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The A to Z of cheating in sport

How do you employ 'the face clutch'? Why would you borrow urine? And what is the best use for Vaseline? From grunting and gouging to Balco and Epo, OSM uncovers sport's most shameful secrets

WM 1986 in Mexiko  Viertelfinale ARG - ENG

Diego Maradona of Argentina handles the ball past Peter Shilton of England to score the opening goal of the World Cup Quarter Final at the Azteca Stadium in Mexico City, Mexico. Photograph: Bongarts/Getty Images

autobiographical immunity n mistaken assumption that intentional rule-breaking revealed in memoirs somehow doesn't count. Matt Le Tissier's recollection that he once punted a ball out of bounds with his first kick of a match to win a £10,000 bet prompted a police probe (quickly dropped), while Roy Keane was fined £150,000 by the FA when he described deliberately crunching the knee of Alfe-Inge Haaland ("'I fucking hit him hard…Take that, you cunt").
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Daily Mail column on Stephen Gately death provokes record complaints

• Protests crash PCC's website and flood internet
• Companies rush to pull advertising from website

Andrew Cowles and Stephen GatelyAndrew Cowles and Stephen Gately at their civil partnership ceremony in March 2006. Photograph: Rex Features

It must have seemed a routine assignment for one of the Daily Mail's star columnists: a catty take on the death of Boyzone star Stephen Gately which pandered to the prejudices of its readers.

But the paper was forced to withdraw advertising from part of its web site after an extraordinary internet campaign prompted by a Jan Moir article questioning the role Gately's lifestyle and sexuality played in his death last Saturday.

Marks & Spencer was among the major firms whose adverts were taken down following outrage at Moir's article, headlined "There was nothing 'natural' about Stephen Gately's death". Complaints poured in to the Press Complaints Commission at the fastest rate in its history, causing its website to crash. The Mail also removed adverts for Nestle, Visit England, Kodak and National Express.

Moir wrote that the circumstances surrounding Gately's death at 33 "are more than a little sleazy" and told how he and his civil partner, Andrew Cowles, had taken a Bulgarian man to their flat in Mallorca after a night clubbing, and that Gately reportedly smoked cannabis on the night he died.

She said: "Under the carapace of glittering, hedonistic celebrity, the ooze of a very different and more dangerous lifestyle has seeped out for all to see."

A postmortem on Tuesday showed that Gately died of natural causes. A court official in Mallorca said the singer suffered a pulmonary oedema, an accumulation of fluid on the lungs.

Moir's article, published on the eve of the singer's funeral in Dublin, sparked a storm of protest on the internet, led by Stephen Fry and Derren Brown on the messaging site Twitter, on which they have a combined following of almost one million.

Fry wrote: "I gather a repulsive nobody writing in a paper no one of any decency would be seen dead with has written something loathsome and inhumane. Disgusted with Daily Mail's Jan Moir? Complain where it matters. She breaches 1,3,5 & 12 of the code."

By this evening the PCC had handled 1,000 emails and calls complaining about inaccuracies, insensitivity to Gately's family and alleged homophobia. The PCC's deputy director, Stephen Abell, said officials contacted Boyzone's PR company yesterday "to let them know what had happened and to make themselves available if they wanted to complain".

The names and numbers of the corporate advertisers on the article's web page were posted on a Facebook group called "The Daily Mail should retract Jan Moir's hateful, homophobic article".

"We have asked the Daily Mail to move our advert away from the article," said a spokesman for Marks & Spencer. Asked why, he said: "That is a matter for the Daily Mail." A spokesman for Nestle said it had received several complaints, and added: "The views in the article are not shared by Nestle. We have always emphasised the importance of mutual respect and tolerance."

James Bromley, Mail Online managing director, told New Media Age magazine that the decision to remove the ads was taken by Mail Online after it "saw the strong reaction".

