Saturday, September 19, 2009


South Korean police are investigating an elephant who has been accused of assaulting a woman. Taesani (pictured above) allegedly threw a stone at the woman’s head. The woman – who has only been identified by her surname of Kim – told police she was visiting the zoo at the Children’s Grand Park in south-east Seoul on Monday when she noticed the elephant picking up a stone with its trunk. She turned away – and was hit on the back of the head by the stone. She reported the incident to police in Gwangjin district who began an investigation. Unfortunately, they quickly realised that the scene of the alleged assault was out of the range of CCTV cameras. “Though Ms Kim believes the elephant threw a stone at her, it’s hard to conclude that the elephant attacked her since there are neither witnesses nor evidence.” a police spokesman said. Now I’ve seen British police wasting time and money on stupid cases of political correctness, but this lot takes some beating. Mind you, if the case had proceeded, I suppose the elephant couldn’t have said : “I don’t remember”.