Thursday, September 24, 2009

Michael burglary fake uniforms specifically fear of false-alarm shop Penang

二零零九年九月二十三日晚上十一时五十二分 At 11:52 p.m. on September 23, 2009

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■ 行政人员Edna指出,窃徒搜走隶属警员专用的警服钮扣。 ■ administrative staff Edna pointed out that the Christians found stolen police officers to go under the special police uniform buttons.

■ 模仿流行乐坛天王“麦可杰逊”装扮的窃徒,在店内搜走大量警队配件。 ■ imitate King of pop music, "Michael Jackson" dress of the theft believers walk in the shop, a large number of police accessories.

■ 窃徒搜走印有大马皇家警察标记贴纸、隶属警员专用的警服钮扣、衣领徽章、警帽徽章、T型警棍、警员随身记事簿。 ■ stolen believers seized by the Royal Malaysian police markings are printed stickers attached to a dedicated police uniforms buttons, collar badges, cap badges, T-batons, police officers carry notebook.

(槟城23日讯)扮流行乐坛天王“麦可杰逊”的窃徒,潜入警方制服配件专买店,25分钟内窃走政党车徽与警服配件,州内恐怕将出现大批冒牌官车与制服警员横行犯罪! (Penang 23, Reuters) play King of pop music, "Michael Jackson" and theft believers, who sneaked into the police uniform accessories designed to buy shops, 25 minutes, and police uniforms stolen car emblem party accessories, I am afraid that will occur within the state a large number of counterfeit Police cars and uniformed officers rampant crime!

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