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Dr Who end a 'brilliant send-off'

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John Simm John Simm will appear in a two-part Doctor Who special at Christmas

The final scenes in Doctor Who are a "brilliant send-off" for David Tennant, his co-star has said.

The Life On Mars actor John Simm returns as The Doctor's nemesis, The Master, in a two-part Christmas special.

He says he had loads of fun working on David Tennant's last episodes, which are now complete.

"It's all done," he said. "I've just spoken to David (Tennant) and he hasn't seen it either. We're doing some dubbing and we go in and do the voice-overs.

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(Zurich 30, Reuters) According to recent reports, the International Football Association officials will convene in Rio de Janeiro, Wednesday convergence Committee of the Whole meeting to discuss the variation of the Olympic soccer players age limit. 除此之外,他们也将对即将在南非举行的2010年世界杯的准备情况做相关汇报,以及抵制那些在转会期间发生的腐败行为,包括清除无良经纪人和球会在操作转会时非法付款、洗黑钱。 In addition, they will also be held in South Africa 2010 World Cup preparations to do related to reporting, as well as those who resist the corruption that occurred during the transfer, including removal of unscrupulous brokers and the ball will be in operation transfer When the illegal payments, money laundering.

年龄限制下调到21岁 The age limit lowered to 21-year-old

国际足总主席布拉特主持了会议。 FIFA President Sepp Blatter chaired the meeting. 国际足总的观点是希望将参加奥运会的球员年龄限制从原来的23岁下调到21岁,或者甚至是取消球员年龄限制这条规定,但已经有过奥运会经历的球员除外。 FIFA's view is that the players want to participate in the Olympic Games the age limit lowered from the original 23-year-old to 21 years old, or even to abolish the age limit for players of this provision, but have had experience of the players, except the Olympics.

而国际奥委会并不希望按照这样的规则,他们更愿意保存23岁以下球员参加奥运会的年龄限制,其中包括每一支球队能够拥有三名超龄球员的条款。 The International Olympic Committee does not want to in accordance with such rules, they are more willing to save players under the age of 23, the age limit to participate in the Olympics, including each team can have three over-age players provisions. 如果国际奥委会接受国际足总的安排,奥运会的足球比赛将很可能成为翻版的世青赛。 If the International Olympic Committee to accept the arrangements for FIFA, the Olympic Games football competition will be likely to be pirated, the World Juniors. 欧洲顶级球会则支持国际足总的决定。 Europe's top club supports FIFA's decision.

国际奥委会希望将奥运会期间的足球比赛定位为国际足总规定的国际比赛日。 The International Olympic Committee would like to locate the Olympic Games football matches during the FIFA regulations for international competition day. 如果该提议通过,那么到时球会就必须放行球员参加奥运会。 If the proposal is adopted, then the ball will be that time, the players must be allowed to attend the Olympic Games. 但这招到了欧洲球会的强烈反对,因为奥运会足球比赛的时间在7月到8月之间,这必然将影响到球会赛季前的备战,以及欧洲冠军杯的赛事。 But hiring a strong opposition from the European clubs because the Olympic Games football matches of the time between July to August, which inevitably will affect the club's pre-season preparations, and the European Champions Cup tournament.

本次的国际足总大会或许将是奥运会足球比赛改制的正式开始。 The International Football Association General Assembly will probably be restructured Olympic football matches started. 当然,还得看之后国际奥委会在11月召开大会的决定。 Of course, have to look after the International Olympic Committee meeting in November the decision of the General Assembly. 奥运会足球比赛的命运也许就将改变。 Perhaps the fate of Olympic football matches will be changed.

To be involved in terrorism should be banned entry to Taiwan Kadeer

二零零九年九月三十日下午四时五十分 At 16:50 on September 30th, 2009

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■ 台湾政府以可能涉及恐怖主义为由禁止热比娅入境,使她愤而提出告诉。 ■ Taiwan's government to be involved in terrorism, forbid Kadeer entry, so she angrily filed.

(台北30日综合电)台湾媒体报道,台湾行政院日前明确表明,以可能涉及恐怖主义为理由禁世维会主席热比娅入境。 (Taipei 30 AP) Taiwan media reports, Taiwan's Executive Yuan recently made it clear that in order to be terrorism-related grounds of the World-dimensional cut-President Kadeer entry. 热比娅接受《壹周刊》专访时,对此感到愤怒,报道说,她将委请人对台湾政府提出告诉。 Kadeer accept the "Next Weekly" interview, feel angry, reported that she will appoint someone to tell the Government of Taiwan.

热比娅指出,多里坤2006年曾来台观光,当时政府并未指他是恐怖分子,现在她要来台湾,就变成恐怖分子,她觉得太夸张。 Kadeer that the multi-ri-kun in 2006 had been to Taiwan for sightseeing, there was no that he is a terrorist, and now she wants to come to Taiwan, it becomes a terrorist, and she thinks it's too exaggerated. 热比娅认为,“台湾作为一个民主国家,胡乱指控一个组织是不负责的,所以我对这个问题要认真计较。” Kadeer that "Taiwan as a democratic country, wild allegations of an organization is not responsible for, so I have to seriously care about this issue."

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Germany has even behind the new government of Taiwan and Tibet-China policy concern

二零零九年九月三十日下午四时五十分 At 16:50 on September 30th, 2009

(柏林30日综合电)德国国会大选落幕,小党自由民主党以高票入阁,由于在野时自民党曾力挺西藏和台湾,德国新政府的中国政策受到关注。 (Berlin, 30, AP) Germany's parliamentary elections ended, and a small political party the Liberal Democratic Party an overwhelming majority in the cabinet, as opposition parties have even behind when the Liberal Democratic Party of Tibet and Taiwan, the new German government's China policy concern.

重视工商界利益的自民党,在27日的国会大选囊括近15%的选票,比上次大幅跃进5%,未来将与总理梅克尔领导的基督教民主党/基督教社会党联合执政,是这次大选的真正赢家。 Attention to the business interests of the Liberal Democratic Party, the parliamentary elections in 27 days covering nearly 15% of the vote, up from 5 percent a substantial leap forward in the future will work with Chancellor Angela Merkel's Christian Democrats / Christian Social party coalition government, is the election a real winner.

自民党多年来一直关心台湾问题,在国会支持台湾参与国际组织,反对欧洲联盟解除对中国的武器禁运,传闻可能接掌财政部长的国会副议长索姆斯,目前仍是国会友台小组的一员。 Liberal Democratic Party for many years been concerned about the Taiwan issue, in congressional support for Taiwan's participation in international organizations, against the European Union to lift the arms embargo against China, the rumor could take over the finance minister, deputy speaker of parliament Soames, is still the Congress pro-Taiwan group in a members.

瑙曼基金会策动反华示威 Friedrich Naumann Foundation instigate anti-China demonstrations

自民党也一向关注藏人的处境,旗下的瑙曼基金会,长年来支持流亡藏人组织,去年曾受到中国官方媒体的尖锐批评,指控该基金会在幕后策动反华示威。 The LDP has always been concerned about the plight of Tibetans, a subsidiary of Friedrich Naumann Foundation, the organization for many years to support the Tibetans in exile last year, had been subjected to sharp criticism from China's official media accused the foundation behind the scenes to instigate anti-China demonstrations.

极可能在新政府出任副总理暨外交部长的自民党党主席威斯特威勒,今年5月接受《明镜》周刊(Der Spiegel)专访时曾表示,过去一再会晤达赖喇嘛,也不影响与北京的对话,未来自民党的人出任外长也将接见达赖喇嘛,推动以人权为导向的外交政策。 Is very likely that the new government as Deputy Prime Minister cum Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Liberal Democratic Party Chairman Westerwelle, this year in May to accept "Der Spiegel" (Der Spiegel) during an interview that in the past has repeatedly met with the Dalai Lama, and Beijing does not affect the The dialogue, the future of the Liberal Democratic Party who became foreign minister will also meet the Dalai Lama, to promote a human rights-oriented foreign policy.

Toyota in biggest recall of vehicles in US

WASHINGTON Toyota says it will recall 3.8 million vehicles in the United States to address problems with a removable floor mat that could interfere with the vehicle's accelerator and cause a crash.

The company says it will be the largest U.S. recall in its history.

Owners could learn about the safety campaign as early as next week.

Toyota and the government warned owners of Toyota and Lexus vehicles about safety problems tied to the removable floor mats.

They say the mats could interfere with the vehicle's accelerator and cause a crash.