As outrage grewtoday, the Mail changed the headline on Moir's piece to "A strange, lonely and troubling death …" and late this afternoon Moir published a clarification of her article.

"When I wrote that 'he would want to set an example to any impressionable young men who may want to emulate what they might see as his glamorous routine,' I was referring to the drugs and the casual invitation extended to a stranger," she said. "Not to the fact of his homosexuality. In writing that 'it strikes another blow to the happy-ever-after myth of civil partnerships' I was suggesting that civil partnerships – the introduction of which I am on the record in supporting – have proved just to be as problematic as marriages."

She questioned how many of those complaining about her piece had read it completely and said that she had been subject to "a heavily orchestrated internet campaign".

"I think it is mischievous in the extreme to suggest that my article has homophobic and bigoted undertones," she said.

At times, reaction on the internet became disturbing. Moir's home address was reportedly posted, and the false allegation that the Daily Mail had claimed Gately had been murdered by his partner was repeated on Twitter.Moir has previously employed innuendo when commenting on homosexual public figures. In an article in August about Peter Mandelson, the business secretary, she wrote that "with his blue suede shoes, his peach mansion and his green tea devotionals, he is like a rock star camping it up on a farewell tour", and said he has spent years "clawing his way up the soil pipe of politics".

Gately's body arrived back in Dublin from Palma airport today. The remaining members of Boyzone are expected to sing at his funeral at St Lawrence O'Toole Church.

Gately came out as a in 1999 after a security guard for Boyzone went to a tabloid newspaper about his sexuality.

Rio police kill two in second day of clashes

By Stuart Grudgings

RIO DE JANEIRO (Reuters) - Police in Rio de Janeiro said they killed two suspected drug traffickers and arrested four others when they invaded a slum on Sunday morning, a day after battles between drug gangs and police killed 12 people.

A police officer stands next to an armored police vehicle as he patrols Jacarezinho slum a day after drug traffickers shot down a police helicopter and set fire to five buses and a school, in Rio de Janeiro October 18, 2009. (REUTERS/Ricardo Moraes)

The violence, in which two police officers were killed when their helicopter was shot down on Saturday, left parts of the Brazilian city looking like a war zone in a blow to its image two weeks after it was awarded the 2016 Olympic Games.

A military police spokeswoman told Reuters that police killed the two suspected traffickers and arrested four in an operation in the Jacarezinho slum, one of the areas where violence flared on Saturday.

Security officials have cancelled all police leave and deployed an additional 3,500 troops to contain the violence, which started on Saturday morning when police intervened in a battle between two drug gangs in the "Hill of Monkeys" slum in Rio's north zone.

The police helicopter's pilot was forced to crash land on a football pitch after he was hit in the leg by a bullet. The aircraft burst into flames, killing the two officers and wounding four crew members. One of the officers is in grave condition with burns over his entire body, police said.

Ten suspected traffickers were killed on Saturday in clashes with police and each other, police said. A drug gang was also suspected of setting at least eight buses on fire on Saturday to distract police, sending plumes of thick smoke over the city known for its beauty and violence.

The beach-side city of 6 million people is one of the world's most violent, with almost daily shoot-outs between police and the heavily armed gangs that control many of its roughly 1,000 slums.

Officials played down the city's security problems during their successful bid for the 2016 Olympics, saying the violence could be contained during major events and pledging to expand state control to more slums.

"This is a problem of one region in a specific part of the city. This isn't in Rio de Janeiro," the Rio state security secretary Jose Beltrame told a news conference on Saturday.

Rio's police often respond brutally to the drug gangs, sometimes wounding or killing innocent residents. The police tactics have been condemned by human rights groups.

Last year police killed more than 1,100 suspects classified as "resisting arrest." Dead suspects are routinely described as suspected criminals, without investigations to back up the charge.

The city's cocaine gangs have become increasingly well armed in recent years with powerful assault rifles and grenades among their arsenal. Saturday's incident was the first time in Rio that a police helicopter had been shot down and destroyed.

