Sunday, September 27, 2009

Shijie Pirates of the card fraud scandal, Liu Yi-Min: Please forgive me!

二零零九年九月二十七日晚上九时三十六分 At 21:36 on September 27th, 2009

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(新加坡27日讯)美姐求饶:“请大家原谅我!”19岁世姐刘依敏盗卡行骗丑闻曝光后,成为新加坡坊间炮轰的对象,有国人要求摘下她的后冠,也有人说别让她代表新加坡到南非参加12月举行的世姐决赛。 (Singapore 27, Reuters)-US sister beg for mercy: "Please forgive me!" 19-year-old Shi Jie Liu Yi-Min stolen card fraud scandal, becoming the object of Singapore Fang Jian shelling, there are people requested off her crown, it was also Representative of Singapore, said she was not let to South Africa in December to participate in the final held in Shijie.

经过坊间两天的强烈炮轰后,美姐昨天通过媒体向国人道歉,并寻求国人的谅解,希望大家能给她一个机会! After two days of intense shelling Fang Jian, the United States and sister yesterday, through the media to apologize to the people, and to seek people's understanding, hope that we give her a chance!

刘依敏在接受媒体的电访时,语气忧郁和沉重。 Liu Yi-min telephone interview In an interview with the media, his tone was melancholy and heavy. 她先以平淡的语调说“我真的不能接受访问”,后来又传手机简讯给记者,希望媒体能代她向国人寻求原谅。 Her flat tone of the first to say "I really can not accept the visit", and later mass mobile phone text message to reporters, hoping the media will seek forgiveness on her behalf to the people.

美姐在周五即盗卡事件被揭发时曾受访,情绪显得十分激动。 United States and sister in the incident Friday that the stolen card was discovered when the respondents, emotions seemed very excited. 对于她如今态度上180度的转变,刘依敏坦承,因之前擅自开口被公司责备,如今遭到封口令。 Today, for her 180-degree change in attitude, according to Min Tan Liu Cheng, a result of unauthorized opening by the company prior to blame, and now was sealed off by a password.


刘依敏接受《海峡时报》访问时坦言,希望世姐头衔别被除掉,因为“我要告诉人们,即使有案底,只要肯努力,你还是能达成梦想。这世上没什么事是不可能的。” Liu Yi-Min accept the "Straits Times" interview said frankly do not want to be removed Shijie title because "I want to tell people that even if a criminal record, if you work hard, you still can reach the dream. This world do nothing is impossible. "

刘依敏是在去年4月至5月,盗刷他人信用卡,购买首饰、手机和到高级餐馆用餐等,花了近8000元。 Liu Yi-min in the past year in April to May, fraudulent credit cards to others to buy jewelry, mobile phones and to senior restaurant meals and so on, have spent nearly 8,000 yuan. 她在成为世姐的两个月前,被判缓刑监视24个月。 She became Shijie two months ago, was sentenced to probation 24 months. 不过,缓刑监视并不算被定罪,因此不会留案底。 However, probation is not convicted, it will not criminal charges.

其他世姐参赛者受访时不是欲言又止,就是在受访后回电记者,希望不要刊登访问。 Other than Yuyanyouzhi Shijie interview participants, that is, the respondents reporters after the call back, hoping not to publish the visit.

被问及为什么? Asked why? 世姐们纷纷回答:“对不起,我真的不可以说,请不要引述我的话。” Shijie who have replied: "I'm sorry, I really can not say, please do not quote my words."

最近因曾盗刷他人信用卡而被法庭判处缓刑监视,成为话题人物的新加坡世界小姐刘依敏(19岁)昨日受访时自爆,她原来小时候就曾偷窃! Others, the recent fraudulent credit card has been sentenced to probation and become a subject of the Singapore World Miss Liu Yi-Min (19 years old) blew an interview yesterday, she had once stolen a child!

美姐自爆,从小就控制不了偷东西的欲望,念小一时开始偷卡通卡,长大后偷信用卡! America Sister blew an early age can not control the desire to steal things, began to read the small 1:00 to steal cartoon cards, grow up to steal credit card!

她接受《海峡时报》访问时说:“偷东西有一种满足感,好像你做了某件事,却没有被逮到。” She accepted, "the Straits Times" interview, said: "There is a sense of satisfaction to steal something, it seems you have done something, but not caught."