Saturday, March 27, 2010

Texaco station was highest in the U.S. raid 2:00 Jinlu disposable sister crying alarm

Texaco station was highest in the U.S. raid 2:00 Jinlu disposable sister crying alarm

At 11:18 p.m. on March 21, 2010
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■ Shijie Liu Yi-min said that she had been indecently assaulted by police in handling this case and hope to catch the suspects as soon as possible.

■ Men's ripped skirt Lu 2:00, Liu Yi-Min has also been negligent in his left hand is bruising.

(Singapore 21 AP) Pirates of the card Shijie Liu Yi-Min Ris Low) at the Texaco station was ripped off Shoulder Black Dress, 2:00 Jin Lu, hand has also been caught bruising, crying alarm!

20-year-old Liu Yi-Min recent blog in the complaint that he 16th of this month (星期二) 晚上, in the Texaco station boyfriend when suddenly a 30-year-old man was washed over, pulled down her black skirt (tube dress )! She was naked bra as a result, two Jin Lu, bruising his left hand is also man caught.

This is the highest America sister were abandoned after this cry, the next day, accompanied by her boyfriend will be in alarm.

Liu Yi-Min's visit to reporters, said: "I was at the Park Mall shopping center taxi station boyfriend noticed the man came in front of me had been staring at I watched 5 minutes, I started to just ignore him, did not think He suddenly turned round and firmly grabbed my left hand, and then told me to kiss him, then he ripped off my black skirt, causing me to flee the spot. "

She said: "At the time the taxi stand about seven individuals, one of the top row of the men then came forward to help me, indecent assault upon my men, who quickly fled."

However, she claims that only time of the incident and that the name of the man indecently assaulted her and rescue her man, saw that her flee the scene.

The next day afternoon, Liu Yi-min, accompanied by her boyfriend to the police report that she had been frightened to tears more than, in the comfort only when her boyfriend began to calm down emotions.

For the left hand caught bruising, Liu Yi, said: "the man is forced to grasp my hand, I could not resist pain, I went the next day only to find in the hands of bruising."

Reporter to contact the police, the police confirmed cases, said the investigation is still ongoing.

Daily habit of naked bra

Previous Shi Jie: "I am unaware of the habit of wearing a bra. This is the second time I have been indecent assault, the last time also foreign workers hit chest!"

Liu Yi-Min said that this is the second time she had been indecently assaulted in two years ago, she and her sister in the Orchard Road shopping and when the attack was by a group of foreign workers chest.

She said: "I and my sister shopping at Orchard Road, was originally wanted to go to another street in the past, but was greeted by an exclusive labor blocking the avenue, is beyond them that we are trying to block" The Wall "when you actually attack the chest, I was immediately kicked them Jijiao, but did not further pursued. "

Asked about her being ripped off in the latest dresses, why not wear a bra, she explained that: "In order with this black skirt, I wore no bra, and I usually do not wear a bra habit."

Internet self-made video castigated indecently assaulted man

Vent their dissatisfaction with the Internet has been indecently assaulted by the former prime Yan Shijie homemade 30-second video, he derided the man for indecent assault.

Liu Yi-Min, said: "I'm recording this short is to vent their anger, blame the man, I would like to urge all women, if the indecent assault, the best was screaming for help, but remember to kick them severely to surmise."

Privately, she does not love make-up, prime Yan recorded this 30 seconds, also criticized the video: "I absolutely will not let the man with impunity."

User Reviews for her English seemed to progress, she said she had worked very hard to upgrade their standard of English, is currently working with sponsors to discuss arrangements for her to English classes.