Royal Mail faces legal challenge over plan to recruit 30,000 temp staff

Union calls huge postal recruitment drive to cover for striking staff 'stupid' and warns move could be illegal

Royal Mail vans in east London.

Royal Mail vans in east London. Photograph: Johnny Green/PA

Union leaders today condemned Royal Mail's plans to recruit an extra 30,000 temporary staff to combat a postal strike beginning this week and warned that the move would face a legal challenge.

Billy Hayes, leader of the Communication Workers Union (CWU), which has called national strikes for Thursday and Friday, described Royal Mail's announcement of the biggest recruitment drive in its history "to help keep the mail moving" as symptomatic of a divisive management culture.

"I think it's a stupid move, more than anything else. It's something that's not going to help resolve the dispute. It's going to inflame things," he told the BBC's Andrew Marr Show.

As householders and businesses braced themselves for massive disruption, the business secretary, Lord Mandelson, said he was "beyond anger" with the union for obstructing change and modernisation.

"This is a matter of life and death for the future of the Royal Mail," Mandelson told the Observer. "This national strike will drive away yet further customers and further business, possibly never to return to the Royal Mail."

However, CWU sources suggested the hiring tactic could be illegal. The leader of the GMB union, Paul Kenny, was more explicit, calling it "beyond belief".

"There are strict laws that forbid employers and employment agencies using agency staff to break a lawful dispute and it is the job of Lord Mandelson's department to enforce those laws," he said.

"Those who run employment agencies need to be aware that they personally will be liable for a fine of £5,000 per person, per day for every worker they supply to Royal Mail during a trade dispute."

The company normally employs an additional 15,000 staff in the run-up to Christmas. But it said that it had decided to double that number "to help offset the impact on customers of the CWU's unjustified and irresponsible strikes".

Those employed on temporary contracts were not being brought in "to do our postmen's work when they are out on strike, but to make sure that we have people to help clear any backlogs between strikes, as well as to help, as happens every year, with the seasonal build-up of mail in the run-up to Christmas," the company said. It added that the move was "fully in line with all employment law".

Talks will be held between the two sides tomorrow, but there is little sign of the strikes being called off.

Hayes – who declined to openly call the temporary staff strikebreakers – said his union recognised the likelihood of further job losses in the industry but was seeking assistance from a third party such as the industrial mediation service Acas to discuss issues such as increased workloads and the bullying of postal staff.

Royal Mail's decision to hire extra temporary staff was typical of a management which was "almost a dictatorship" and was not actively seeking a solution, he said.

"We don't welcome this disruption. But we have to do something when Royal Mail seems to be incapable of reaching an agreement with the union ... They rule everything out and they blame everyone but themselves," he said.

Fears are now growing that the strikes could unleash some of the worst industrial strife since the miners' strike of 1984-85 with the focus being on possible violence at picket lines.

The Association of Chief Police Officers (Acpo) said it was closely monitoring the situation and had issued guidance to forces on dealing with large-scale strike action. Each police force is assessing and reviewing the implications for public disorder that might arise from industrial action. An Acpo spokesman said: "It is important that we keep the public safe as well as always preserving the right to protest."

On Thursday, CWU workers at mail distribution centres across the country will come out on strike. Royal Mail insists there will still be collections and deliveries. On Friday, however, those who actually collect letters and parcels from postboxes and deliver them will strike, meaning there were will be no service to households and businesses across much of the country. Royal Mail is also suspending its "next-day delivery" guarantee, under which customers pay extra to ensure letters and parcels arrive before 1pm on the next working day.

Royal Mail group chief executive Adam Crozier said: "We are continuing to urge the union to halt its appalling and unjustified attack on customers. At the same time, we are absolutely determined to do everything we can to minimise delays to customers' mail.