The recall will affect 2007-2010 model year Toyota Camry, 2005-2010 Toyota Avalon, 2004-2009 Toyota Prius, 2005-2010 Tacoma, 2007-2010 Toyota Tundra, 2007-2010 Lexus ES350 and 2006-2010 Lexus IS250 and IS350.

Owners should take out the floor mats on the driver's side and not replace them.

Toyota's previously largest U.S. recall was about 900,000 vehicles in 2005 to fix a steering issue. - AP

507-Carat White Diamond Is A Girl’s Best Friend By Joan

Now that’s some serious bling. A spokesman for Petra Diamond’s had this to say about the stone, which weighs over 100 grams:

untitled.jpg diamond image by ngjennje

“Initial examinations indicate that it is of exceptional color and clarity, and most likely to be a Type I diamond.”

What’s even more amazing is that around the turn of the 20th century the same mine yielded one of the gems that became part of the British crown jewels. That stone, named the Cullinan Diamond, was over SIX TIMES the size of this one, weighing in at a ridiculous 3,106 carats unpolished! I’m sure King Edward VII had a silly grin on his face while accepting that one.

The company behind the find has been buying up old African mines from De Beers in a cost-effective plan to stay afloat amid a major drop in demand that has rocked the industry. Ironically, De Beers seemed to think the mine was no longer worth operating.

The famous Cullinan mine is just one of many they have purchased, and so far it has paid off: earlier this year a blue diamond worth nearly $10 million was unearthed at the site.

The 507 carat white diamond, found along with three other biggies, is only one of many world famous stones discovered at the mine. Here are a few others:

–The Centenary diamond (599 carats rough)
–The Golden Jubilee diamond (545 carats polished)
–The Cullinan Diamond (3,106 carats rough)

John Travolta<BR><A href="blank/movies/gallery.aspx?gallery=12493"  target="" type=Msn.Entertain.Server.WebControls.LinkablePhotoGallery  LinkType="Page" GLink="0" Arg="12493">More photos</A>© Sara De Boer/Retna Ltd.
John Travolta

Travolta testifies Bahamas medic threatened him
Sept. 30, 2009, 11:08 AM EST

NASSAU, Bahamas (AP) -- John Travolta has told a court in the Bahamas that a local paramedic threatened to sell stories to the news media suggesting the movie star was at fault in the death of his 16-year-old son.

Travolta testified that the paramedic who is now on trial for extortion demanded $25 million from the actor.

He was testifying in the second week of the trial of paramedic Tarino Lightbourne and attorney Pleasant Bridgewater.

Travolta told the court that Lightbourne had a consent document that the actor signed when medics came to the aid of his son. He says the medic threatened to use the document to "imply that the death of my son was intentional and I was culpable in some way."

The gap between rich and poor expanded to 11.4 times the U.S. middle class, the poor hit

二零零九年九月三十日下午四时四十八分 At 4:48 p.m. on September 30, 2009

(华盛顿30日综合电)金融海啸令美国贫富悬殊扩大,贫富差距扩至历来最高的11.4倍,受创最大的是中产阶级和贫困人口。 (Washington, DC 30 AP) the financial tsunami has led to disparity of wealth in the United States expanded, the gap between rich and poor expanded to a record high of 11.4 times the hardest-hit are the middle class and poor people.

另外,贫困人口的比例,跳升至13.2%,为11年新高。 In addition, the proportion of poor people, jumped 13.2%, for the 11-year high.

美国人口普查局公布一项针对300万个家庭的抽样调查。 U.S. Census Bureau released a 3 million households for a sample survey. 结果显示,2008年,美国最富有的1%家庭,年收入为13.8万美元,而接近或低于贫困线的家庭平均年收入,却只有1.2万美元,两者相差11.4倍。 The results showed that in 2008, the United States the richest 1% of households with annual income of 13.8 million, compared to close to or below the poverty line, the average household income, but only 1.2 million, a difference of 11.4 times.

这个差距,高于2007年的11.2倍,也高于2003年的最高记录11.22倍。 This gap is higher than in 2007, 11.2 times higher than the 2003 record of 11.22 times as high.

各阶层家庭年收入下跌 All levels of household income fell

由于经济衰退,美国各阶层家庭的年收入普遍下跌,但是中低收入家庭下跌幅度最大。 Because of the economic recession, the U.S. household income at all levels generally decline, but the sharpest decline in low-income families. 去年美国中产家庭收入,由5.2163万美元下降到5.0303万美元,是1997年以来的最低点。 Last year, the U.S. middle-class family income, down from 5.2163 million U.S. dollars to 5.0303 million and is the lowest point since 1997.

此外,统计还发现,最富有的前百分之五家庭年收入在18万美元以上,是中间收入的3.58倍。 In addition, the statistics also found that the richest 5 percent annual household income before the 18 million U.S. dollars, 3.58 times of the middle income.

Georgian assault started 2008 war - EU-backed report

By Timothy Heritage

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - An unjustified Georgian assault on breakaway South Ossetia started last year's five-day war with Russia, a report sponsored by the European Union said on Wednesday.

Russia's envoy to the European Union in Brussels Vladimir Chizhov holds up an EU-sponsored report on last year's war between Russia and Georgia, during a news conference in Brussels September 30, 2009. (REUTERS/Yves Herman)

The report also criticised Russia, saying its response to the Georgian military strike went "beyond reasonable limits", but its findings were particularly critical of Georgia's conduct under President Mikheil Saakashvili.

The findings are likely to further damage Saakashvili's political standing in Georgia, and underline Western concerns that have set back his former Soviet republic's hopes of one day joining the NATO defence alliance.

The report said the war was "the culminating point of a long period of increasing tensions (and) provocations".

But it added: "The shelling of Tskhinvali (in South Ossetia) by the Georgian armed forces during the night of 7 to 8 August 2008 marked the beginning of the large-scale armed conflict in Georgia."

This fell into line with the general view in most Western capitals that U.S. ally Georgia launched an assault on the rebel province of South Ossetia on the night of Aug 7, against a backdrop of provocations from Moscow and Tbilisi.

Swiss diplomat Heidi Tagliavini who led the investigation, said in a written statement: "None of the explanations given by the Georgian authorities in order to provide some form of legal justification for the attack lend it a valid explanation."

Russia responded with a counter-strike, driving back Georgian forces and pushing further into Georgia. Moscow later recognised South Ossetia and the other breakaway Georgian region of Abkhazia as independent states, backed by Russian forces.


The report said Georgian, Russian and South Ossetian forces had all violated international humanitarian law in the five-day conflict and the risk of new confrontation "remains serious".

It concluded that Russia's first military response to the Georgian assault was "legal" for defensive purposes, but much of Moscow's subsequent military action went beyond reasonable limits.

"It's not a pro-Russian report," said Vladimir Chizhov, Russia's ambassador to the European Union. "It confirms what we've know all along -- who started the war and who bears responsibility."

Georgia dismissed this interpretation, saying the report proved Moscow had been preparing for conflict all along.

"The report proves that Russia was all the time preparing this war and August 7 and 8 were the culmination," Georgian State Minister for Re-integration Temur Iakobashvili told reporters.

"The report is not about who started the war; the war did not start on August 7 or 8," he said.

The Geneva-based International Independent Fact Finding Mission into the Conflict in Georgia (IIFFMCG) has investigated the conflict since early 2009 and is led by Swiss diplomat Heidi Tagliavini.

Tbilisi says 228 Georgian civilians were killed and 184 Georgian servicemen are dead or missing. Russia says 64 of its servicemen and 162 South Ossetian civilians were killed, but Moscow says the figure for civilian deaths could be higher.

More than 100,000 civilians on both sides were displaced at the height of the conflict. Several thousand South Ossetian civilians remain homeless and some 25,000 Georgians have been unable to return to South Ossetia.

(Additional reporting by Michael Stott and Matt Robinson in Moscow, Pete Harrison, and Margarita Antidze in Tbilisi; editing by Philippa Fletcher)

Copyright © 2008 Reuters

Iran says talks are "test", U.S. weighs sanctions

By Hossein Jaseb

TEHRAN (Reuters) - Iran said on Wednesday it viewed talks with six world powers in Geneva as an "opportunity and a test", while the United States weighed sanctions over Tehran's nuclear programme if Thursday's meeting fails.

