Saturday, September 19, 2009


Members of the Metropolitan Police Authority (MPA) say it is “extraordinary” that Scotland Yard officers were not punished for hiding their ID’s during the G20 protests in June (pictured above, with officers displaying some relish as they wade in to protestors). The MPA said senior officers are not taking the issue of ensuring frontline colleagues can be recognised seriously enough. They claimed a rogue officer could repeatedly get away with acts of violence if bosses do not clamp down on those who fail to follow the rules. During the protests, newspaper seller Ian Tomlinson died after being violently pushed to the ground by a police officer. Senior officers said formal discipline was probably not appropriate as “badges can fall off or officers may forget to attach them as they change clothing”. Yeah sure – at the risk of offending Caledonian Comment’s many Muslim readers, I’ve just seen a pig flying over Scotland Yard.


The UK Attorney-General has fired her Tongan housekeeper after claims were made that she was an illegal immigrant. Baroness Scotland of Asthal (pictured above) was said to have taken on Loloahi Tapui 6 months ago, believing that she was entitled to work in this country. The law on hiring illegal immigrants imposes upon employers a duty to verify the status of their workers. To employ an illegal worker knowingly carries a 2-year prison sentence and an unlimited fine. To employ an illegal immigrant unknowingly carries a £10,000 fine. I’m surprised the Baroness didn’t investigate this employee more thoroughly – after all, as a black Attorney-General she’d hardly have been accused of racism. Do you think the Baroness will end up being found guilty ? Do you think she will end up in jail and/or pay a fine ? She might – but don’t hold your breath. That kind of sanction’s for ORDINARY people.