Thursday, September 24, 2009

Swedish bank robbers steal the helicopter bombed open grab gold bullion vault

二零零九年九月二十四日下午五时四分 At 17:04 on September 24, 2009

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■ 警方进入一家被盗窃的保安公司的金库。 ■ The police enter a stolen security company's vault.

■ 一只警犬在一架用于盗窃的直升飞机附近执行任务。 ■ a dog in the vicinity of a helicopter for the theft of mission.

(瑞典24日综合电)据报道,周三一帮大胆的劫匪竟携带炸药驾驶直升机,在凌晨时分空降斯德哥尔摩一家银行金库,明目张胆地炸开金库大门,抢劫金库里堆放的金条和现金。 (Sweden 24 AP) reported Wednesday a group of daring robbers went so far as to carry explosives, driving helicopter airborne in Stockholm in the small hours of a bank vault door flagrantly break open vaults, vault robbery of gold bars and cash piling up. 目前,这帮劫匪到底劫走了多少现金尚不可知。 At present, the gang of robbers in the end the amount of cash stolen is unknown.

炸开金库大门 Break open vaults doors

据当地警方和现场目击者说,当天凌晨5时左右,斯德哥尔摩当地G4S安保公司使用的一幢大楼上,突然出现一架直升机悬停在空中。 According to local police and witnesses said the scene that day around 5 am, the Stockholm local G4S security company uses a building, there suddenly appeared a helicopter hanging Tingzaikongzhong. 随后,两三个人从直升机梯子上下来。 Subsequently, 23 individuals from a helicopter coming down the ladder.

几分钟后,位于该大楼银行金库附近,传来几起爆炸声。 A few minutes later, located near the bank vaults of the building, heard several explosions. 不一会儿,就看到几个装满金条和现金的钱袋子,正从楼顶被吊上空中的直升机。 Soon, we see several of the purse full of gold bars and cash child, is suspended from the roof of the helicopter on the air. 之后,直升机大摇大摆地驶离大楼楼顶。 After the helicopter left the roof of the building swaggering.

由于当地一家银行金库位于该大楼中,爆炸声引起当地警方的注意。 As a local bank vault located in the building, the explosion caused by the local police's attention. 不过,事件发生后,警方并没有马上出动直升机追赶,因为在斯德哥尔摩警方直升机基地机库门口,警方发现了可疑炸弹。 However, the incident occurred, the police did not immediately dispatched a helicopter to catch up, because in the helicopter base in Stockholm, the police hangar door, the police found a suspicious bomb.

与此同时,在大楼附近执行任务的警察车辆根本没法进入金库,因为金库周围道路上布满了尖利的路障。 In the meantime, in the building near the fundamental mission of the police vehicles can not enter the vault, because the Treasury on the road full of sharp around the roadblocks. 出于无奈,斯德哥尔摩警方决定开展一次大规模联合行动,试图以最快的速度找到劫匪。 In desperation, the Stockholm police decided to conduct a large-scale joint operations in an attempt to find the fastest robbers.

直升机也是偷的 To steal a helicopter is

抢劫发生后不久,警方接到报告称,位于斯德哥尔摩北部70公里外的诺塔耶的一家飞行学校,发现校内一个机库一架贝尔206喷射游骑兵超轻型直升机失窃。 Shortly after the robbery, the police received a report that is located 70 km north of Stockholm, Nuo Taye outside a flight school and found school a hangar a Bell 206 Jet Ranger helicopters, ultra-light theft.

根据警方掌握的资料来看,这是一起经过周密计划并熟练实施的抢劫案。 According to the information available to the police point of view, this was a carefully planned and skillfully implemented robbery. 目前,尚没有银行金库的具体损失报告。 Present, there is no bank vault concrete damage.