A suspected uranium-enrichment facility near Qom, 156 km (97 miles) southwest of Tehran, is seen in this September 27, 2009 satellite photograph released by DigitalGlobe on September 28, 2009. (REUTERS/DigitalGlobe/Handout)

As Iran's chief nuclear negotiator left for Switzerland expressing goodwill, the head of the U.N. nuclear watchdog said Tehran had broken a transparency law by failing to disclose much earlier a nuclear plant being built for uranium enrichment.

Iran reported the site to Mohamed ElBaradei's International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) on Sept. 21. Western powers said Tehran was forced to do so after learning they were about to discover a plant whose construction began 3-1/2 years ago.

"Iran was supposed to inform us on the day it was decided to construct the facility. They have not done that," ElBaradei said in an interview with CNN-India during a visit to New Delhi, in remarks relayed by the IAEA's Vienna headquarters.

With Iran ruling out any discussion in Geneva about its own atomic programme, which the West suspects is aimed at making bombs, there was little sign that Thursday's session would lead to any breakthrough in the long-running dispute.

Iran has offered wide-ranging security talks while making clear its nuclear "rights" will be off-limits. It says its nuclear technology is to generate electricity, not make bombs.

The United States and its Western allies have made clear they will focus on Iran's nuclear activities at the first such meeting since U.S. President Barack Obama took office.

While Iran and the six powers -- the United States, China, Russia, Britain, France and Germany -- prepared for talks, British and U.S. officials appeared to differ over Iran nuclear capability.

A British security source said London suspected Iran had been seeking nuclear weapons for the past few years, in contrast to a U.S. view that Tehran halted work on design and weaponisation in 2003.

"We didn't share the U.S. assessment and still do not," the British source said.

ElBaradei said he had no evidence to back up the British assessment.

U.S. officials are focusing for now on diplomatic efforts, but the White House is considering sanctions targeting Iran's dependence on gasoline imports and insurance firms that underwrite the trade.

President Barack Obama warned Iran last week to come clean about its nuclear work or face "sanctions that bite."


President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad made clear Tehran was looking for a changed approach from the West, while showing no sign of any Iranian readiness to compromise in the nuclear dispute.

He said the Geneva talks represented an "exceptional opportunity for (Western countries) to change their situation in the world and correct their way of dealing with nations."

"These talks could be a test to verify whether some governments are determined to follow up the slogan of change," Ahmadinejad said according to IRNA news agency, referring to Obama.

Ahmadinejad proposed an organised structure for the discussions, with three committees dealing with different issues, and an "assembly" of heads of states of the countries involved as the top decision-making body, Fars News Agency said.

"We are entering the talks with goodwill," chief nuclear negotiator Saeed Jalili said at Tehran's international Imam Khomeini airport.

Washington has suggested possible new sanctions on banking and the oil and gas industry if Iran, the world's fifth-largest crude exporter, fails to assuage Western fears it seeks nuclear weapons.

Ahmadinejad said Iran had prepared itself for all possibilities: "The Iranian nation has learnt to stand on its own feet during the past 30 years."

On Tuesday, an Iranian MP, Mohammad Karamirad, was quoted as saying parliament may advocate Iran's withdrawal from the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) if talks with big powers fail and the United States keeps putting pressure on Tehran.

Another MP, Hassan Ghafourifard, made similar remarks in an interview carried by state Press TV on Wednesday.

Parliament can formally oblige the government to take such a step, as happened when Iran stopped permitting wide-ranging snap U.N. nuclear inspections in 2006, but Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has the final say on matters of state.

Top Iranian officials have repeatedly said Tehran has no intention to leave the NPT, under which its nuclear facilities are subject to regular U.N. nuclear watchdog inspections, or seek nuclear weapons it says violate the tenets of Islam.

Analysts believe Iran would think twice before quitting the NPT since such a move would betray nuclear weapons ambitions and could provoke pre-emptive attack by Israel and possibly the United States.

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Monday, September 28, 2009

The Philippines once in a 40-year floods, killing many innocent

菲律賓一場40餘年不遇的洪災,奪走許多無辜百姓的姓名,倖存者週一開始為者舉行喪禮,災民扶老攜幼,前往瞻仰親友遺容。 The Philippines once in a 40-year floods, killing many innocent people in the name of the survivors who began to hold funerals Monday, victims, young and old, friends and relatives paid their respects to the mortal remains. (圖:法新社) (Photo: AFP)

(Philippines ‧ Manila) The Philippine government Monday (September 28) admitted inability to deal with once in a 42-year floods, but many of the countries are facing a new storm struck.

氣象預報員克魯斯指出,目前,太平洋正在形式一個新的熱帶低氣壓和一個低壓區,而且兩者都在增強、移向菲律賓,很大機會演變成為颱風。 Weather forecasters Cruz pointed out that currently, the Pacific is the form of a new tropical depression and an area of low pressure, and both increasing, moving to the Philippines, a great opportunity to develop into a typhoon.


風暴2天內不會帶來影響 Storm two days there will be no impact

他表示,兩股潛在的風暴都很遙遠,至少在2天內不會對菲國帶來影響,但也有可能不會登陸菲國。 He said that the two stocks are a long way a potential storm, at least 2 days will not impact on the Philippines, but also may not visit the Philippines.

熱帶風暴“凱薩娜”早前吹襲菲國帶來暴雨,在馬尼拉及呂宋島周圍地區觸發山泥傾瀉和水災,多間房屋損毀,陸路交通中斷,當局已宣佈首都馬尼拉和25個省為災區,可以動用緊急基金救災。 Tropical storm "KETSANA" to bring torrential rains earlier hit the Philippines in Manila and Luzon triggering landslides and floods the surrounding area, a number of houses damaged, land transport disruption, the authorities have declared the capital of Manila and 25 provinces a disaster area, they could spend disaster relief emergency fund.

天氣持續惡劣 Bad weather

洪災週一已進入第3天,但氣象部門預測,當地天氣持續惡劣,仍然會有雨,而馬尼拉一些災區的洪水仍然沒有消退的跡象。 Floods has entered the 3rd day Monday, but the meteorological department forecasts, local weather continued bad, there will still be rain, while some hit the floods in Manila is still no sign of subsiding.

菲國國家災難統籌局局長戈萊週一坦承,政府無力應付國內42年不遇的洪災。 Philippine National Disaster Co-ordination Secretary Golez Monday admitted that the government is unable to meet internal flooding once in 42 years.

戈萊表示,當局已集中救災,但無論是整個救災系統或地方上的單位,都不勝負荷,“我們以往都是援助1個城市或1、2個省份,但現在卻是一個輪著一個告急。我們的人力物力被分攤得太薄。” Golez said that the authorities have focused on disaster relief, but whether the whole system or local disaster relief units are stretched beyond capacity, "we have always aid a city or 1,2 provinces, but now it is a wheel with an emergency . Our human and material resources have been assessed too thin. "

大批軍警和志願人士協助搜索失蹤者,清理災區,美軍也派直升機和橡皮艇協助救災。 A large number of police and volunteers to help search for the missing persons, disaster clean-up, the U.S. military has sent helicopters and rubber boats to assist disaster relief.

逾140死50萬人失所 More than 140 deaths and 50 million displaced

根據官方統計,洪災目前已造成至少140人死亡,32人失蹤,同時有近50萬人流離失所。 According to official statistics, the flooding has killed at least 140 people were killed and 32 were missing, while there are nearly 50 million people displaced.

但除此之外,DZBB電台引述當地官員稱,馬尼拉郊區馬里基納另外又發現58具屍體;而馬尼拉奎松城江邊村落的村長也向法新社披露,當地也發現29具屍體,另有108人下落不明。 But in addition, DZBB radio quoted a local official said the Manila suburb of Marikina also found 58 corpses; and riverside villages, Manila, Quezon City mayor also disclosed to the Agence France-Presse, the local also found 29 bodies, and the other There are 108 people unaccounted for.

災民圖重建家園 Figure victims rebuild their homes

遭遇40年來自最嚴重的洪災,許多菲律賓災民試圖從零開始,重建生活。 Encountered in 40 years from the most severe floods, and many victims in the Philippines, tried to start from scratch, rebuilding their lives.

熱帶風暴“凱薩娜”挾著12小時連續不斷的豪雨,給馬尼拉帶來平均1個月的降雨量,在當地造成山崩、摧毀許多房屋、推翻車輛以及滿地泥濘及殘骸。 Tropical storm "KETSANA" buttressed by 12 hours of continuous heavy rains, brought to Manila, an average of one month's rainfall caused landslides on the ground, destroying many houses, overturned vehicles, and Montreal, mud and debris.

