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Navy guard ship wreck case of deep-fried South Korea issued two emergency

Navy guard ship wreck case of deep-fried South Korea issued two emergency

At 5:03 p.m. on March 27, 2010

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(Seoul, 27 AP) South Korea's National Police Agency, 26 night, warning the West Sea naval ship sinking incident to Incheon, Seoul, Gyeonggi and Gangwon Police Agency issued "two state of emergency" command.

According to "Yonhap," reported Seoul local time the evening of 26 9:45 Xu, in South Korea on surveillance duty in western waters of the South Korean navy ship sentry ship days due to unknown causes an accident, hull has been blasted hole in the stern began to sink.

South Korean navy ship carrying a total of 104 people, many people jumped into the sea when the ship sank. Has been reported that 59 people have been rescued about 40 people are still missing.

Does not rule out the incident with the North Korea related to

According to South Korean National Police Agency said senior officials of the day, although not yet confirmed the specific reasons for the boat incident, but did not rule out the event with the North Korea-related possibilities.

"2 a state of emergency" is a South Korean Police to step up vigilance after the start when "a state of emergency" alert order.

After the accident, South Korean President Lee Myung-bak convened an emergency defense minister, the National Intelligence Director, Foreign Minister and other relevant personnel, to convene the Security Council of Ministers to discuss countermeasures.

Lee Myung-bak, 27, hosted the morning of the "Saw ship" Shen sea after the 2nd safety department's ministerial meeting, but is still able to identify the incident, the reasons for the lack of clues, therefore plans to continue to the next meeting to discuss the issue.

"Han Associated Press" reported that Lee Myung-bak instructed at the meeting, said: "To the extent possible, take into account all possibilities, need to be thoroughly and quickly identify the cause of the accident. The military needs to make every effort to rescue work in order to rescue more survivors . "

The military originally planned, in the morning at low tide sea water into divers conduct search and investigation of the site of the incident, but the waves were large, it is not a dive search.

Cheong Wa Dae said that if the weather conditions that afternoon is still not ideal, impossible for divers, search and investigation will be to 28 to get started.

In addition, the South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff, said 27, Cheonan ship sank after being rescued 59 soldiers, 13 people were injured in hospital, of which two cerebral bleeding, but not life-threatening.

The report quoted South Korean military source said last partially Cheonan ship blasted holes are sunk. It was suggested that the possibility of attack. It is understood that at that time in nearby Sokcho mission ship with 76mm guns to the North Korea conducted a cover shoot.

The report quoted sources said that the stern was ripped holes, most likely caused by a torpedo attack by North Korea. At present due to concentrate on ambulance personnel has not confirmed the precise cause of the blast.

It is reported that North Korea conducted a day, dozens of artillery training. An on board a total of 104 days after the accident, many people jumped into the sea, so the possibility of casualties occur.

South Korea's navy has sent to the accident area for emergency ambulance and helicopters.

The military has not issued a very alert to make

On the other hand, despite the South Korean police have Incheon, Seoul, Gyeonggi and Gangwon Police Agency, issued a "two state of emergency order", but so far there was no unusual North Korean military movements, South Korea's military has not ordered the whole army very alert to make.

South Korean military Joint Chiefs of Staff Director of intelligence operations, said Lee Ki-sik, now we can not understand the hole on the bottom of the hull exactly what type, because do not know cause of the accident, therefore, can not say are associated with North Korea.

Therefore, the South Korean military has not ordered the army to make a very alert, but continued to maintain an alert posture, observing North Korea's military movements.

Tension warships on standby

South Korean warship sank an explosion, so that the tense geopolitical situation had improved significantly, Korean media that the incident may not be for North Korea, but the U.S. warships have been ready to assist.

South Korean Navy's "ship Cheonan" Last night on duty in the Korean Peninsula and the western waters when the explosion took place unexplained sinking.

South Korean news media, confusion, there is that "the U.S. intelligence authorities that the incident is not associated with North Korea", "Cheong Wa Dae that has nothing to do with North Korea seems to", but there were reporters in the broadcast stage, said, "alone on a training mission on the explosion, Shen Sea warships, rare. "

U.S. Defense Department official said the U.S. warships in the region have been ready on standby to assist.

Taiwan alert

South Korean navy sank ship after the warning whistle, yet not know whether North Korea related to the Taiwan Ministry of National Defense has responded, saying that maintain a high degree of vigilance.

"Central News Agency" report, being overseas visits by Taiwan President Ma Ying-jeou told the news, immediately called a meeting accompanied by national security, diplomatic and other officials related meetings held in response.

Taiwan Defense Ministry spokesman Yu Si-zu last night pointed out that for inter-Korean event, the Ministry of Defense has been the first time to acquire the relevant conditions, and high-level government hospital and the National Security Unit to keep in touch and exchange of views.

He said Defense Minister Gao Hua-chu, chief of staff have been instructed to Town Yi, deputy chief of the rate of 3 enter the Hengshan command post to maintain a high degree of vigilance.

Yu Si-zu, said some of the military readiness, remained normal operation. Later developments would be appropriate as a basis.