Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Anything as long as the money letting a friend play Japanese red

二零零九年九月二十二日下午五时四十一分 At 5:41 p.m. on September 22, 2009

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■ 日人变孤独疏离,花钱买回面子造就出租朋友成为日本最当红行业。 ■ Japanese become lonely alienation, to spend money to buy back face to create a friend to become Japan's most popular rental industry.

■ 繁忙的日常生活让日本人没有时间去联系,结果人际关系疏远,“出租朋友”行业走红。 ■ our busy lives, so that the Japanese do not have time to link the results of interpersonal alienation, "rent a friend" industry popularity.

(东京22日综合电)日本有一种“临记”,既不是电影茄喱啡,也不是电视台特约演员,他们只会应召出动,专为客人在婚礼宴会或丧礼仪式中充撑场面,营造客人宾客如云的假象。 (Tokyo, 22 AP) Japan has a "clinical note" is neither a movie eggplant jelly coffee, nor is it a contract actor with television, they will only dispatch summoned specially for the guests at the wedding banquet or a funeral ceremony, make up the scene, and create a guest guests clouds of illusion. 这种专业替身,近年在日本应运而起,提供这类出租朋友的公司,数目更有越来越多趋势。 Such professional stand-in, in recent years in Japan to take its place, the provision of such rental friend's company, there are signs of growing trends.continue reading...........