Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Love stories are old out of the former president broke the law and Diana have had some feelings

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■ 卡德斯坦与戴安娜。 ■ Kadesitan with Diana.

(巴黎22日综合电)高龄83岁的法国前总统卡德斯坦,临老出爱情小说爆料,暗指他跟1997年猝逝的戴安娜王妃有过一段情。 (Paris 22, AP) old 83-year-old former French president Kadesitan, a romance broke the news is old, implying that he and sudden death in 1997 of Princess Diana had a passionate affair.

卡德斯坦写的小说名为《王妃与总统》(The Princess and the President),定于10月1日出版。 Kadesitan to write a novel called "Princess and the President" (The Princess and the President), scheduled for publication October 1. 书中描绘一段秘密恋情,两名主角的原型像极了他跟戴安娜王妃。 The book depicts a secret affair, the two main characters, like most of his prototype with Princess Diana.

书中男女主角的名字是蓝伯提总统和派翠西亚王妃。 The book is the name of male and female blue-pathi President and Princess Patricia. 两人在一次G7峰会晚宴邂逅,王妃因丈夫有外遇而痛苦。 The two encounter at a G7 summit dinner, Princess because of her husband was having an affair and painful. 小说写道:“我吻她的手,她温柔地把头向前,脸上挂着问号,灰蓝眼睛睁大了。” Novels wrote: "I kissed her hand, her head gently forward, his face wearing a question mark, blue and gray eyes opened wide."

这部以第一人称叙述的小说,部分内容昨在《费加洛报》刊出。 This first-person narrative fiction, part yesterday in the "Le Figaro" published. 据《费加洛报》指称,卡德斯坦的小说不能视为一般小说,这段恋情可信度极高。 According to "Le Figaro" in reference to, Kadesitan can not be regarded as a general fiction novel, this affair very high credibility.

据该报指,小说以“保守承诺”开始,以“'你请求我准许你写你的故事。'她对我说:'我准你那么做,但你须给我承诺……'。” According to the paper refers to the novel as "a conservative commitment to" Start with " 'You asked me to allow you to write your story.' She said to me: 'I allowed you to do it, but you have to promise me ... ...'."