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Japan: Princess to school bullying

Japan: Princess to school bullying

  • Could inherit the throne of Japan's Princess Aiko has been naughty male students mischief, became too frightened to go to school, causing widespread concern in Japanese society. (Photo: AP)

(Japan) Japan bullying culture seriously, the Japanese Imperial Household Agency Friday (March 5) that the 8-year-old Crown Prince Naruhito's daughter Aiko, in school than male students for violent behavior, feeling very uneasy, and feel abdominal pain, early March is almost impossible to start school, the Imperial Household Agency has asked her son to school to address the incident, but denied that her son had been bullied.

Aiko is the couple's only child, Crown Prince Naruhito, now specifically for children admitted to the Japanese royal family "learning hospital", attending elementary school 2 grade subjects. Responsible for managing the affairs of the Imperial Household Agency Crown East

Nomura into a palace doctor, said Friday her son and other students by the boys over at the same level, "maltreatment" and said he felt unease abdominal pain. Aiko fever last week, to 37 ℃, closed a few days after school, although the two week back to school, but had been cold to go home early, after they have been not in school. Although the incident took place some time, but only now released the Imperial Household Agency, which Nomura said: "In matters involving her son in to be announced after the school understood."

Boys were "manhandled" ‧ fever, abdominal pain

Learning Institute, said early last year between July to November, there are more than, and love the child with the students who often threw bags, ran in the corridors and shouting. Learning Centers executive director of the East Park-based government disclosed that her son said that leave early Tuesday, the "corridor of boys rushing to me, almost necessary to hit me," she remembered a similar incident had occurred last year, I feel terrible .

School Friday insisted that "there were no acts of violence against the son," also said the school has taken to deal with. Nomura has denied that the school boys have been bullying her son, and said the graduation ceremony at the Gakushuin March 16, loving son still wanted to go to school.

High ranking government officials were the H-reaction of events is too large ‧

Princess suspected bullying incident, immediately become the focus of Japanese media, "Sankei Shimbun" more use "of the royal family unheard-of 'violent behavior'" to describe this incident. However, Nomura this public event, unexpectedly so that he had been the Imperial Household Agency officials and some educators have criticized.

A long-term sources serve the royal couple said: "A child does not 'royal' sense of fear and reaction Nomura too big. No matter what era has a naughty child. Doctor should not be disclosed news, this may make the crown prince husband and wife even more worried. "the Imperial Household Agency officials also said:" This should be the children solve the problem and not the responsibilities of Orient House. "in the education sector fear that this son would affect the students around, because we have begun to" look a prisoner. "

Aiko has been admitted to hospital to study because of frequent sick leave, the Japanese media have criticized the Prince Naruhito married couples who have been too lenient with her daughter. Naruhito said many times to let her son "like a normal child, like life", that is to use the concept of Western education, emphasizing education, pleasure, without the royal family rules repressed daughter's personality. In Japan the succession, the love child may be ranked No. 4 in theory, if the Japanese government is willing to change the future of the throne, "Chuan-male," the regulations, she is still possible to become empress.

‧ 87% of serious bullying pupils suffer

Japan's bullying problem is serious. Japan's National Institute for Education Policy last year, a survey shows that the capital Tokyo and surrounding cities is about 4800 junior secondary and primary school pupils, more than 80 percent had bullied others or were affected by the experience of bullying, students bullying on the rise.

The Institute in 2004 against 687 in the lifetime of the survey, 58.4% of respondents had never been "friends were excluded, ignored, and behind his back ill" and so on bullying, but in the 2006 follow-up survey, this group of junior high school students indicated that "never subject to bullying," the ratio has dropped to 19.7%, 81.3% of the respondents also acknowledged that once said that "bullying approach to bullying others." In the same year a primary school for 738 sixth-grade health survey also showed that only 97 people has not been bullied, that is, the percentage of persons who have been bullied up to 86.9%.

Not stand bullying ‧ spate of student's suicide

Ministry of Education said that from 1999 to 2005, 40 student suicide case, at least 14 cases involving school violence, bullying, of which 3 is the main cause of student suicide. November 2006, Yamagata Prefecture, a high school girl, from the 10-meter-high roof jump suicide, leaving the mobile phone SMS over the school, said students have long been battered. In the same month while a junior high school bullying because they can not withstand the pressure to commit suicide. Japanese education policy groups to combat the culture of bullying in 2007, had proposed to restore corporal punishment, so that teachers have the right to implement the suspension action, and, if necessary to bring the case to the police.

Son accused of often put stinky face, the less auspicious

Tian-ding with the success of the two royal Prince Akishino a comparison, the Crown Prince Naruhito one of the negative news is undoubtedly a lot more. Crown Princess Masako, a long-term depression, long ago, many have lost patience with her Japanese media, and even the little Princess Aiko has also become the target of criticism.

Japanese Crown Prince couple spoiled daughter of the media boom

Japanese media, such as "Literary Spring and Autumn", have questioned Naruhito was too lenient with his wife daughter, "No (the royal family members should be the) auspicious," reports even claimed that her son had "autism" in the face of the media is often assumed stink face, do not utter a word.

Some Japanese media also claimed that "wayward" son of a gift to others, if not satisfied, not only with gratitude, then do not say, or even to throw the gift back; an early age, her son every day to see the kindergarten director, but also self-serving walked over, and never take the initiative to say hello.

50-year-old Naruhito, today (Saturday, March 6) the visit to Kenya and Ghana, the Japanese media are concerned about the 46-year-old Masako will not be accompanied by visits. Naruhito responded by saying: "In the future arrangements for Masako's overseas trip will depend on the doctor's point of view, I will be there with my people around her to discuss."

Masako's doctor in February, said that her emotional problems in the past five years, slowly coming back, and better able to deal with stress, but their visits abroad for her too much pressure, to full recovery will take some time. (Ming Pao)