Wednesday, September 30, 2009

To be involved in terrorism should be banned entry to Taiwan Kadeer

二零零九年九月三十日下午四时五十分 At 16:50 on September 30th, 2009

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■ 台湾政府以可能涉及恐怖主义为由禁止热比娅入境,使她愤而提出告诉。 ■ Taiwan's government to be involved in terrorism, forbid Kadeer entry, so she angrily filed.

(台北30日综合电)台湾媒体报道,台湾行政院日前明确表明,以可能涉及恐怖主义为理由禁世维会主席热比娅入境。 (Taipei 30 AP) Taiwan media reports, Taiwan's Executive Yuan recently made it clear that in order to be terrorism-related grounds of the World-dimensional cut-President Kadeer entry. 热比娅接受《壹周刊》专访时,对此感到愤怒,报道说,她将委请人对台湾政府提出告诉。 Kadeer accept the "Next Weekly" interview, feel angry, reported that she will appoint someone to tell the Government of Taiwan.

热比娅指出,多里坤2006年曾来台观光,当时政府并未指他是恐怖分子,现在她要来台湾,就变成恐怖分子,她觉得太夸张。 Kadeer that the multi-ri-kun in 2006 had been to Taiwan for sightseeing, there was no that he is a terrorist, and now she wants to come to Taiwan, it becomes a terrorist, and she thinks it's too exaggerated. 热比娅认为,“台湾作为一个民主国家,胡乱指控一个组织是不负责的,所以我对这个问题要认真计较。” Kadeer that "Taiwan as a democratic country, wild allegations of an organization is not responsible for, so I have to seriously care about this issue."

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