陸軍部隊、警察和民間自願團週一繼續從混濁的泥濘和洪水中,移出一具具屍體,同時從屋頂撤離饑寒交迫的災民。 Army troops, police and private voluntary groups Monday continue to muddy the mud and flooding in and out of a corpse, while the hungry victims evacuated from the roof.

動用應急基金 Use of the contingency fund

政府宣佈馬尼拉和25個受災地區進入“災難狀態”,並允許官員使用應急基金進行救援。 Government announced that Manila and 25 in the affected areas into the "disastrous state", and allowed officials to use the contingency fund to conduct the rescue.

布拉干省省長門多薩表示:“風暴襲擊的時候,許多人都在自己家中溺斃。” Bulacan Province of Mendoza, said: "When the storm hit, many people drowned in their own homes."

馬尼拉郊區馬里基納一名30歲居民曼朗伊表示,洪水吞噬了他住家底層,摧毀了電視機和其他貴重物品,所幸他及時把孩子帶到安全的地方,讓他感到欣慰。 Manila suburb of Marikina, a 30-year-old resident Manlang Yi said that the flood engulfed the ground floor of his house, destroying television sets and other valuables, but fortunately he was promptly taken to a safe place the child so that he was pleased.

他感嘆:“我們又回到零了。” Exclaimed he: "We are back to zero in."

阿羅約巡視災區 Arroyo visited the disaster areas

總統阿羅約前往巡視災區,並鼓勵村民堅持生活下去。 President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo went to tour the disaster areas and encourages the villagers to adhere to their lives. 她表示,風暴和洪水都是考驗災民向極限挑戰的“極端事件”,但最終不會擊敗災民。 She said the test of victims of storms and floods are extreme challenges to the "extreme events", but ultimately will not defeat the victims.

軍事直升機從高空拍攝的影像顯示,全身濕透的倖存者在幾乎被水淹沒的巴士車頂上孤立無助的畫面。 Military helicopters from the aerial images showed that whole body soaked survivors in the almost-submerged bus roof helpless picture. 一些人甚至冒著生命危險攀爬高壓電纜、一些則在深度及腰的洪水內涉水而行。 Some people even risk their lives climbing high voltage cable, a number of in-depth wading waist-deep flooding in the line.

災害威力增敲響警鐘 Sounded the alarm by the power of disaster

一場風暴為馬尼拉帶來自1967年最大的降雨量,這異象並非偶然,儘管菲國氣象局局長將災難歸咎於氣候變化,但菲律賓對這場天災毫無招架之力,已為區內各國的救災能力敲響警鐘。 Manila storm brought the largest rainfall since 1967, this vision is no accident that, despite the Philippine Meteorological blamed the calamity of climate change, but the Philippines of this natural disaster without any defense force, the district has all the response capacity of the country sounded the alarm.

亞太區近年多場天災,災情超乎尋常。 Asia-Pacific region in recent years, more than a natural disaster, disaster extraordinary. 去年8月緬甸遭遇罕見特大風災,全國近半人口受災,逾13萬人死亡;今年2月,澳洲發生史上傷亡最慘重山火,近200人死亡。 Myanmar in August last year, suffered a rare big storm, half the population affected, more than 13 million people died; in February of this year, Australia took place in the history of the deadliest fires, nearly 200 people were killed.

災害發生突變,為各國救災工作帶來壓力。 Disasters, a mutation in the relief efforts for countries to bring pressure.

以澳洲為例,過去居民接獲當局山火警告後,一般都有足夠時間撤離,可是2月份的山火在強風、乾燥和高溫天氣下,變得規模大、速度快。 In Australia, for example, in the past residents of the fire danger warning is received, it normally has sufficient time to evacuate, but in February a fire in strong winds, dry and hot weather, becoming large and fast. 居民往往剛接獲警告,大火已經燒到家門口,令不少人來不及逃生。 Residents often have just received the warning, the fire had burned to the door, so that many people have no time to escape.

聯合國氣候變化峰會剛剛結束,馬尼拉就敲起警鐘,說明各國應及時修訂救災措施,防患於未然。 The just-concluded United Nations climate change summit in Manila, would sound the alarm, indicating that States should promptly amend relief measures before they occur.

傳染病隨時爆發 Outbreaks of infectious disease at any time

菲律賓衛生部週一(9月28日)警告,特大洪水消退後,隨之而來的很可能是疾病爆發,因為馬尼拉多處地區被污水覆蓋,而且罹難者的棺木也停放在倖存者的疏散中心內。 Philippine Ministry of Health Monday (September 28) warned that after the floods receded, is likely to be followed by outbreaks of disease, because many areas in Manila were covered by water, and the victim's coffin is also parked in the survivors evacuation centers.

菲律賓首都馬尼拉是洪水重災區,超過11萬5000名災民擠進當地的臨時疏散中心如學校及露天體育館等。 The Philippine capital Manila, is the flood hit, more than 115,000 victims squeezed into a temporary evacuation centers such as local schools, and open-air gymnasium.

衛生部長首席助理格雷羅醫生表示,一些傳染病如A(H1N1)型流感、腹瀉、以及鉤端螺旋體病的細菌性疾病是政府的隱憂。 Principal Assistant Minister of Health Dr. Guerrero said that some infectious diseases such as A (H1N1) influenza, diarrhea, and bacterial disease leptospirosis is the government's worries.

格雷羅說:“我們的水源、衛生設施和疏散中心都出現了污染,疾病的傳播會因此而加速。” Guerrero said: "Our water supply, sanitation and evacuation centers are the pollution, the spread of disease will be accelerated."

她警告,積水地區也可以成為蚊子滋長的溫床,從而傳播骨痛熱症。 She warned that stagnant water areas can become breeding grounds for mosquito breeding, which spread dengue fever.

What's true cost of a Starbucks latte, author asks

PHILADELPHIA: If Bryant Simon owned a coffee shop, it would not have conversation-killing Wi-Fi.

But it would have a big, round table strewn with newspapers to stimulate discussion.

That sense of community is what's missing from Starbucks, a conclusion Simon reached after visiting about 425 of its coffee shops in nine countries. And yet millions of people patronise the outlets each day.

Simon, a history professor at Temple University in Philadelphia, has spent the past few years figuring out why.

His new book, "Everything but the Coffee: Learning about America from Starbucks," is meant "to be part of a public debate about what our purchases mean ... (and) how consumption shapes our lives even when we don't intend it to," Simon said.

Seattle-based Starbucks had nearly $10.4bil in revenue in 2008. Simon, however, argues the true cost of macchiatos and frappuccinos is much greater - that Starbucks, a private corporation, has enriched itself in part by taking advantage of Americans' impoverished civic life.

Simon writes that while people once were able to find meaningful conversation and debate at libraries, recreation centers and parks, those public spaces have become less available - and less desirable _ since municipal resources are focused elsewhere.

Starbucks has filled that void, according to Simon.

Or has it?

After spending up to 15 hours a week in various Starbucks over the past few years, Simon said he witnessed very few spontaneous discussions or interactions.

The couches, plush chairs and tables all seemed to be used for planned meetings or solo work on laptops.

"Rarely ... do these different people doing different things actually talk and exchange ideas, but talk and ideas are crucial to the making of community," he writes.

Simon's observations are already being debated in college classrooms. David Grazian, a sociology professor at the University of Pennsylvania, is using the book in a class on media and popular culture.

"Given that we seem so reliant on Starbucks as part of the urban infrastructure and suburban infrastructure," Grazian said, "we should be interested in thinking about what it means when so much of our public sphere is taken over by a private enterprise."

Elizabeth Shermer, a history professor at Claremont McKenna College outside Los Angeles, said she'll use the book in a business history class to show how the workplace has changed.

Many professionals are now independent contractors without access to office spaces like cubicles and conference rooms, said Shermer.

These workers once might have taken their laptops to libraries, but cutbacks in hours and maintenance have made them seem less attractive - a last resort for those who can't afford computers or Internet connections, she said.

"You have a lot of folks using Starbucks to carry out the day-to-day business," Shermer said.

Courtney Knowlton, a senior at Arcadia University near Philadelphia, read Simon's chapter on public spaces for a class debate on bookstore cafes.

It made her realise that while Starbucks may be a good place for chai lattes, it's often not engaging enough to produce community-building discussions.

"It is pretty isolating most of the time," Knowlton said.

"Usually, I just talk to whoever I'm there with."

Still, it's clear that Starbucks is giving people what they want, Simon said.