"Every year, Royal Mail recruits thousands of additional, fully vetted, temporary staff as part of the operation that successfully delivers the Christmas mail. This year we'll have twice as many people on board, and we'll have them in place much earlier in the autumn."

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British and American scientists have found control of circadian clock genes

二零零九年十月十二日下午四时九分 At 4:09 p.m. on October 12, 2009

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■ 生物钟 ■ Clock

■ 英美科学家找到控制生物钟的基因,他们正一步将从人类即婴孩方面先作实验。 ■ British and American scientists have found genes that control the clock, they are one step from the human baby in the first experiment.

(伦 敦12日综合电)日前英美科学家联合在《科学》期刊上撰文称,他们已经找到了实验鼠的大脑中操纵生物钟走向的基因“per1”,并基本摸清了生物钟的“秉 性”,按照这样的研究思路,不久就能制造出能有效缓解时差的药物,并进一步在癌症、情绪失常、老年痴呆和内分泌失调等与生物钟紊乱有密切联系的疾病的研究 上取得突破性进展。 (London 12, Reuters) has a joint British and American scientists in the "Science" journal article, they have found the brain of mice to manipulate the direction of clock genes "per1", and basically found out the clock's "natural disposition", in accordance with Such research ideas, and soon will be able to create drugs that can effectively relieve jet lag, and further cancer, mood disorders, endocrine disorders such as Alzheimer's and are closely linked with the circadian clock disorder disease research breakthrough.

除了在医学领域的巨大利用前景,了解大脑生物钟的运作原理和方式也能帮助飞行员、媒体从业人员等经常需要值夜班的人们保持清醒良好的精神状态。 In addition to the great advantage of the prospects for the medical field to understand the functioning of the brain clock principles and ways to help pilots, media practitioners and other people who often need to maintain a clear night shifts a good mental state.

众所周知,人体中司管时间的系统被称为“生理节律”,也就是俗称的生物钟。 We all know, the body governing the Secretary for the time system is called the "circadian rhythm" that is commonly known as the biological clock. 它帮助我们的身体维持住一个基本的运作规律,何时吃饭、睡觉、醒来;何时进行身体的其它一些机能。 It helps our bodies to maintain the operation of a basic rule to live, when to eat, sleep, wake up; when a number of other physical functions.

控制生物钟区域处在口腔上腭上方 Control the clock at the mouth on the palate at the top of the region

科学家介绍称,大脑中控制生物钟的那片区域叫做“视交叉上核”(SCN),和所有的哺乳动物一样,人类大脑中SCN所在的那片区域也正处在口腔上腭上方,以现有的技术手段很难在人类大脑的那片区域做实验,因此此次研究只能在实验鼠身上进行。 Scientists explained that it control the clock in the plot of the brain area called the "suprachiasmatic nucleus" (SCN), and all mammals, the human brain in the SCN where the plot of the region is also in the oral cavity above the palate, to the current Some techniques in the human brain is difficult to experiment with the plot of the region, so the study was carried out only in laboratory rats. 科学家表示,经过多年不懈地找寻,他们终于在SCN区域找到了两种功能完全不同细胞,操控哺乳动物生物钟的“per1”基因就在找到的“生物钟细胞”中,而另一种“非生物钟细胞”的作用目前还不得而知。 Scientists said that after years of tireless search, they finally found in the SCN region of two completely different cell functions, and manipulation of the mammalian circadian clock "per1" gene is found on the "clock cells", while the other "non-clock cell "The role is currently unknown.

此次研究的另外一个重要突破在于,它完全颠覆了医学界以往对于生物钟活动的猜想。 The study is another important breakthrough is that it completely subvert the medical profession in the past activities of the conjecture for the clock. 以前医学界认为,SCN的两种细胞会在白天一直不断地发出电脉冲来调节人体时钟,晚上就慢了下来。 Previous medical profession believe that, SCN during the day the two kinds of cells have continued to send electrical pulses to regulate the body clock, night slow down.

