Saturday, September 26, 2009

The United States and Thailand created the world's first AIDS vaccine

二零零九年九月二十五日下午五时 At 17 o'clock on the September 25, 2009

(曼谷25日综合电)美国及泰国的研究人员培育出爱滋病疫苗,疫苗使人体感染爱滋病病毒的风险降低31.2%。 (Bangkok, 25 AP) United States and Thailand, researchers created AIDS vaccines, the vaccine makes the body reduce the risk of HIV infection 31.2%. 这是世界第一种具有免疫效果的爱滋病疫苗,也被科学家形容为“重大的科学成果”。 This is a kind of immune effect of the world's first AIDS vaccine, scientists have also been described as "important scientific results."

世界卫生组织及联合国爱滋病规划署发表联合声明说,由美国及泰国试验的新疫苗获得的结果“令人鼓舞”,这项重大的科学进步首次表明,普通成年人是可以借助疫苗来预防爱滋病的,其意义重大。 World Health Organization and UNAIDS issued a joint statement said that by the United States and Thailand, the new vaccine trial results "encouraging", the major scientific advances for the first time that normal adults can make use of the vaccine to prevent AIDS , and its great significance.

美国军方及泰国公共卫生部周四在曼谷宣布他们合力进行研究所得出的成果。 The U.S. military and the Thai Ministry of Public Health in Bangkok on Thursday for joint research institute announced that they obtained results. 这种“新疫苗”其实是由两种“旧疫苗”组成的,其中一种是法国赛诺菲-巴斯德公司(Sanofi-Pasteur)公司的ALVAC疫苗,另一种则是美国旧金山公司VaxGen培育的AIDSVAX。 This "new vaccine" is actually composed of two "old vaccine" consisting of, one of which is the French Sanofi - Pasteur (Sanofi-Pasteur) the company's ALVAC vaccine, the other is a San Francisco company VaxGen cultivated AIDSVAX. 后者现已由非盈利机构“传染病全球方案”经营。 The latter has been changed from a non-profit institution "Global Infectious Diseases Program" management. 这两种疫苗之前单独使用时,均无效果。 Prior to these two vaccines when used alone, had no effect.

研究组进行的是历来最大规模的爱滋病疫苗人体试验,参与试验的志愿人士有1万6402个。 The Study Group conducted the largest ever human trial of AIDS vaccine, the volunteers involved in the pilot are 16402. 研究组把这群年龄在18至30岁的志愿者分成两组,其中一组注射了新疫苗,另一对照组则注射了安慰剂。 The Study Group to the age group 18 to 30-year-old volunteers were divided into two groups, one group was injected with a new vaccine, and another control group was injected with a placebo. 志愿者的爱滋病病毒检测均为阴性。 Volunteers of HIV testing were negative. 注射疫苗的那一组在6个月里注射了4剂的ALVAC和两剂的AIDSVAX。 Vaccination of a group of 6 months, injected with a 4 and two doses of ALVAC the AIDSVAX. 研究结果显示,在8197个接受疫苗注射的志愿者中,51个感染了爱滋病病毒,而在对照组的8198个人中,有74个人感染病毒,即注射疫苗组感染风险降低了31.2%。 The results showed that in 8197 vaccinated volunteers, 51 were infected with HIV, while in the control group of 8198 individuals, 74 individuals infected with the virus, that is, vaccination group 31.2% lower risk of infection.

法国赛诺菲-巴斯德公司研发组副总裁米歇尔在声明中说,尽管新疫苗的免疫效果仍然有限,但这是人类首次获得具体证据证明,用疫苗抗击爱滋病病毒完全可行。 France's Sanofi - Pasteur, Michel, vice president of research and development group said in a statement, despite the effect of the new vaccine is still limited, but this is the first time concrete evidence of human use vaccine against HIV is completely workable.

美国卫生院属下传染病研究所所长福奇审慎地说,这并非“终点”,他对进一步提高疫苗的免疫效果表示乐观。 U.S. Institutes of Health under the Institute of Infectious Diseases Anthony Fauci careful to say that this is not the "finish", he further enhance the immune effect of the vaccine expressed optimism.

“爱滋病疫苗倡导联盟”负责人沃伦说,毫无疑问,这项研究成果将能推动疫苗的培育工作,这是重大的科学成果。 "AIDS Vaccine Advocacy Coalition," responsible person Warren said there is no doubt that the results of this study will be able to promote the cultivation of the vaccine work, which is a major scientific achievement.

由研究员、决策人、捐款人等组成的全球爱滋病病毒企业认为,这是人类研究爱滋病疫苗26年来的“历史性的一天”。 By researchers, policy makers, donors composed of the world's enterprises believe that the AIDS virus, which is the human AIDS vaccine research 26 years of a "historic day."

然而,荷兰银行的分析师利科克认为,疫苗短期不可能广泛应用,但这至少显示了爱滋病是可能靠疫苗预防的。 However, ABN Amro analysts Leacock that the vaccine can not be widely used in the short term, but it at least indicates that it is possible to rely on the AIDS vaccine-preventable.