Customers line up for lattes for any number of reasons: to treat themselves; to carry a status symbol; to support coffee growers in underdeveloped nations; to relax in a safe haven; or to taste a bit of comfort far away from home, he writes.

But he questions whether the public embrace of Starbucks keeps people from doing the hard work necessary to build better communities.

It takes more to help third-world coffee bean growers than buying a fair-trade espresso, he said.

Starbucks, asked for a comment on Simon's findings, said it gets customer feedback in many forms, including books.

"We appreciate the enthusiasm of all of our customers no matter how they choose to express their opinions," company spokesman Sanja Gould said in an e-mailed statement.

As Simon recently sat in a Starbucks in downtown Philadelphia, he acknowledged liking the coffee.

He also said he appreciates the architectural details of many of the stores, and the consistent product quality.

And he conceded he probably won't open his own coffee shop. But he said he knows what would make a good one.

"People want these conversations, people want to feel connected," he said. "I'm pretty sure about that." - AP

Why women have sex

According to a new book, there are 237 reasons why women have sex. And most of them have little to do with romance or pleasure

Perefect symmetry: Brad Pitt and Geena Davis in Thelma and Louise

Perefect symmetry: Brad Pitt and Geena Davis in Thelma and Louise. Photograph: Ronald Grant Archive

Do you want to know why women have sex with men with tiny little feet? I am stroking a book called Why Women Have Sex. It is by Cindy Meston, a clinical psychologist, and David Buss, an evolutionary psychologist. It is a very thick, bulging book. I've never really wondered Why Women Have Sex. But after years of not asking the question, the answer is splayed before me.
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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Dust storms spread deadly diseases worldwide

Dust storms like the one that plagued Sydney are blowing bacteria to all corners of the globe, with viruses that will attack the human body. Yet these scourges can also help mitigate climate change

A dust storm blankets Sydney's iconic Opera House at sunrise

A dust storm blankets Sydney's iconic Opera House at sunrise. Photograph: Tim Wimborne/Reuters

Huge dust storms, like the ones that blanketed Sydney twice last week, hit Queensland yesterday and turned the air red across much of eastern Australia, are spreading lethal epidemics around the world. However, they can also absorb climate change emissions, say researchers studying the little understood but growing phenomenon.

The Sydney storm, which left millions of people choking on some of the worst air pollution in 70 years, was a consequence of the 10-year drought that has turned parts of Australia's interior into a giant dust bowl, providing perfect conditions for high winds to whip loose soil into the air and carry it thousands of miles across the continent. continue reading..............

Shijie Pirates of the card fraud scandal, Liu Yi-Min: Please forgive me!

二零零九年九月二十七日晚上九时三十六分 At 21:36 on September 27th, 2009

相关照片 Related Photos

(新加坡27日讯)美姐求饶:“请大家原谅我!”19岁世姐刘依敏盗卡行骗丑闻曝光后,成为新加坡坊间炮轰的对象,有国人要求摘下她的后冠,也有人说别让她代表新加坡到南非参加12月举行的世姐决赛。 (Singapore 27, Reuters)-US sister beg for mercy: "Please forgive me!" 19-year-old Shi Jie Liu Yi-Min stolen card fraud scandal, becoming the object of Singapore Fang Jian shelling, there are people requested off her crown, it was also Representative of Singapore, said she was not let to South Africa in December to participate in the final held in Shijie.

经过坊间两天的强烈炮轰后,美姐昨天通过媒体向国人道歉,并寻求国人的谅解,希望大家能给她一个机会! After two days of intense shelling Fang Jian, the United States and sister yesterday, through the media to apologize to the people, and to seek people's understanding, hope that we give her a chance!

刘依敏在接受媒体的电访时,语气忧郁和沉重。 Liu Yi-min telephone interview In an interview with the media, his tone was melancholy and heavy. 她先以平淡的语调说“我真的不能接受访问”,后来又传手机简讯给记者,希望媒体能代她向国人寻求原谅。 Her flat tone of the first to say "I really can not accept the visit", and later mass mobile phone text message to reporters, hoping the media will seek forgiveness on her behalf to the people.

美姐在周五即盗卡事件被揭发时曾受访,情绪显得十分激动。 United States and sister in the incident Friday that the stolen card was discovered when the respondents, emotions seemed very excited. 对于她如今态度上180度的转变,刘依敏坦承,因之前擅自开口被公司责备,如今遭到封口令。 Today, for her 180-degree change in attitude, according to Min Tan Liu Cheng, a result of unauthorized opening by the company prior to blame, and now was sealed off by a password.


刘依敏接受《海峡时报》访问时坦言,希望世姐头衔别被除掉,因为“我要告诉人们,即使有案底,只要肯努力,你还是能达成梦想。这世上没什么事是不可能的。” Liu Yi-Min accept the "Straits Times" interview said frankly do not want to be removed Shijie title because "I want to tell people that even if a criminal record, if you work hard, you still can reach the dream. This world do nothing is impossible. "

刘依敏是在去年4月至5月,盗刷他人信用卡,购买首饰、手机和到高级餐馆用餐等,花了近8000元。 Liu Yi-min in the past year in April to May, fraudulent credit cards to others to buy jewelry, mobile phones and to senior restaurant meals and so on, have spent nearly 8,000 yuan. 她在成为世姐的两个月前,被判缓刑监视24个月。 She became Shijie two months ago, was sentenced to probation 24 months. 不过,缓刑监视并不算被定罪,因此不会留案底。 However, probation is not convicted, it will not criminal charges.

其他世姐参赛者受访时不是欲言又止,就是在受访后回电记者,希望不要刊登访问。 Other than Yuyanyouzhi Shijie interview participants, that is, the respondents reporters after the call back, hoping not to publish the visit.

被问及为什么? Asked why? 世姐们纷纷回答:“对不起,我真的不可以说,请不要引述我的话。” Shijie who have replied: "I'm sorry, I really can not say, please do not quote my words."

最近因曾盗刷他人信用卡而被法庭判处缓刑监视,成为话题人物的新加坡世界小姐刘依敏(19岁)昨日受访时自爆,她原来小时候就曾偷窃! Others, the recent fraudulent credit card has been sentenced to probation and become a subject of the Singapore World Miss Liu Yi-Min (19 years old) blew an interview yesterday, she had once stolen a child!

美姐自爆,从小就控制不了偷东西的欲望,念小一时开始偷卡通卡,长大后偷信用卡! America Sister blew an early age can not control the desire to steal things, began to read the small 1:00 to steal cartoon cards, grow up to steal credit card!

她接受《海峡时报》访问时说:“偷东西有一种满足感,好像你做了某件事,却没有被逮到。” She accepted, "the Straits Times" interview, said: "There is a sense of satisfaction to steal something, it seems you have done something, but not caught."

Saturday, September 26, 2009

The United States and Thailand created the world's first AIDS vaccine

二零零九年九月二十五日下午五时 At 17 o'clock on the September 25, 2009

(曼谷25日综合电)美国及泰国的研究人员培育出爱滋病疫苗,疫苗使人体感染爱滋病病毒的风险降低31.2%。 (Bangkok, 25 AP) United States and Thailand, researchers created AIDS vaccines, the vaccine makes the body reduce the risk of HIV infection 31.2%. 这是世界第一种具有免疫效果的爱滋病疫苗,也被科学家形容为“重大的科学成果”。 This is a kind of immune effect of the world's first AIDS vaccine, scientists have also been described as "important scientific results."

世界卫生组织及联合国爱滋病规划署发表联合声明说,由美国及泰国试验的新疫苗获得的结果“令人鼓舞”,这项重大的科学进步首次表明,普通成年人是可以借助疫苗来预防爱滋病的,其意义重大。 World Health Organization and UNAIDS issued a joint statement said that by the United States and Thailand, the new vaccine trial results "encouraging", the major scientific advances for the first time that normal adults can make use of the vaccine to prevent AIDS , and its great significance.

美国军方及泰国公共卫生部周四在曼谷宣布他们合力进行研究所得出的成果。 The U.S. military and the Thai Ministry of Public Health in Bangkok on Thursday for joint research institute announced that they obtained results. 这种“新疫苗”其实是由两种“旧疫苗”组成的,其中一种是法国赛诺菲-巴斯德公司(Sanofi-Pasteur)公司的ALVAC疫苗,另一种则是美国旧金山公司VaxGen培育的AIDSVAX。 This "new vaccine" is actually composed of two "old vaccine" consisting of, one of which is the French Sanofi - Pasteur (Sanofi-Pasteur) the company's ALVAC vaccine, the other is a San Francisco company VaxGen cultivated AIDSVAX. 后者现已由非盈利机构“传染病全球方案”经营。 The latter has been changed from a non-profit institution "Global Infectious Diseases Program" management. 这两种疫苗之前单独使用时,均无效果。 Prior to these two vaccines when used alone, had no effect.

