Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Obama is confident in Sino-US trade war can be avoided

Obama is confident in Sino-US trade war can be avoided

二零零九年九月十五日下午四时四十三分 At 4:43 p.m. on September 15, 2009

(华盛顿15日综合电)美国总统奥巴马表示,他“绝对”有信心,美国和中国之间能够避免出现贸易战。 (Washington 15, Reuters) U.S. President Barack Obama said he "absolutely" has confidence in the United States and China to avoid a trade war.

奥巴马政府上周五宣布对中国轮胎大增关税后,中国反应极为强烈,令外界担心中美贸易战一触即发。 Obama last Friday the government announced significant increase in tariffs on Chinese tires, China reacted strongly, so that outsiders worry that China-US trade war is imminent. 对此,奥巴马向CNBC电视台表示:“如果我们不实行我们在贸易协议中的规定,就很难取信于人。我们现在实行了,中国对此不满,我也不感到意外。” In response, Obama to CNBC television, said: "If we do not practice our trade agreements, the provisions, it is difficult to gain the trust of others. We are now implementing, and China is satisfied with, I would not be surprised."

被问及是否有信心,能避免出现中美贸易战的问题时,奥巴马答道:“绝对有信心。我相信,避免保护主义,无论对中国或对我们都是有利的,尤其是当前世界贸易才刚刚从去年的急剧下滑中反弹。” Asked whether she has confidence and can avoid the issue of Sino-US trade war, Obama replied: "Absolutely confident. I believe that to avoid protectionism, whether in China or the right we are all beneficial, in particular, the current world trade just from last year's sharp decline in the rebound. "

萨默斯:征轮胎税行为负责 Summers: tire tax levy acts

美国总统首席经济顾问萨默斯称,美国对中国轮胎实施额外关税之前,曾尝试与中国谈判,美国此举是负责任的行为。 The U.S. President's chief economic adviser Larry Summers said the United States impose additional duties on China before the tire has tried to negotiate with China, the United States this is a responsible act.

曾任美国财长、现掌管白宫国家经济委员会的萨默斯,就美国在轮胎风波中的做法提出辩护。 A former U.S. Treasury Secretary is now in charge of the White House National Economic Council, Larry Summers, the United States the practice of turmoil in the tires make a defense.

萨默斯说,华府曾经与北京方面进行谈判,但谈判失败告终。 Summers said that Washington had been negotiating with Beijing, but the negotiations ended in failure. 他又说:“我相信,如果我们没有履行法律责任,这才是我们失职。” He added: "I believe that if we do not fulfill their legal responsibility, and this is our dereliction of duty."