Saturday, September 19, 2009

Grand Palace Luxembourg Gardens in Paris, France 2 landmark mansion into bee

Grand Palace Luxembourg Gardens in Paris, France 2 landmark mansion into bee

二零零九年九月十九日下午五时十二分 At 17:12 on September 19th, 2009

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■ 养蜂人正忙着采收蜂蜜。 ■ beekeepers are busy harvesting honey. (美联社照片) (AP Photo)

■ 巴黎市区最大的蜂巢在大皇宫国家博物馆的屋顶上。 ■ Paris urban area's largest nest in the Grand Palace National Museum of the roof.

■ 卢森堡花园的养蜂人向媒体展示蜂箱。 ■ Luxembourg Gardens to the media show beehives beekeeper.

(巴黎19日综合电)法国巴黎大皇宫和卢森堡花园,一向是观光客必游景点,如果仔细观察会发现,这两个著名地标也是蜜蜂的豪宅,因为蜜蜂在杀虫剂使用过度的乡村,已经不容易存活,巴黎市区里处处有花园,反而提供了蓬勃生机。 (Paris, 19, Reuters) Grand Palais in Paris, France and Luxembourg Gardens, has always been a tourist itinerary attractions, a careful observation will find that these two well-known landmark mansion is also a bee, because the bees in the village of excessive pesticide use has been not easy to survive, the Paris urban area where there are many gardens, but offers great vigor.

过去2年来,英国的蜜蜂数量减少达15%,为此,当局也鼓励城市居民在花园、屋顶,甚至阳台养蜂,以维护数量锐减的蜜蜂。 Over the past two years, the United Kingdom up to 15% reduction in the number of bees this end, the authorities are also encouraged urban dwellers in the garden, roof terrace and even bee-keeping, to maintain bee numbers have drastically declined.

城市空气比乡村好 Urban air better than the countryside

在巴黎市区养蜂,现在蔚为风潮,蜜蜂数量达到14万只,养蜂人家将近300户,养蜂人说,巴黎虽然有空气污染,不过乡村农地使用的杀虫剂更可怕。 In Paris urban bee-keeping, and now is an unmistakable trend, the number of bees to 14 million, nearly 300 homes beekeepers, beekeepers said that although air pollution in Paris, but the use of agricultural pesticides in rural areas is more terrible. 根据法国养蜂工会的统计,都市蜜蜂的死亡率只有6%,乡下地方却高达33%。 According to the French beekeepers union statistics, the city is only 6% of bee mortality, rural places is as high as 33%.

于是就跟人类喜欢到大都市讨生活一样,蜜蜂也跟着往都市跑,巴黎市区处处有花香,受到气候比较暖和的影响,花期也比较长,更没有恼人的杀虫剂或自然天敌,产量更是乡村蜜蜂的5倍。 So Jiugen living human beings like to go to big cities, like bees also followed to run the city, the Paris urban area there are many flowers by the impact of a warmer climate, flowering period is relatively long, and no annoying pesticides or natural enemies, the output is Village bees 5 times.

巴黎市区生产的蜂蜜,质量均优,也是全球最贵的蜂蜜。 Paris urban production of honey quality are excellent, the world's most expensive honey.