研究组进行的是历来最大规模的爱滋病疫苗人体试验,参与试验的志愿人士有1万6402个。 The Study Group conducted the largest ever human trial of AIDS vaccine, the volunteers involved in the pilot are 16402. 研究组把这群年龄在18至30岁的志愿者分成两组,其中一组注射了新疫苗,另一对照组则注射了安慰剂。 The Study Group to the age group 18 to 30-year-old volunteers were divided into two groups, one group was injected with a new vaccine, and another control group was injected with a placebo. 志愿者的爱滋病病毒检测均为阴性。 Volunteers of HIV testing were negative. 注射疫苗的那一组在6个月里注射了4剂的ALVAC和两剂的AIDSVAX。 Vaccination of a group of 6 months, injected with a 4 and two doses of ALVAC the AIDSVAX. 研究结果显示,在8197个接受疫苗注射的志愿者中,51个感染了爱滋病病毒,而在对照组的8198个人中,有74个人感染病毒,即注射疫苗组感染风险降低了31.2%。 The results showed that in 8197 vaccinated volunteers, 51 were infected with HIV, while in the control group of 8198 individuals, 74 individuals infected with the virus, that is, vaccination group 31.2% lower risk of infection.

法国赛诺菲-巴斯德公司研发组副总裁米歇尔在声明中说,尽管新疫苗的免疫效果仍然有限,但这是人类首次获得具体证据证明,用疫苗抗击爱滋病病毒完全可行。 France's Sanofi - Pasteur, Michel, vice president of research and development group said in a statement, despite the effect of the new vaccine is still limited, but this is the first time concrete evidence of human use vaccine against HIV is completely workable.

美国卫生院属下传染病研究所所长福奇审慎地说,这并非“终点”,他对进一步提高疫苗的免疫效果表示乐观。 U.S. Institutes of Health under the Institute of Infectious Diseases Anthony Fauci careful to say that this is not the "finish", he further enhance the immune effect of the vaccine expressed optimism.

“爱滋病疫苗倡导联盟”负责人沃伦说,毫无疑问,这项研究成果将能推动疫苗的培育工作,这是重大的科学成果。 "AIDS Vaccine Advocacy Coalition," responsible person Warren said there is no doubt that the results of this study will be able to promote the cultivation of the vaccine work, which is a major scientific achievement.

由研究员、决策人、捐款人等组成的全球爱滋病病毒企业认为,这是人类研究爱滋病疫苗26年来的“历史性的一天”。 By researchers, policy makers, donors composed of the world's enterprises believe that the AIDS virus, which is the human AIDS vaccine research 26 years of a "historic day."

然而,荷兰银行的分析师利科克认为,疫苗短期不可能广泛应用,但这至少显示了爱滋病是可能靠疫苗预防的。 However, ABN Amro analysts Leacock that the vaccine can not be widely used in the short term, but it at least indicates that it is possible to rely on the AIDS vaccine-preventable.

The worst Microsoft ads of all time

Saturday, September 26, 2009

The worst Microsoft ads of all time

A cringe-inducing Microsoft advert has been doing the rounds this week - but there are plenty of other skeletons in the company's closet

Microsoft Windows 7 party video
Earlier this week I linked to the horrendous Windows 7 'party' video, which tickled our funny bones for all the wrong reasons.

In the comments, a few people suggested that it was a triumph of marketing because, after all, we were talking about it. That's rather optimistic, isn't it? Best response was from RCroasdale: "People also talked about Harold Shipman, but it didn't make me join his surgery."

A few others suggested it was actually a spoof. Were they right? Well, I think that would only count if Microsoft had a sense of humour that is drier than the Sahara - in my experience, it doesn't have much of a sense of humour at all.

But let's be fair - it wasn't like the car crash commercial in question was intended to be a widely-viewed TV ad promoting Windows 7 to the general public. No, it was just an attempt to prime the pump for those Microsoft fans who might want to evangelise the software to their mates.

Those mitigating circumstances, however, That doesn't mean, however, that Microsoft hasn't produced some corkingly bad adverts in its history. So let's take a trip down memory lane...

1986: Steve the salesman

These days, Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer is known as a hot-headed, testosterone-pumped spokesman for the company. But he started off as a hot-headed, testosterone-pumped salesman for the company, pitching new products to retailers and the public. Back in 1986, he led from the front with a spot for Windows 1.0 that aims squarely at the world of late-night ads and infomercials.

"And can you believe it, REVERSI?" he screams, his eyes bugging out and his sports jacket no doubt drench with spittle. "All these features and Reversi all for just... how much did you guess? $500? $1,000? Even more? No, it's just $99 dollars! That's right!"

Somehow I can't imagine him doing anything else.

1988: W-w-w-Windows 386

Forget Michael Jackson's Thriller - this 12 minute promotional tap
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Opposition to expose Iran's secret development of nuclear weapons detonators

二零零九年九月二十五日下午四时五十八分 At 4:58 p.m. on September 25, 2009

(巴黎25日综合电)一个流亡巴黎的伊朗反对派组织周四声称掌握情报,显示伊朗政府在境内2处地点,秘密开发用于核武器的雷管。 (Paris, 25 AP) an exiled Iranian opposition group Thursday in Paris, claims to have information that the Iranian government in the territory of two locations for the secret development of nuclear weapons detonators.

流亡巴黎的伊朗抵抗全国委员会召开记者会,声称综合来自伊朗国内多方面的情报,发现伊朗当局在2处从未曝光的地点,秘密研发用于原子弹的高爆炸性雷管。 In exile in Paris, National Council of Resistance of Iran held a press conference, claiming that integrating inputs from a wide range of intelligence in Iran and found that the Iranian authorities in the two locations has never been exposed, secret development of high-explosive detonators for atomic bombs.

组织声称,2处秘密设施隶属于伊朗国防部,其中位于首都德黑兰东部的一个指挥和研究中心,负责电脑模拟核爆威力;另一处设施位于德黑兰以东30公里的一个村落,负责研制核弹引爆系统的部件。 Organization claims that two secret facilities belong to Iran's Defense Ministry, which is located in the eastern part of the capital Tehran, a command and research center responsible for the power of computer-simulated nuclear explosion; another facility is located 30 kilometers east of Tehran, a village is responsible for developing a nuclear bomb detonation the system components.

组织声称,2处秘密设施的研发工作,看来已接近成功。 Organization claims that two secret facilities for research and development appear to have been close to success. 组织又表示,已把有关情报转交国际原子能机构。 The organization also said that International Atomic Energy Agency has forwarded relevant information.

伊朗首席核谈判代表贾利利和欧盟负责外交和安全政策的高级代表索拉纳,将于10月1号,在瑞士日内瓦就伊朗核问题举行会谈,并与美国、俄罗斯、中国、英国、法国和德国等6国代表,讨论伊朗提交的一揽子新建议。 Iran's chief nuclear negotiator Jalili and EU foreign and security policy chief Javier Solana, will be October 1, in Geneva, Switzerland to hold talks on the Iranian nuclear issue, and with the United States, Russia, China, Britain, France and Germany, representatives of six countries to discuss Iran submitted a package of new proposals. 六国已表明,假如伊朗在本次会谈中,不能就核问题作出认真的回应,将会面临进一步的制裁。 Six countries have indicated that if Iran at this meeting, can not make a serious response to the nuclear issue, will face further sanctions.

Obama condemns Iran over secret nuclear plant

Obama condemns Iran over secret nuclear plant

Iran's president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, warns the US president his ultimatum on nuclear programme is a mistake

The US, Britain and France issued a strongly worded ultimatum to Iran today after US officials disclosed the existence of a secret nuclear plant which the Iranian authorities have kept hidden from UN inspectors for years.

Days ahead of a showdown meeting with Iran in Geneva, Barack Obama demanded that the UN nuclear watchdog, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) be allowed access to the plant, which is built inside a mountain near the ancient city of Qom, one of the holiest Shia cities.

Obama described the site, apparently a second Iranian facility for enriching uranium, as a "disturbing revelation". Iran denied it was clandestine and said it had informed the IAEA about the plant earlier this week.