而这次的研究证实,这两种细胞从傍晚时分才开始集中发射电脉冲,晚上停下来,第二天日出时再接着发射,在整个白天中SCN细胞都不会再发射电脉冲,而只是将其保持一个活跃性的状态。 But this study has confirmed that two kinds of cells from the evening began to focus on firing electrical pulses in the evening to stop, then fired again when the next day at sunrise, throughout the day in the SCN cells are no longer fired electrical pulse, but only to maintain an active nature of their state. 这就好像你开着了一辆汽车,引擎也在隆隆轰鸣,但就是不踩油门把车开出去一样。 It's like you drive a car, the engine is also rumbling roar, but they do not step on the gas to drive out the same.

密歇根大学数学家弗格教授十分看好这项研究的前景,他说:“知道了SCN如何发射生物钟信号,我们就能对其进行调节,继而在与生物钟紊乱有关的一切疾病的诊疗上取得突破性进展。” Professor of the University of Michigan mathematician Ferger very optimistic about the prospects for the study, he said: "I know how the firing of the SCN clock signal, we can adjust them and then with the clock disorders related to the diagnosis and treatment of all diseases, to achieve breakthrough progress. "

Parliament House to protest the British people to climb on Climate Change

二零零九年十月十二日下午四时二十八分 At 16:28 on October 12, 2009

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■ 英国环保活跃份子在伦敦国会大厦楼顶展开示威,抗议气候变化。 ■ British environmental activists started the roof of Parliament House in London to protest against climate change.

(伦敦12日综合电)“绿色和平”组织表示,50人彻夜爬上英国国会大楼屋顶,抗议全球暖化,其中半数人在警方呼吁及协助下,已经回到地面,但仍有至少20人继续留在“西敏寺大厅”、也就是英国国会大楼的屋顶。 (London 12, Reuters) "Green Peace" organization, said 50 people through the night to climb up the British Parliament Building, the roof to protest against global warming, half of them called the police and assistance have been returned to the ground, but still at least 20 people continue to stay in the "Westminster Hall", that is, the roof of the British Parliament building.

“绿色和平”表示,英国国会夏季休会结束,各个议员都准备周一重返国会议事堂,展开新会期,因此他们想要趁机敦促国会修改政策、阻止气候变迁。 "Green peace" said the end of the summer recess, the British Parliament, all members are prepared to Congress Monday to return to this Chamber, start a new session, so they want to take the opportunity to urge Congress to revise its policies to prevent climate change.

“绿色和平”指出,英国主要政党的议员都未能提出具体措施,促进地球环保。 "Green Peace" that the British members of the major political parties have failed to propose concrete measures to promote the Earth's environment. 因此他们借此唤起各方注意。 They like to take this to draw the parties.

Hillary to visit Britain and the British Prime Minister held a meeting

二零零九年十月十二日下午四时二十九分 At 4:29 p.m. on October 12, 2009

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■ 美国国务卿希拉莉(左)周日与英国首相布朗在英国南部会面时行礼。 ■ U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (left) and Sunday with British Prime Minister Gordon Brown meeting in the South of England salute. (美联社照片) (AP Photo)

■ 美国国务卿希拉莉(右)和爱尔兰总理考恩周日在都柏林召开联合记者会。 ■ U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (right) and the Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowen in Dublin on Sunday held a joint press conference. (美联社照片) (AP Photo)

(伦敦12日综合电)正在欧洲访问的美国国务卿希拉莉11日与英国首相布朗和外交大臣米利班德分别举行会晤。 (London 12, Reuters) is visiting Europe on the 11th U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Foreign Secretary David Miliband held a meeting separately.

布朗首相当天在伦敦的乡间别墅迎接希拉莉的到来。 Prime Minister Gordon Brown's country house in London that day to meet Hillary Clinton's arrival. 他表示,双方将就广泛的议题交换看法。 He said that the two sides will exchange views on a wide range of topics.

