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Walls of the United States Yale University graduate student killed in possession of dead Vietnamese

Walls of the United States Yale University graduate student killed in possession of dead Vietnamese

二零零九年九月十五日下午四时四十八分 At 4:48 p.m. on September 15, 2009

(华盛顿15日综合电)美国著名学府耶鲁大学上周发生的研究生在实验室大楼离奇失踪案,警方经过6天的地毡式搜索,终于周日在大楼地牢发现失踪的越南裔药理学研究生黎安妮(AnnieLe,译音)的尸体,凶手将尸体藏在墙壁之间。 (Washington 15, Reuters) The United States took place last week's prestigious Yale University, a graduate student in the lab building bizarre case of disappearance, the police after six days in carpet-style search, finally found the missing Sunday in the building of Vietnamese origin dungeon pharmacology graduate students Lian Ni (AnnieLe, transliteration) of the body, the murderer's corpse hidden in a wall.

周日原本是24岁黎安妮跟哥伦比亚大学研究生魏道斯基结婚的好日子,没料到喜事会变成白事,她的家人和未婚夫都非常伤心,黎安妮的婶母震惊得半句钟也说不出话来,只是向记者说:“对不起。”耶鲁大学校长莱文慰问黎安妮的亲友和魏道斯基,而同学对她遇害感到震惊。 Sun was originally a 24-year-old Columbia University graduate student Wei Lian Ni with the Tao Gauss married a good life, did not expect a pleasant event will become a white thing, her family and fiance are very sad and shocked Lian Ni was the last part of Bell's aunt or speak out of words, but told reporters: "I'm sorry." Levin Yale University President Lian Ni condolences to the relatives, friends and Wei Tao-Gaussian, while the students were shocked by her death.

黎安妮上周二上午10时回到医学院实验室大楼,之后却人间蒸发,家人报警,警方翻看校园的闭路电视影带,发现她当天回到实验室大楼之后,就一直没见过她离开大楼的踪影,加上她的手机、信用卡和现金都留在办公室。 Li Anni last Tuesday at 10 am Back to the School of Medicine Laboratory of the building, after which they vanished, family, the police, the police look at the campus closed-circuit television tapes and found her the day after return to laboratory buildings, they had never seen her to leave the trace of the building, coupled with her cell phone, credit cards and cash to stay in the office.

若果说她出现婚前恐惧,要作逃婚新娘,实在说不通,令人觉得事有蹊跷。 If premarital fear that she appeared to be fleeing forced marriages the bride, it does not make sense, people think things are strange.

天花板发现血衣疑属凶手 Clots of blood found in the ceiling of suspected murderer

耶鲁悬红1万美元(约3万5000令吉)追寻黎安妮下落,警方和联邦调查局出动100名调查员展开大规模搜索。 Yale offering a reward of 10,000 U.S. dollars (about 35000 pounds) to trace the whereabouts of Lian Ni, the police and FBI investigators sent 100 large-scale search.

上周六,一批穿着防生化武器装束的警员,携同搜嗅犬进入实验室大楼搜查,在大楼天花板上发现一件血衣,虽然不肯定血衣是否属于黎安妮,但已令当局和家人有不祥预兆。 Last Saturday, a group dressed in attire of the police anti-chemical and biological weapons to bring the search into the laboratory buildings sniffing dogs searched the building found a clots of blood on the ceiling, though not sure whether Lian Ni clots of blood, it has resulted in the authorities and there is an ominous harbinger of the family. 直至周日下午5时,警方终于在大楼地牢墙壁之间发现一具女性尸体。 Until Sunday at 5 pm, the police finally found between the building wall of a dungeon female body.

纽黑文助理警长赖卡德说:“我们暂时未能确定死者的身份,但相信她就是黎安妮,因此已将案件列作凶杀案处理。” New Haven Assistant Superintendent Reichard said: "We do not ascertain the identity of the deceased, but I think she is Lian Ni, it has been the case as homicide."

赖卡德强调警方发现了大批证据,但不肯透露详情,警方继续在地下室和64公里外一个焚化炉附近的垃圾堆搜寻线索。 Reichard stressed that the Police found a large quantity of evidence, but refused to disclose the details, the police continued in the basement and 64 kilometers away, near a garbage incinerator search for clues.

疑犯锁定一学生未通过测谎 Suspects locked a student did not pass a lie detector

据美国广播公司(ABC)报道,警方是在实验室大楼地牢一个用来隐藏水管和电线槽的墙身内,发现黎安妮的尸体。 According to American Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) reported that the police used a dungeon in the laboratory building pipes and wires hidden inside the tank walls and found that Li Anni's body. 至于那件血衣并非黎安妮所有,极可能是属于凶手。 As for the pieces of clots of blood is not a Lian Ni all, most likely belong to the murderer. 警方没有发出警告,执法人员揣测警方已将调查范围收窄到一名疑犯身上。 The police did not issue a warning, law enforcement officers to speculate the scope of investigation the police have been narrowed to one suspect.