Iran's president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, fired a warning back at Obama saying: "If I were [President] Obama's adviser, I would definitely advise him to refrain from making this statement because it is definitely a mistake."

He told Time magazine that Obama's ultimatum "simply adds to the list of issues to which the United States owes the Iranian nation an apology over."

Western leaders, increasingly exasperated at Iran's nuclear truculence, were little assuaged by Iran's belated admission of the site's existence, which appears to have come after Iran learned that western intelligence services were on to its secret establishment.

Obama said: "This site deepens a growing concern that Iran is refusing to live up to those international responsibilities, including specifically revealing all nuclear-related activities. As the international community knows, this is not the first time that Iran has concealed information about its nuclear programme."

He added that the size and configuration of this facility was inconsistent with a peaceful nuclear programme. "Iran is breaking rules that all nations must follow," he said.

Both Gordon Brown and the French president, Nicolas Sarkozy, signalled a move towards new United Nations sanctions being imposed against Iran, a move that will heighten tensions in the already volatile region.

"We cannot let the Iranian leaders gain time while the motors are running," Sarkozy said. "If by December there is not an in-depth change by the Iranian leaders, sanctions will have to be taken."

"I am expecting from the IAEA an exhaustive, strict, and rigorous investigation."

Brown said Iran was guilty of "serial deception" and it was time for the international community to draw a line in the sand.

"On 1 October, Iran must now engage with the international community and join the international community as a partner," Brown said. "If it does not do so, it will be further isolated."

Russia's president, Dmitry Medvedev, was reportedly concerned at the development, saying the revelation of a new Iranian nuclear site was disturbing.

Iran denies it is pursuing a nuclear weapon and insists its programme is solely for the generation of electricity. But western experts question why a legitimate operation would need to be concealed in a facility in a clandestine, underground site.

Iran also argues that the reported scale of the facility is too small to be suitable for a civil nuclear programme.

If Iran does not comply with its demands, the US will lead a push to impose new United Nations sanctions. Russia, which has a veto on the UN security council, has previously opposed sanctions but appears to be shifting. China is still opposed but could abstain rather than exercise its veto.

There are sanctions in place against Iran at present but they have been largely ineffective. David Albright, a former UN weapons inspector in Iraq and head of the Washington-based Institute for Science and International Security, said that the west could simply stop buying Iranian oil. "It has consequences for us but it would be devastating for Iran," he said.

If sanctions fail, Israel has hinted it is prepared to order air strikes against Iranian nuclear facilities.

IRAN1.gif Map showing location of Qom, near to the secret nuclear base

Iran sent details of its latest nuclear facility to the IAEA on Monday, saying it had established a second "pilot" enrichment plant, parallel to the one monitored by the IAEA near the city of Natanz.

But US and French intelligence services have been aware of the plant for some time, and western officials said that the Iranian letter was only sent after Iran discovered that its adversaries already knew of the plant.

IAEA officials reported that the Iranian letter claimed the site was under construction and that no nuclear material had yet been put into its centrifuges – the machines that can be used to enrich uranium for nuclear power or bombs.

An IAEA spokesman, Marc Vidricaire, confirmed the receipt of the letter and said the agency had been informed "that a new pilot fuel enrichment plant is under construction". The letter said the plant would not enrich uranium beyond the 5% level suitable for civilian energy production. That would be substantially below the threshold of 90% or more needed for a weapon. The plant is understood to be equipped with around 3,000 centrifuges.

Iran told the agency "that no nuclear material has been introduced into the facility", Vidricaire said. "In response, the IAEA has requested Iran to provide specific information and access to the facility as soon as possible."

According to Reuters, an Iranian news agency quoting an "informed source" said the second plant was similar to Iran's first facility near Natanz.

"Reports by some foreign news agencies that Iran has launched its second enrichment centre are correct and Iran has informed the [UN nuclear watchdog] about this," the ISNA news agency quoted its source as saying. "The second enrichment centre is similar to the enrichment installations at Natanz."

Friday, September 25, 2009

Iran admits secret uranium enrichment plant

Iran admits secret uranium enrichment plant

Confession of secret underground complex south of Tehran pre-empts nuclear accusation by US, France and UK

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: Iran has admitted developing a secret uranium enrichment plant. Photograph: Str/AP

Iran has admitted the existence of a secret uranium plant revealed by US officials this morning, bringing the long crisis over the country's nuclear programme to a head.

Iran sent a letter to Mohamed ElBaradei, the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), on Monday, saying it had established a second pilot uranium enrichment plant, parallel to the one monitored by the IAEA in Natanz.

According to western officials, the letter was only sent after the Iranian government discovered the secret plant had been discovered by western intelligence.

Barack Obama, flanked by Gordon Brown and Nicolas Sarkozy, the French president, is expected to deliver an ultimatum to Iran on the fringes of the G20 summit in Pittsburgh later today.


The late admission to the IAEA is unlikely to spare Iran from immediate demands from the international community to show IAEA inspectors the secret plant, and to halt all uranium enrichment.

The revelation of the second plant's existence now make harsh new UN sanctions much more likely if Iran refuses to stop enriching.

According to the New York Times the secret site is built inside a mountain near the ancient city of Qom, one of the holiest Shia cities in the Middle East.

The IAEA, the UN's nuclear watchdog, which has been investigating the Iranian programmes for six years, received a letter on Monday from Tehran, confessing to the establishment of another secret, underground complex south of Tehran for the enrichment of uranium that can be used for power generation and also, when highly enriched, for warheads.

The Associated Press reported that diplomats accredited to the IAEA had been shown the letter, in which the Iranians admitted developing the undeclared plant at an undisclosed location south of Tehran.

According to Reuters, an Iranian news agency, quoting an "informed source", confirmed reports of a second uranium enrichment plant, saying it was similar to Iran's first such plant near Natanz.

"Reports by some foreign news agencies that Iran has launched its second enrichment centre are correct and Iran has informed the [UN nuclear watchdog] about this," the ISNA news agency quoted its source as saying. "The second enrichment centre is similar to the enrichment installations at Natanz," the source said.

Analysts speculated that the Iranians had delivered a partial confession because they knew that US intelligence was monitoring the activities and they were about to be exposed.

The three leaders in Pittsburgh are to demand that the Iranians make the new site accessible to the UN inspectors, the New York Times reported.

According to the NYT, US officials have been tracking the covert project for years. Obama decided to go public after Iran discovered that western intelligence agencies had breached the secrecy surrounding the project.

According to the newspaper the facility is not complete. American officials said they believe it was designed to hold about 3,000 centrifuges, the machines that enrich uranium for nucleur power plants and potentially for bombs.

G20 protesters blasted by sonic cannon

G20 protesters blasted by sonic cannon

US police spark outrage by using wartime acoustic weapon to disperse G20 protesters in Pittsburgh

Only a few hundreds protesters took to the streets of Pittsburgh to mark the opening day of the G20 summit of world leaders, but the police were taking no chances.

Sonic weapons or long-range acoustic devices have been used by the US military overseas, notably against Somali pirates and Iraqi insurgents.

But US security forces turned the piercing sound on their own citizens yesterday to widespread outrage. Pittsburgh officials told the New York Times that it was the first time "sound cannon" had been used publicly.

[Warning: the video below contains very loud audio from the start]

The sonic weapon appear to be more effective than the Metropolitan police's highly contentious kettling tactics used against G20 protesters in London. But it is equally controversial.
It is feared the sounds emitted are loud enough to damage eardrums and even cause fatal aneurysms.

The new G20 – how will it work?

The new G20 – how will it work?

The G20 has now eclipsed the G8 in economic decision-making power, explains Patrick Wintour

The G20 meeting in London, chaired by Gordon Brown, is seen as the moment in which leaders recognised the need for it to become a permanent forum after it had previously met sporadically at finance minister level.

In practice, the leading emerging economies – Brazil, South Africa, India, China and Mexico – have been attending the G8 for the past four years, but only as guests and sometimes for very brief sessions, leading to a deep sense of resentment.

Both Brown and Tony Blair had been strong advocates of a larger economic forum, reflecting the weight of the giant new economies emerging in Asia, Latin America and, to a lesser extent, Africa.

The new G20 will not have a permanent secretariat, and its chairmanship will be rotated annually, with South Korea running the body next year and France in 2011.

Lady Vadera, Brown's closest Economy advisor, is to act as the point woman for the South Koreans, ensuring there is continuity in policymaking.

