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Sloth is a mutation or a person?Panama humanoid monsters have been killed

Sloth is a mutation or a person? 巴拿马人形怪物被打死 Panama humanoid monsters have been killed

二零零九年九月十九日下午五时十三分 At 17:13 on September 19th, 2009

(伦敦19日综合电)英国《每日邮报电子报》(MailOnline)报道,巴拿马蓝山的洞穴出现一只生物,外表类似2008年发现的蒙淘克怪兽(Montauk Monster)。 (London 19, Reuters) British "Daily Mail Newsletter" (MailOnline) reported that the Blue Mountains Panama cave appeared a biological, looks similar to Amoy in 2008 grams of monster found in Mongolia (Montauk Monster).

恐慌的巴拿马青少年拾起石块攻击它,之后拿起棍棒将它殴打至死,最后将尸体丢到湖里的岩石上,稍后才折回,拍下这只动物的照片。 Young people picked up stones Panama panic attack it, then pick up the sticks and beat it to death, and finally the body thrown into the lake on the rocks, later retrace, photographed only animal photos.

外表像《魔戒》里的咕噜 Looks like "Lord of the Rings" Gollum inside

英国部分小报将这只动物比喻为电影《魔戒》里的咕噜,同时形容它的外表像人类一样。 British tabloids will be only part of the animal compared to the film "Lord of the Rings" where the Gollum, while describing its appearance, like humans.

巴拿马国家环境局正在调查这具尸首,动物学家猜测这只动物可能是基因突变的树懒。 Panama's National Environment Agency is investigating a corpse, zoologist guess only animal genetic mutations may be sloth. 哥斯大黎加1996年也发现类似的动物遗骸,查明确定是树懒。 Costa Rica in 1996 also found the remains of similar animals to identify determine sloth. 1996年时,还没有创造出“蒙淘克怪兽”这个名词。 In 1996, still did not create a "Mongolian Amoy g monster" this term.

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