Thursday, September 24, 2009

Singapore's wife-swapping Web site appears to be 49 pairs of couples to exchange sexual partners

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(新加坡24日讯)新加坡出现换妻网站,49对情侣与夫妻,要找其他人来交换性伴侣! (Singapore 24 News) Singapore emerged wife-swapping sites, 49 pairs of couples and couples to find other people in exchange for a sexual partner!

从2007年3月开始,新加坡就出现了一个“换妻”网站。 From the beginning in March 2007, Singapore is the emergence of a "wife-swapping" website.

网站上有一般的招租、买卖和寻人启事,在“个人广告”类别当中,也有一个称为“随性邂逅”的栏目,里头分为:男人找女伴、女人找男伴、男人找男伴、女人找女伴等类别,还有一个类别是“情侣找情侣”,多数登启事的人都说明,他们在找的是性爱而不是恋爱,重点是性。 Web site has a general leasing, trading and tracing notices in the "personal ads" category which is also called "casual encounter" of the section, inside is divided into: a man looking for female companion, a woman looking for male partners, men looking for men accompanied by a woman looking for female companion in such categories, there is a category of "couple looking for couple," the majority of people have posted notices in the instructions, they are looking for sex rather than love, a focus on sexual.

网站会提供一个隐秘的电邮地址,但许多张贴启事者都大方留下自己的电邮地址,甚至留下手机号码。 Web site will provide a hidden e-mail address, but many of those who have generously posted notices to leave their e-mail address, or even leaving mobile phone number.

从今年4月至今,该网页出现了大约49则启事,大多数都表示要交换性伴侣。 April of this year so far, the page appears for about 49 notices, most of them indicated that the exchange of sexual partners.

张贴“交换伴侣”启事者声称他们是新加坡华人,而且还是专业人士。 Posted "exchange partner" notices claimed that they are in Singapore Chinese, but also professionals.

此外,多数张贴启事者都声称,他们只有30来岁。 In addition, the majority of posted notices have claimed, they have only 30 years old.

张贴启事者有性癖好 Notices were posted sexual habit

新加坡心理医生洪永元指出,在上述网站张贴启事者都有一定的性癖好。 Singapore psychiatrist Yong-yuan pointed out that the notices were posted at the above web site has a certain sexual habit.

从社会和道德层面看来,这种行为的确是不顾一切追求快感,并逾越了道德和宗教的规范。 From a social and ethical dimensions of view, this behavior is indeed a desperate pursuit of pleasure, and go beyond the moral and religious norms.

形成性癖好,有好几个方面的因素: Formative hobby, there are several factors:

●小时候,父母是否恩爱? ● a child, parents are affectionate?

●父母是否教导正确的价值观? ● parents are taught the correct values?

●是否有宗教信仰? ● Are there religious beliefs?

●是否出国接触到这种生活方式? ● whether the exposure to this way of life abroad?

●几岁接触恋爱和性交,几岁接触互联网? ● teenage love and exposure to sexual intercourse, how old access to the Internet?