The G8 is expected to continue to meet, but its focus is likely to switch away from economic issues – although no firm decision has yet been taken on this.

The G20 has rapidly evolved into a more powerful body through the world economic crisis, and has now met three times in less than a year.

A US official said the change was a reflection of the world today, adding: "It's basically pulling international cooperation into the 21st century."

It has also been agreed to give countries such as China more votes on the board of the International Monetary Fund.

A final agreement on a revamped representation structure is not going to be reached in Pittsburgh, the US treasury secretary, Tim Geithner, said. This will be completed in negotiations at the IMF, set to conclude by January 2011.

The G20 is also likely today to agree a new system of economic cooperation designed to minimise unbalanced growth in the economy.

The proposal has been pushed for many years by Brown, and the prime minister argues that he first set out the basis of what is emerging in a speech at Harvard in 1998.

Under the proposal, the G20 leaders will annually agree outline objectives for growth and then ask the IMF to carry out a form of assessment or peer review to ensure member states are following the plan's objectives.

Critics claim such a surveillance role for the IMF has been proposed before, notably at the G7 meeting held in October 1998, but little of practical value emerged.

They also claim the IMF will have no sanction to order national governments to adjust their economies, such as exchange rates interest or fiscal policy.

Brown, however, believes there is a new political momentum behind the move as world leaders digest the lessons of last year's near-crash.

Analysts have argued that more needs to be done to reduce the US's ballooning deficit, and to encourage the countries holding large surpluses, such as Germany and China to consume more.

Brown has acknowledged that China has done much to expand growth, but believes the world economy will need to adjust as the American consumer reduces its spending for the foreseeable future.

The fear among world leaders is that although growth is returning faster than forecast it will be weak and will produce few jobs.

The G20 will also study a report from the Financial Stability Board on the difficult issue of bankers' bonuses.

It is likely to call for banks to retain more capital and for some form of clawback if firms perform less well than expected.

商讨全球经济G20将取代G8 G20 to discuss the global economy will replace the G8

二零零九年九月二十六日凌晨十二时十六分 At 12:16 on September 26, 2009

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■ 美国总统奥巴马设宴款待G20峰会领袖,与夫人米歇尔欢迎到场的中国国家主席胡锦涛。 ■ U.S. President Barack Obama hosted a dinner for G20 summit leaders, and his wife Michelle welcomed the arrival of Chinese President Hu Jintao. (美联社照片) (AP Photo)

■ 示威者高举反对资本主义的标语和旗帜。 ■ anti-capitalist demonstrators were holding banners and flags. (美联社照片) (AP Photo)

(匹兹堡25日综合电)美国表示,包括中国等发展中国家在内的G20集团,将永久取代G8集团,作为商讨全球经济合作的主要平台。 (Pittsburgh 25, Reuters) The United States says, including China and other developing countries, including the G20 group, will be permanently replace the G8 group to discuss global economic cooperation as the main platform.

美联社报导,白宫表示,这做法是由总统奥巴马发起的。 The Associated Press reported that the White House said that this practice is initiated by the president Obama. G8集团(8国集团)仍会继续就国家安全等问题,召开会议,但有关全球经济的事务,就会由G20集团(20国集团)商定。 G8 Group (G8) will continue on national security issues, convening meetings, but the global economic affairs, it will by the G20 group (G-20) agreed.

G20成员包括:G8成员美国、日本、德国、法国、英国、意大利、加拿大、俄罗斯;以及中国、阿根廷、澳洲、巴西、印度、印尼、墨西哥、沙特、南非、韩国、土耳其和欧盟。 G20 members include: G8 members of the United States, Japan, Germany, France, Britain, Italy, Canada, Russia; as well as China, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South Korea, Turkey and the EU.

去年9月金融海啸爆发,造成全球性金融动荡, 11月G20领导人在美国华盛顿,举行了首次金融市场和世界经济峰会。 In September last year, the outbreak of the financial tsunami, resulting in global financial turbulence, November G20 leaders in Washington, held its first summit in the financial markets and world economy. 峰会就金融危机的起源、加强合作反对贸易保护主义、支持经济增长等问题达成共识。 The origin of the summit on the financial crisis, strengthen cooperation to oppose trade protectionism, support economic growth, issues such as reach a consensus.

其后在今年4月,G20在伦敦举行了第二次金融峰会,就国际货币基金组织(IMF)增资和加强金融监管等议题,达成多项共识。 Then in April of this year, G20 held in London in the second round of financial summit on the International Monetary Fund (IMF) capital increase and the strengthening of financial supervision and other issues and reached consensus on a number.

当下在美国匹兹堡举行的是G20第三次金融峰会,议题包括推动国际金融体系改革、构筑国际金融新秩序等。 The moment is to be held in Pittsburgh the third G20 financial summit, issues including the promotion of the international financial system reform to build a new international financial order and so on.

将达协议改善经济 To reach an agreement to improve the economy

据20国集团(G20)官员表示,G20正接近达成一项协议,旨在改善全球经济政策的协调性,这将给世界经济带来明显变化。 According to the Group of 20 (G20) officials said, G20 is close to reaching an agreement aimed at improving the coordination of global economic policy, which would bring about significant change in the world economy. 根据这份协议,G20成员国将彼此监督政策承诺。 Under the agreement, G20 members will monitor each other's policy commitments.

G20峰会周四及周五在美国宾夕法尼亚州匹兹堡举行。 G20 summit Thursday and Friday in the United States was held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 在此次峰会上,美国希望各国能承诺推动全球经济重新平衡。 During the summit, the United States hoped that States would make a commitment to promote global economic rebalancing. 根据目前正在讨论的方案,中国将提振国内需求,世界将降低对美国消费者的依赖,而欧洲则将鼓励投资。 Under the current proposal being discussed, China will boost domestic demand, the world will reduce dependence on U.S. consumers, while Europe will encourage investment.

美愿助中扩大在IMF决定权 The United States is willing to help in the expansion of decision-making power in the IMF

美国财政部长盖特纳在G20峰会表示,美国支持中国扩大在国际货币基金组织(IMF)与世银中的决定权。 Timothy Geithner, U.S. Treasury Secretary at the G20 summit that the United States support for China's expansion of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank's discretion.

他说,IMF与世银的改革应能顺利推动。 He said, IMF and World Bank should be able to make progress on reform. 中国的经济实力不断增加,提升IMF决定权是正确的决定,而欧洲国家也了解这个事实,因此美国愿协助增加中国在IMF的影响力。 China's growing economic strength and enhance IMF decision-making power was the right decision, while the European countries will appreciate this fact, the United States is willing to help increase China's influence in the IMF.

不过,欧洲国家的态度仍有所保留,因为中国扩权将可能削弱欧盟在上述国际金融机构的影响力。 However, the attitude of European countries still have reservations as China to expand their powers could undermine the EU in the international financial institutions influence.

另外,盖特纳也透露,美国还没准备好开始撤走经济刺激措施。 In addition, Geithner also revealed that the U.S. not ready to begin the withdrawal of economic stimulus measures. 有关美国部署退市的猜测,近日引发股市下挫。 Withdraw from the market speculation that the U.S. deployment has recently triggered the stock market fell.

举办地千人示威捕19人 Host thousands of protesters arrested 19 people

G20峰会主办城市匹兹堡周四爆发千人示威,当地防暴警察施放催泪弹驱散示威者,有19人被捕。 G20 summit in the host city of Pittsburgh Thursday thousands of demonstrators broke out, the local anti-riot police fired tear gas to disperse the demonstrators, there were 19 arrests.

大约1000名示威者举着反对资本主义的标语和旗帜,不顾警方的阻拦,试图涌向峰会会场──劳伦斯会议中心。 About 1,000 anti-capitalist demonstrators carried banners and flags, despite the police stopped an attempt to flock to the summit venue ─ ─ Lawrence Convention Center. 在一些路段,示威者向围堵的警察投掷石块,双方发生冲突。 In some sections, the demonstrators threw stones at the police blockade, the two sides conflict.

匹兹堡市长鲁克表示,由于警方迅速采取行动,令示威的破坏减至最低,只有10只橱窗被打烂,无人受伤。 Pittsburgh Mayor Luke said, because the police to take prompt action to minimize the damage so that the protesters, and only 10 were smashing windows, no one was injured.

为确保峰会安全,当局部署了将近5000人的警力。 In order to ensure the safety summit, the authorities deployed nearly 5,000 police coverage.