waiting in the Google headquarters in Beijing to wait, but by Monday night still unaccounted for.

Google and China is not reconciliation, the White House was disappointed

(Washington 23, Reuters) The White House means, Google and the Chinese government Internet censorship on the issue after several months of negotiations after the dispute failed to reach a settlement, the U.S. government expressed disappointment, but still respect the closure of Google within China by the review of Web search service's decision.

U.S. National Security Council spokesman, said Monday Maikehanmo, Google can not be reached with the Chinese government to continue to operate site agreement, the White House was disappointed.

Google announced earlier in the Eastern time Monday, log on Google China web site users will be linked to the uncensored Google Hong Kong Web site, including Web search, news search and image search. But Google, it has not withdrawn the Chinese market. The company had said in January suffered cyber attacks from China.

Maikehanmo, said in an e-mail, Google announced the news on Monday to the United States National Security Council shortly before the briefing.