Wednesday, September 30, 2009

(Zurich 30, Reuters) According to recent reports, the International Football Association officials will convene in Rio de Janeiro, Wednesday convergence Committee of the Whole meeting to discuss the variation of the Olympic soccer players age limit. 除此之外,他们也将对即将在南非举行的2010年世界杯的准备情况做相关汇报,以及抵制那些在转会期间发生的腐败行为,包括清除无良经纪人和球会在操作转会时非法付款、洗黑钱。 In addition, they will also be held in South Africa 2010 World Cup preparations to do related to reporting, as well as those who resist the corruption that occurred during the transfer, including removal of unscrupulous brokers and the ball will be in operation transfer When the illegal payments, money laundering.

年龄限制下调到21岁 The age limit lowered to 21-year-old

国际足总主席布拉特主持了会议。 FIFA President Sepp Blatter chaired the meeting. 国际足总的观点是希望将参加奥运会的球员年龄限制从原来的23岁下调到21岁,或者甚至是取消球员年龄限制这条规定,但已经有过奥运会经历的球员除外。 FIFA's view is that the players want to participate in the Olympic Games the age limit lowered from the original 23-year-old to 21 years old, or even to abolish the age limit for players of this provision, but have had experience of the players, except the Olympics.

而国际奥委会并不希望按照这样的规则,他们更愿意保存23岁以下球员参加奥运会的年龄限制,其中包括每一支球队能够拥有三名超龄球员的条款。 The International Olympic Committee does not want to in accordance with such rules, they are more willing to save players under the age of 23, the age limit to participate in the Olympics, including each team can have three over-age players provisions. 如果国际奥委会接受国际足总的安排,奥运会的足球比赛将很可能成为翻版的世青赛。 If the International Olympic Committee to accept the arrangements for FIFA, the Olympic Games football competition will be likely to be pirated, the World Juniors. 欧洲顶级球会则支持国际足总的决定。 Europe's top club supports FIFA's decision.

国际奥委会希望将奥运会期间的足球比赛定位为国际足总规定的国际比赛日。 The International Olympic Committee would like to locate the Olympic Games football matches during the FIFA regulations for international competition day. 如果该提议通过,那么到时球会就必须放行球员参加奥运会。 If the proposal is adopted, then the ball will be that time, the players must be allowed to attend the Olympic Games. 但这招到了欧洲球会的强烈反对,因为奥运会足球比赛的时间在7月到8月之间,这必然将影响到球会赛季前的备战,以及欧洲冠军杯的赛事。 But hiring a strong opposition from the European clubs because the Olympic Games football matches of the time between July to August, which inevitably will affect the club's pre-season preparations, and the European Champions Cup tournament.

本次的国际足总大会或许将是奥运会足球比赛改制的正式开始。 The International Football Association General Assembly will probably be restructured Olympic football matches started. 当然,还得看之后国际奥委会在11月召开大会的决定。 Of course, have to look after the International Olympic Committee meeting in November the decision of the General Assembly. 奥运会足球比赛的命运也许就将改变。 Perhaps the fate of Olympic football matches will be changed.