Tuesday, September 22, 2009

  • 生日蛋糕形狀的飛行器。 Birthday cake-shaped aircraft. (互聯網照片) (Internet photo)

(France), according to Lerdou Tuva region southeast of St. held its 36th Icarus Cup Free Flight Contest, contestants from around the world nearly ten thousand names Huaizhao dream of freedom, driving a home-made aircraft fly into the sky. 伊卡洛斯杯“自由飛行”大賽每年舉行一次,在這裡,你幾乎可以找到各種形狀的飛行器。 Icarus Cup "Free Flight" competition held once a year, where you almost can find a variety of shapes aircraft. 這幾天,這裡的藍天,佈滿了五顏六色的小型飛船、氣球以及滑翔傘,十分熱鬧。 These days, where the blue sky, filled with colorful small spacecraft, balloons, as well as paragliding, very lively.