Monday, September 21, 2009

New York subway bombing plot broken three Afghan man 8 years prison

New York subway bombing plot broken three Afghan man 8 years prison

二零零九年九月二十一日下午四时二十八分 At 4:28 p.m. on September 21, 2009

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■ FBI探员先后逮捕纳吉布拉(左)及纳吉布拉的父亲穆罕默德(右)。 ■ FBI officers have arrested Najibullah (left) and the father of Mohammed Najibullah (right). (美联社照片) (AP Photo)

(联合国21综合电)联合国大会举行前夕,联邦调查局(FBI)捣破炸弹袭击该市的阴谋,捡获一些制造炸弹的资料,拘捕了3名阿富汗裔男子,控以发表虚假陈述的罪名,最高刑罚是各判入狱8年。 (United Nations 21 AP) on the eve of the UN General Assembly, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) raided a bomb plot to attack the city and seized a number of bomb-making materials and arrested three Afghan-born man, charged with making false statements charges, The maximum penalty is imprisonment for eight years each.

FBI探员上周五在科罗拉多州丹佛市截查24岁的纳吉布拉驾驶的汽车,发现一部手提电脑内藏资料指示如何制造爆炸品。 FBI officers last Friday in Denver, Colorado, stopped 24-year-old Najibullah driving the car and found a laptop computer containing information, instruction on how to make explosives. 纳吉布拉讹称从未有见过那些资料,但承认2008年在基地的训练营接受有关武器及爆炸品的指示。 Najibullah falsely claimed that information has never been seen before, but acknowledged that in 2008 training camp at the base of weapons and explosives acceptance of the instructions.

纳吉布拉被审问3日后,FBI探员周六再拘捕他53岁的父亲穆罕默德及37岁纽约男子阿夫扎利。 Najibullah was interrogated three in the future, FBI officers on Saturday arrested another 53-year-old father, his 37-year-old New York man, Muhammad, and Afzali.

阿夫扎利被控向探员说谎,指他从没警告穆罕默德父子当局正调查二人,以及他们的电话被窃听。 Afzali was charged with lying to the officers that he had never warned that the authorities are investigating two sons Mohammed, and their telephones tapped. 穆罕默德就被控讹称他并不认识及没接触过阿夫扎利。 Mohammed, accused of claiming that he did not know and did not come into contact with Afzali. 但据当局截听电话所得资料,阿夫扎利和穆罕默德先后多次电话通话。 However, according to the interception of telephone information gathered, Afzali and Mohammed phone calls a number of occasions.

传媒指恐怖分子企图以背包载着土制过氧化氢(hydrogen-peroxide)炸弹,向纽约地铁、火车站或运动场发动自杀式袭击。 The media of terrorists attempting to backpack carrying home-made hydrogen peroxide (hydrogen-peroxide) bomb, to the New York subway, train station or the playground to launch suicide attacks.