赖卡德表示,警方日前在查问耶鲁大学的师生时,一名学生被问及黎安妮失踪案时,未能通过测谎机测试。 Reichard said police questioned a few days ago, when Yale University students, one student asked about the disappearance of Lian Ni case, failed to pass the lie detector test.

黎安妮是耶鲁大学医学院的药理学博士生,在加州普莱瑟维尔市出生,之后在罗切斯特大学攻读细胞和发育生物学学士,其间认识未婚夫魏道斯基。 Lian Ni Yale University School of Medicine doctoral student in pharmacology, in Placerville, California City, was born after the University of Rochester to study cell and developmental biology degree, during this period and unmarried Fu Wei Tao Gauss. 黎安妮的同学表示,她经常挂着笑容,是“世界上最开心的人”,难以相信有人向她下毒手。 Lian Ni students, said she often hung with a smile, is "the happiest man in the world," hard to believe that someone strike a vicious blow to her.

11年前案件仍未破凶案再现师生惶恐 Has not broken 11 years ago, cases of murders of teachers and students fear reproduction

黎安妮失踪6天、被发现尸藏实验室大楼墙壁,震惊耶鲁校园。 Lian Ni missing six days, was found dead Tibet laboratory buildings walls, shocked Yale campus. 不少师生都想起1998年耶鲁另一学生若万被杀惨案,现在又有凶徒向黎安妮施毒手,耶鲁校园内一片人心惶惶,更有网民推测是熟悉校园人士所为。 Many teachers and students remember 1998 10000 Yale students that if they killed another tragedy, and now the assailants to the Lian Ni Shi murderous scheme, the Yale campus, a panic, more netizens speculated that persons who are familiar with the campus.

1998年12月,21岁的若万在校园内被刺17刀,伤重不治,凶案至今未破,一直成为师生阴影。 In December 1998, 21-year-old was stabbed on campus, if 10000 17 knives, has died, murders has yet to be solved, has been a shadow of teachers and students. 耶鲁学生克里斯蒂娜透露,黎安妮尸骸被发现后,很多研究生都很惶恐,希望校方可透露更多消息。 Yale Student Christina said Lian Ni corpse was discovered, many graduate students are fear and hope the school can disclose more information. 克里斯蒂娜说:“很多研究生和黎安妮一样都是弱质女子,身材矮小,很担心人身安全。” Christina said: "A lot of graduate students, and Lian Ni are weak, like women, short stature, very concerned about their personal safety."

网民Mike更在地区报章《纽黑文纪事报》留言,从藏尸地点分析,凶手熟悉校园地理位置,不排除是相熟人士,甚至是教授所为,又认为凶案大大“打击耶鲁声誉”。 Mike is more Internet users in regional newspaper, "New Haven Register reported," a message from the possession of where the dead analysis, and the murderer are familiar with the campus location, does not exclude those who are familiar, or even for the professors, but also that the murders significantly "against Yale's reputation."

曾撰文批纽黑文危险个子小成歹徒目标 The author has granted New Haven dangerous criminals target sub-Xiaocheng

很邪! Very evil! 黎安妮一直担心自己成为歹徒下手对象,曾在医学院出版的《B杂志》撰文,指耶鲁大学所在的纽黑文市,跟美国其他大城市一样危险。 Lian Ni have been concerned about criminals start with the object itself as had been published in the School of Medicine "B magazine," the author refers to Yale University, New Haven, where the city, with the United States as dangerous as other major cities. 她更透露辨别歹徒的方法,虽然她百般防范,仍逃不过不法之徒毒手。 She said that she means to identify criminals, although she tried by every means to prevent and still could not escape lawless murderous scheme.

百般防范难逃毒手 By every means to prevent escape the murderous scheme

黎安妮今年2月在《B杂志》发表名为〈纽黑文的罪案和治安〉文章,分析市内爆窃案,并访问耶鲁警长佩罗特。 Lian Ni in February this year, in the "B Magazine" published a work called "New Haven's crime and law and order" articles, analysis of burglaries in the city, and visit the Yale Sergeant Perot. 她给予防范歹徒忠告:第一,“留意自己身处的地方”;第二,“不要将自己塑造成受害人”。 She gives advice to prevent criminals: first, "pay attention to their own place to live"; second, "Do not portrayed himself as the victim."

虽然纽黑文市治安不靖,但黎安妮有信心可以避免成为罪案受害人。 Although the New Haven law and order, but the Lian Ni confidence to avoid becoming victims of crimes. 她认为只要机警一点及仔细观察别人的鞋,便可辨别不法之徒。 She believes that as long as the alert that someone else's shoes, and careful observation can identify the culprits. 讽刺的是,她百般提防,但仍遇上危险。 Ironically, she was in every possible way to beware of, but still accidents. 有教授说,她的4尺11寸矮小身材,易令她成为歹徒目标。 Some professors said that her 4-foot 11-inch short stature, easily made her goal of becoming criminals.

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