Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Germany has even behind the new government of Taiwan and Tibet-China policy concern

二零零九年九月三十日下午四时五十分 At 16:50 on September 30th, 2009

(柏林30日综合电)德国国会大选落幕,小党自由民主党以高票入阁,由于在野时自民党曾力挺西藏和台湾,德国新政府的中国政策受到关注。 (Berlin, 30, AP) Germany's parliamentary elections ended, and a small political party the Liberal Democratic Party an overwhelming majority in the cabinet, as opposition parties have even behind when the Liberal Democratic Party of Tibet and Taiwan, the new German government's China policy concern.

重视工商界利益的自民党,在27日的国会大选囊括近15%的选票,比上次大幅跃进5%,未来将与总理梅克尔领导的基督教民主党/基督教社会党联合执政,是这次大选的真正赢家。 Attention to the business interests of the Liberal Democratic Party, the parliamentary elections in 27 days covering nearly 15% of the vote, up from 5 percent a substantial leap forward in the future will work with Chancellor Angela Merkel's Christian Democrats / Christian Social party coalition government, is the election a real winner.

自民党多年来一直关心台湾问题,在国会支持台湾参与国际组织,反对欧洲联盟解除对中国的武器禁运,传闻可能接掌财政部长的国会副议长索姆斯,目前仍是国会友台小组的一员。 Liberal Democratic Party for many years been concerned about the Taiwan issue, in congressional support for Taiwan's participation in international organizations, against the European Union to lift the arms embargo against China, the rumor could take over the finance minister, deputy speaker of parliament Soames, is still the Congress pro-Taiwan group in a members.

瑙曼基金会策动反华示威 Friedrich Naumann Foundation instigate anti-China demonstrations

自民党也一向关注藏人的处境,旗下的瑙曼基金会,长年来支持流亡藏人组织,去年曾受到中国官方媒体的尖锐批评,指控该基金会在幕后策动反华示威。 The LDP has always been concerned about the plight of Tibetans, a subsidiary of Friedrich Naumann Foundation, the organization for many years to support the Tibetans in exile last year, had been subjected to sharp criticism from China's official media accused the foundation behind the scenes to instigate anti-China demonstrations.

极可能在新政府出任副总理暨外交部长的自民党党主席威斯特威勒,今年5月接受《明镜》周刊(Der Spiegel)专访时曾表示,过去一再会晤达赖喇嘛,也不影响与北京的对话,未来自民党的人出任外长也将接见达赖喇嘛,推动以人权为导向的外交政策。 Is very likely that the new government as Deputy Prime Minister cum Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Liberal Democratic Party Chairman Westerwelle, this year in May to accept "Der Spiegel" (Der Spiegel) during an interview that in the past has repeatedly met with the Dalai Lama, and Beijing does not affect the The dialogue, the future of the Liberal Democratic Party who became foreign minister will also meet the Dalai Lama, to promote a human rights-oriented foreign policy.