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"Honduras is currently not suitable for the general election," United States to suspend technical assistance to

二零零九年九月二十四日下午五时五分 At 17:05 on September 24, 2009

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■ 洪都拉斯首都特古西加尔巴,一名塞拉亚的支持者在街头与警察对峙。 ■ Honduran capital, Tegucigalpa, an Zelaya's supporters in the streets and police confrontation.

■ 塞拉亚的支持者被警察的橡胶子弹击中。 ■ Zelaya's supporters rubber bullets fired by police.

■ 塞拉亚在巴西驻洪都拉斯大使馆前挥着洪都拉斯国旗。 ■ Zelaya of Honduras, Brazil, in front of the embassy, waving the flag of Honduras. (美联社照片) (AP Photo)

■ 潘基文认为洪都拉斯目前局势不适合举行“可信的”大选。 ■ Ban Ki-moon that the current situation in Honduras is not suitable for a "credible" elections. (美联社照片) (AP Photo)

■ 塞拉亚(左二)与一批支持者留在巴西大使馆内。 ■ Celaya (second from left) with a group of supporters to remain in the Brazilian embassy. (美联社照片) (AP Photo)

(特古西加尔巴24日综合电)联合国秘书长潘基文23日通过其发言人发表声明,宣布暂时中止向洪都拉斯总统选举组织机构——洪最高选举法院提供技术援助,并认为洪目前局势不适合举行“可信的”大选。 (Tegucigalpa 24 AP) 23, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon issued a statement through his spokesman, announced the temporary suspension of the Honduran presidential election organizations - Hung Supreme Electoral Court to provide technical assistance and believe that the current situation is not suitable for Hong hold a "credible" elections.

声明说,联合国对洪都拉斯目前局势表示关切。 The statement said that the United Nations expressed concern about the current situation in Honduras. 潘基文认为,结束洪都拉斯危机需要有关各方达成一致,他支持有关方面为此进行的外交斡旋,愿和美洲国家组织以及该地区有关国家领导人一道,呼吁洪都拉斯有关各方通过和平对话寻求共同点,争取早日就解决危机达成协议。 Ban Ki-moon that the crisis needs of the end of Honduras, the parties concerned to reach agreement, he supported the diplomatic efforts of the parties concerned to this end, willing to Organization of American States, as well as the leaders of relevant countries in the region join the appeal of Honduras through peaceful dialogue, the parties concerned to seek common ground seek an early agreement on the solution to the crisis.

今年6月28日,洪都拉斯发生军事政变,总统塞拉亚遭罢免并被驱逐出境,议长米切莱蒂就任临时总统。 This year, June 28, Honduras, military coup, President Zelaya has been removed from office and deported, the Speaker Miqielaidi became interim president.

总统选举于11月29日进行 Presidential elections conducted on November 29

按照洪临时政府的计划,总统选举将于今年11月29日进行,竞选活动已于上月底正式展开。 In accordance with the interim Government's plan to flood the presidential election will be conducted this year, November 29, the election campaign was officially launched late last month. 塞拉亚呼吁其支持者抵制由洪临时政府组织的选举活动,一些拉美国家和国际组织也纷纷对选举的合法性提出质疑。 Zelaya called on its supporters to boycott the interim government organized by the Hong election campaign, a number of Latin American countries and international organizations have questioned the legitimacy of the elections.

本月21日,塞拉亚突然通过该国媒体宣布,已经回到洪首都特古西加尔巴,谋求同临时政府对话。 This month 21, Zelaya suddenly through the country's media announced that Hung had returned to the capital Tegucigalpa, to seek a dialogue with the interim government. 目前塞拉亚栖身于巴西驻洪都拉斯使馆。 Zelaya currently live in the Embassy of Brazil in Honduras. 自塞拉亚突然回国后,洪首都部分地区多次发生骚乱,目前已造成2人丧生。 After returning home from a sudden Zelaya, Hung many riots in parts of the capital, at present has resulted in two people were killed.

据悉,塞拉亚23日继续栖身位于首都特古西加尔巴的巴西使馆内。 It is learned that Zelaya 23, to continue to shelter in the capital, Tegucigalpa, the Brazilian embassy. 由于使馆供电、供水和电话通讯全遭切断,他的不少支持者和亲属纷纷离去,让塞拉亚更显孤立。 As the embassy electricity, water and telephone communications were completely cut off many of his supporters and relatives have left, so that Zelaya even more isolated.

西方媒体指出,至少85名塞拉亚支持者和使馆工作人员随后离开使馆,仅剩塞拉亚和大约40名亲属及支持者留在使馆内。 The Western media pointed out that at least 85 Zelaya supporters and the embassy staff subsequently left the embassy, remaining Zelaya and about 40 relatives and supporters to stay in the embassy. 离开使馆者未遭拘捕。 To leave the embassy were not arrested.

塞拉亚身处巴西使馆 Zelaya living in the Brazilian Embassy

塞拉亚接受多家媒体采访时说:“我知道,我们处于危险中。我们已准备好,不惜一切代价,作出牺牲。” Zelaya received many media interview, said: "I know that we are in danger. We are ready, at all costs, to make sacrifices."

另外,巴西使馆内不少人自21日起就未曾进食。 In addition, a lot of people from the Brazilian embassy since 21, did not eat. 联合国工作人员派出一辆卡车,为使馆内塞拉亚支持者和工作人员送去热狗充饥。 United Nations staff members to send a truck for the embassy Zelaya supporters and staff members sent to stave off hunger hot dogs.

针对洪都拉斯局势,巴西政府致信联合国安全理事会,要求召开特别会议,商讨对策并保证巴西驻洪都拉斯外交使团安全。 For the situation in Honduras, the Brazilian government sent a letter to the UN Security Council requested that a special meeting to discuss countermeasures and to ensure safety of diplomatic missions of Brazil in Honduras.

一名美国官员说,美国已获知巴西政府要求,将把这一提议转达给联合国安理会其他成员。 A U.S. official said the United States has informed the Brazilian Government's request, will convey the proposal to the other members of the UN Security Council. 美国现为安理会轮值主席。 The United States is currently the Council's rotating presidency.