Saturday, September 19, 2009

At least 3486 people were killed the United States the world's first nasal spray vaccine is

全球至少3486人死亡美首批疫苗是鼻喷剂 At least 3486 people were killed the United States the world's first nasal spray vaccine is

二零零九年九月十九日下午五时十分 At 5:10 p.m. on September 19, 2009

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■ 一名医护人员在接种甲型H1N1流感疫苗。 ■ a staff influenza immunization influenza H1N1 vaccine. (新华社照片) (Xinhua Photo)

(日内瓦19日综合电)世界卫生组织说,目前甲型流感已造成全球至少3486人死亡,一周内死亡病例数增加了281例。 (Geneva, 19 AP) World Health Organization said that the current global influenza has caused at least 3486 people were killed and died within a week the number of cases increased by 281 cases.

不过,仍无迹象显示病毒发生变异并导致毒性增强或致死率增高。 However, still no signs that the virus mutate and lead to increased toxicity or death rate increased.

世卫组织在每周一次的最新通报中说,到目前为止,美洲地区报告的死亡人数仍然最多,为2625人;非洲地区报告的死亡人数最少,为40人。 WHO's latest weekly briefing, said so far, the Americas reported the death toll is still up for 2625; the number of deaths reported in Africa at least, for 40 people. 与上周相比,世卫组织所辖全球6大地区的死亡人数均有所上升。 Compared with last week, the WHO under the jurisdiction of the world's six major regions the number of deaths have risen accordingly.

世卫组织说,目前全球报告的甲型流感确诊病例总数超过29.6万,但由于许多疫情严重的国家已不再统计新增病例,这个数字显然比实际感染数字低很多。 WHO said that the current global report the total number of confirmed cases of influenza more than 296,000, but the epidemic is serious because many countries are no longer statistics new cases, this figure is clearly much lower than the actual number of new infections.

出现抗药性甲流病例 A flow of drug-resistant cases occurred

世卫组织还说,目前不论是在南半球还是在北半球,甲型流感病毒仍是最为流行的流感病毒。 WHO also said that at present, neither in the southern hemisphere or northern hemisphere, influenza A virus is still the most popular of the influenza viruses. 此外,各地实验室继续报告发现具有抗药性的甲型流感病例。 In addition, they found that laboratories continue to report cases of drug-resistant influenza. 目前,这种病例已增加到26个。 At present, this case has increased to 26. 不过,世卫组织认为这仍是个别现象。 However, WHO believes that this is still an isolated phenomenon.

另一方面,美国疾病控制中心今天宣布,美国订购的新流感疫苗,10月起将陆续上市,第一批可望在10月的第一个礼拜推出,它是吸入型药剂,有340万支,随着其他药厂的疫苗逐渐产出,疫苗供应量将逐渐增加到每个礼拜2千万剂。 On the other hand, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control announced today that the U.S. ordered a new influenza vaccine, starting in October will be listed, the first batch is expected in October's first launch of a week, which is inhaled agents, there are 3.4 million, Along with other manufacturers of vaccines progressive output, the vaccine supply will gradually increase to 10 million per week two.

美国已经向5家药厂订购1亿9500万剂新流感疫苗。 The United States has already ordered five pharmaceutical companies 100 million 95 million of new influenza vaccines.