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Latest research report by the United States sets the world's lowest fertility rate of

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(华盛顿19日综合电)美国一项最新研究报告指出,台湾生育率是全球最低的;再过10几年,印度将赶过中国,成为全世界人口最多的国家。 (Washington, DC 19, Reuters) The United States a recent study pointed out that Taiwan is the world's lowest fertility rate; in another 10 years, India will surpass China as the world's most populous country.

总部设在华府的非营利组织《人口资料局》(Population Reference Bureau)公布的最新全球人口趋势报告指出,尽管已开发国家的生育率不断下降,目前全球人口仍以每12年增加10亿人的速度增加。 Based non-profit organization in Washington, "Population Reference Bureau" (Population Reference Bureau) released the latest global demographic trends indicated that, despite declining fertility developed countries, the current is still the world's population every 12 years and 1 billion at the rate of increase. 预计在两年内,全球人口将达70亿人。 Is expected within two years, the world's population will reach 7.0 billion people. 这对人类健康、粮食供应及教育都将形成巨大挑战。 This is human health, food supply and education will form a great challenge.

报告说,低度开发国家的生育率仍然很高,但死亡率则降低,因此人口持续快速成长,其中以撒哈拉沙漠以南的非洲国家成长最快。 Reported that the less-developed countries, fertility rates remain high, but mortality rates are lower, so a sustained, rapid population growth, of which sub-Saharan Africa's fastest-growing. 在未来40年,非洲将增加10亿人。 In the next 40 years, Africa will increase by 10 million people.

报告指出,目前80%的小孩生活在非洲和亚洲。 The report notes that 80% of children live in Africa and Asia. 尼日利亚是目前全球生育率最高的国家,平均一个妇女生7.4个小孩。 Nigeria is currently the world's highest fertility rates, with an average 7.4 children a woman.

已开发国家的生育率则越来越低。 The fertility rate in developed countries are becoming less and less. 教育水准越高,及移民到城市的人口越多,生育率就越低。 The higher level of education, and immigration to the city's population more lower fertility rates. 目前全球生育率最低的地区是欧洲和东亚。 At present the region is the world's lowest fertility rates in Europe and East Asia.

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■ 全球人口将达70亿人,而印度和非洲的生育率即将迎头赶上中国。 ■ the world's population will reach 7 billion people, while India and Africa, fertility rates will soon catch up with China.