Saturday, March 27, 2010

219 votes to 212 votes in the U.S. House of Representatives approved the completion of a headache Barack Obama health reform task

219 votes to 212 votes in the U.S. House of Representatives approved the completion of a headache Barack Obama health reform task

At 16:44 on March 22, 2010
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(Washington 22, Reuters) The U.S. House of Representatives, 21 voted 940 billion U.S. dollars (about 31165 RM billion) health care reform bill, Obama to become the second in U.S. history, the success of the president on health care reform legislation.

Medical reform the House of Representatives vote in the Senate bill, the House of Representatives to complete medical reform legislation "two-step" in the first step.

The House of Representatives the same day (Malaysia Time on the 22nd at about 10 am) on health reform by the Democratic Party to vote on the final version of the motion. The results of 219 votes to 212 vote, passed the 940 billion U.S. dollars of medical reform bill. The motion will be submitted to the President Obama signed into law.

During roll call, when the bill is passed, the minimum 216 votes required to be present when the Democrats are excited applause and chanting slogans.

More than 46.3 million Americans without health insurance

The United States is the only public health care has not advanced countries, the population of their own to buy private health insurance to prepare for contingencies. It is estimated that 300 million Americans, there are more than 46.3 million people with no health insurance, many Americans have health insurance will be inadequate.

Medical reform bill would 34 million people covered by medical insurance coverage, make health care of Americans have been increased to 95%; insurance companies will face more regulation. The Congressional Budget Office estimated the bill for the next 10 years, spending 940 billion U.S. dollars, but may reduce the fiscal deficit 138 billion over the same period (about 457.6 billion ringgit) dollars.

Ever since Theodore Roosevelt in 1912, after unsuccessfully attempted to reform, at least seven presidents have made attempts. Democratic President Johnson was instrumental in enabling legislation is the only president. After more than a year a bargain in 1965, Johnson signed a bill to set up a federal health insurance help for the elderly (Medicare).

Obama to persuade Members, described this as "self-Medicare health care reform has been the most important step" in the hope Congress making of history.

Century Medical Reform Barack Obama personally canvassing this battle

United States President Barack Obama is considered the most important internal affairs of any health care reform initiative was finally vote. Sources said the day before yesterday, former President Bill Clinton is more unusual is to join the camp of lobbyists to personally call the Members to support a number of free programs.

Clinton then tried to implement health reform, but unfortunately ultimately fail.

House of Representatives passed the Senate version of health reform bill will be signed by the Obama effect, as the amendment will be sent to the Senate, when Democrats need only 51 votes in the Senate to obtain a simple majority can make it through, avoiding the Republican Party to vote in any to obstruct the process.

However, comments that, regardless of winning or losing the battle, the Democratic Party will pay a high price.