Tuesday, September 22, 2009

  • 【圖話故事‧恐龍亮相】位於中國奧林匹克公園中心區的中國科技館新館於9月16日舉行開館典禮,雲南楚雄捐贈的三具恐龍化石正式亮相科技館大廳。 【Figure words the story of dinosaurs appeared】 ‧ Olympic Park is located in the central area of China, China Science and Technology Museum new building was held on September 16 opening ceremony Chuxiong donated three dinosaur fossils Science and Technology Museum Hall debut. 新館展覽面積約4萬平方米,包括“科學樂園”、“華夏之光”、“探索與發現”、“科技與生活”和“挑戰與未來”五大常設主題展廳和公共空間展示區。 The new museum exhibition area of about 4 million square meters, including "science park", "light", "exploration and discovery", "Technology and Life" and "Challenges and Future" theme of the five permanent exhibition and public space exhibition area. (圖:中新社) (Figure: China news agency)

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