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China: new market high-speed rail dark horse

China: new market high-speed rail dark horse

  • Average speed of 350 km of the Wuhan-Guangzhou high-speed railway, December 26 in Wuhan, Changsha, Guangzhou, three simultaneous car, this lasted four and a half years, called the world's longest and fastest high-speed rail officially put into operation. (Photo: AP)

(China ‧ Beijing) China wishes to build an extension to Russia, Central Asia and East Asia 17 countries, high-speed rail network to facilitate the integration of China and Eurasia Asian countries, have given rise to concern.

China's recent aggressive expansion both inside and outside the railway layout, has South Korea, Germany, France, Japan and other threat.

It was reported that 18 countries high-speed rail network, if successfully completed, not only to facilitate the integration of China and Eurasia Asian countries, so that China was a tremendous thirst for natural resources, in addition to help develop China's "far West

China is now established in Central Asia and Russia, mainland China transverse rail, Southeast Asia, railways and other three high-speed railway network construction plans, working with relevant countries to negotiate, is expected to be completed in the year 2025.

Meanwhile, China also participated in the United States and Brazil, and Asia, high-speed railway construction project bidding, is the world's high-speed rail market, a new dark horse.

Materials into the country's longest high-speed rail operation mileage

In accordance with the Ministry of Railways of the latest plan, to the end of 2012, China's inter-city passenger rail line, and mileage will reach 13,000 kilometers. By then, China will surpass Japan and Germany, an early start in high-iron country, become the world's longest high-speed rail operation mileage of the country.

From 2004, China's Ministry of Railways decided to introduce foreign high-speed rail trains, high-speed railway in China in 2012 rose to the world's longest operating mileage of China's railway to use when less than 10 years. Especially last year, the world's longest mileage, speed of 350 km of the Wuhan-Guangzhou high-speed rail opening and operation, it has become another milestone in China's high-speed railway.

China's rapid rise of the field of high-speed rail has been South Korea, Germany, France, Japan and other threat.

America media: High Speed Rail Biao, a "Chinese speed"

U.S. World News Network had earlier written, entitled "High Speed Rail soared out of China," the article said that when Wu wide high-speed rail cars, "China Speed" Let the world shocked. Currently, a large number of railway projects is rapidly advancing, and constantly refresh the record of human history of railway development, "China Speed" has become synonymous with the development of China ... ...

Wuhan-Guangzhou high-speed rail cars, substantially narrow the gap between Wuhan and Guangzhou, the distance between the two places also changed the Chinese economy has shifted.

Wuhan-Guangzhou high-speed railway is operated by the opening of the first high-speed railway, and so far the longest mileage of the world's first built, run the fastest high-speed rail.

Japan 60 years to build high-speed railway, until the new century, China has not high-speed railway; China years behind the Japanese 40 years. However, the short period of less than 10 years, high-speed rail mushroomed have been appearing, not only among the forefront of the world, but also out of self-innovation.

In fact, the Beijing-Tianjin high-speed rail when they were built to attract the United States, Britain, Japan, more than 30 countries total more than 200 batches of tens of thousands of people take the Beijing-Tianjin high-speed rail study, are amazed to China. Among them, the International Union of Railways, director of high-speed railway is said with emotion, "railway construction are entering a great era, and China is becoming the global leader in the world of the future of the railway in China."

United States and its people: a far-reaching impact on China High Speed Rail

Many Americans felt that the current high-speed railway construction in China, similar to President Eisenhower in the 50s last century, the United States to implement highway project, will give China a profound impact on society.

In the 2009 State of the Union speech, U.S. President Barack Obama said the United States built a railway network in history and highway network, but "there is no reason to (allow) Europe and China can build the fastest train to ... ..." .

Obama to arouse Americans 'sense of crisis'

In the past State of the Union, the U.S. president that China, more to China's requests, and even accusations. But Obama the reference to China, but the unprecedented success of China's high-speed rail has shown sigh. "Obama is a Chinese high-speed rail as a frame of reference, to arouse Americans 'sense of crisis'." Chen Zhiwu, finance professor at Yale University on "Financial National Weekly," told reporters.

State of the Union published the day after Obama that is south Florida, and in the local announced that the U.S. government will spend 8.0 billion, creating America's own high-speed rail network. For a time, China's high-speed rail has become quite a hot topic in the United States.

February 13 Chinese New Year's Eve, "The New York Times" in a "China has high-speed railway network as a growth engine," the news, made a simple comparison, saying that the distance between Wuhan to Guangzhou, equivalent to the United States, Boston to Virginia, But the Chinese way along the road of time, the United States Railway Passenger Transport Company's fastest trains only "from Boston to New York" ─ ─ namely, less than half the distance away.

"New York Daily News" reporter was shocked that the Wuhan-Guangzhou high-speed rail is just the "China 2012 years ago, started or planned to start 42 in a high-speed rail lines. As a comparison, the United States in 2014, will build the first high-wire End Only 84 miles long, connecting Florida's Orlando and Tampa. "

China, Europe and Asia to build high-speed rail network ‧ money is the biggest problem

European and Asian countries of China and build 18 high-speed rail network, Europe and the United States media have widely reported increases. The high-speed rail plan the auspices of the Beijing Jiaotong University, Professor Wang Meng-shu, said China has committed to providing technology, equipment and high-speed car. However, he clearly pointed out that "From our point of view, the biggest problem is money."

China is willing to supply gas to China has provided substantial financing countries. However, China is spending huge sums to expand its domestic rail system, Wang Meng-shu, said he looked forward to the high-speed rail network through the state and civil placements, but the Chinese prefer those countries, "to use their natural resources" in return for China's technology and financing .

WANG Meng-shu point of a word problem key, because he "South China Morning Post" said, "the resources of those countries would flow into China, to support China's development." He also bluntly that the scheme is "high-speed rail diplomacy."

For example, the batteries need to lithium, lithium-rich mines in Myanmar, China has committed to pave the way for financing the exchange of lithium in Myanmar.

18 States to high-speed rail network, if successfully completed, not only to facilitate the integration of China and Eurasia Asian countries, so that China was a tremendous thirst for natural resources, in addition to help develop China's "far West."