Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Executives at Britain’s top companies (acting like the characters at the trough above) saw their salaries leap 10% last year despite the advent of the worst economic downturn in decades. Full and part-time directors of Britain’s 100 biggest companies, the top firms in the country, shared pay of more than £1 billion despite their companies losing almost a third of their value. The huge pay rises were more than 3 times higher than the average 3.1% salary increase for ordinary workers. And the hike in director’s pay came as many of the staff in their companies had their wages frozen or faced unemployment. The 10 most highly paid executives earned a combined £170 million last year – an increase of £30 million from the £140 million earned in 2007. The obscenity of such greed on display from these disgusting, selfish pigs isn’t surprising – but it should be stopped.