Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The gap between rich and poor expanded to 11.4 times the U.S. middle class, the poor hit

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(华盛顿30日综合电)金融海啸令美国贫富悬殊扩大,贫富差距扩至历来最高的11.4倍,受创最大的是中产阶级和贫困人口。 (Washington, DC 30 AP) the financial tsunami has led to disparity of wealth in the United States expanded, the gap between rich and poor expanded to a record high of 11.4 times the hardest-hit are the middle class and poor people.

另外,贫困人口的比例,跳升至13.2%,为11年新高。 In addition, the proportion of poor people, jumped 13.2%, for the 11-year high.

美国人口普查局公布一项针对300万个家庭的抽样调查。 U.S. Census Bureau released a 3 million households for a sample survey. 结果显示,2008年,美国最富有的1%家庭,年收入为13.8万美元,而接近或低于贫困线的家庭平均年收入,却只有1.2万美元,两者相差11.4倍。 The results showed that in 2008, the United States the richest 1% of households with annual income of 13.8 million, compared to close to or below the poverty line, the average household income, but only 1.2 million, a difference of 11.4 times.

这个差距,高于2007年的11.2倍,也高于2003年的最高记录11.22倍。 This gap is higher than in 2007, 11.2 times higher than the 2003 record of 11.22 times as high.

各阶层家庭年收入下跌 All levels of household income fell

由于经济衰退,美国各阶层家庭的年收入普遍下跌,但是中低收入家庭下跌幅度最大。 Because of the economic recession, the U.S. household income at all levels generally decline, but the sharpest decline in low-income families. 去年美国中产家庭收入,由5.2163万美元下降到5.0303万美元,是1997年以来的最低点。 Last year, the U.S. middle-class family income, down from 5.2163 million U.S. dollars to 5.0303 million and is the lowest point since 1997.

此外,统计还发现,最富有的前百分之五家庭年收入在18万美元以上,是中间收入的3.58倍。 In addition, the statistics also found that the richest 5 percent annual household income before the 18 million U.S. dollars, 3.58 times of the middle income.