布朗说:“她(希拉莉)始终对欧洲事务尤其是北爱尔兰问题表现出浓厚兴趣。我期待着和她就北爱问题交换看法,而且我们还将讨论阿富汗、伊朗、核裁军等所有希拉莉感兴趣的重大问题。” Brown said: "She (Hillary) is always right, especially for European Affairs has shown keen interest in Northern Ireland. I look forward to her to exchange views on Northern Ireland, and we will also discuss Afghanistan, Iran, nuclear disarmament, and all other Hillary major issues of interest. "

早些时候,米利班德与希拉里举行会谈,就阿富汗局势和伊朗核问题等国际问题交换了意见。 Earlier, Mr Miliband held talks with Hillary on the situation in Afghanistan and the Iranian nuclear issue and other international issues of common concern. 在会谈后举行的联合新闻发布会上,米利班德说,合作对于解决英美两国面临的共同挑战十分重要,他强调要阻止阿富汗回到塔利班的统治之下。 After the talks at a joint press conference, Mr Miliband said the Anglo-American cooperation to solve common challenges facing the two countries is very important, he stressed the need to prevent the return to Afghanistan under the rule of the Taliban.

针对伊朗核问题,希拉莉表示,国际社会不能一直无限期地等待伊朗履行其国际责任。 Against the Iranian nuclear issue, Hillary said that the international community can not always wait indefinitely for Iran to fulfill its international responsibilities.

美国将提供支持北爱尔兰和平进程 The United States will provide support to the Northern Ireland peace process in

(贝尔法斯特12日综合电)正在伦敦访问的美国国务卿希拉莉12日在英国贝尔法斯特发表演讲时表示,美国将为北爱尔兰的和平进程提供新的支持,并帮助该国解决对分权自治政府造成威胁的政治对峙。 (Belfast on the 12th AP) visiting London on the 12th U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton delivered a speech in Belfast, UK, said the peace process in Northern Ireland, the United States would provide new support and help the country address the decentralized self-government a threat to the political confrontation.

希拉莉表示,在解决北爱尔兰问题上,她将“尽己所能提供鼓励与支持”。 Hillary said that in resolving the Northern Ireland issue, she would "do our best to provide encouragement and support."

2007北爱正式恢复分权自治 2007 the formal resumption of decentralized self-government in Northern Ireland

2007年5月,北爱尔兰民主统一党领袖佩斯利和新芬党领导人麦吉尼斯在北爱首府贝尔法斯特同时宣誓就任北爱新政府第一部长和第二部长,这标志北爱尔兰正式恢复分权自治政府。 In May 2007, Northern Ireland Democratic Unionist Party leader Ian Paisley and Sinn Fein leader McGuinness at the Northern Ireland capital of Belfast, Northern Ireland at the same time the new government was sworn in as first minister and second minister, which marks the formal resumption of Northern Ireland decentralized self-government.

希拉莉10月9日启程出访欧洲,其目的便是劝说欧洲各国一同抑制伊朗的核活动,以及支持美国在阿富汗的战争。 Hillary departed October 9 visit to Europe, its purpose is to persuade the European countries together with suppression of Iran's nuclear activities, as well as to support the U.S. war in Afghanistan.

此次希拉莉行程为5天,走访6座城市,包括瑞士苏黎世、英国首都伦敦、爱尔兰首都都柏林、英国城市贝尔法斯特以及俄罗斯的莫斯科和喀山。 The Hillary itinerary for 5 days, visited six cities, including Zurich, Switzerland, the United Kingdom capital of London, the Irish capital, Dublin, Belfast and the British city of Moscow and Kazan in Russia.

她日前抵达瑞士苏黎世,参加了亚美尼亚和土耳其实现两国关系正常化协议的签署仪式。 She recently arrived in Zurich, Switzerland, Armenia and Turkey participated in the normalization of relations between the two countries signing ceremony.

爱尔兰共和军一分支放弃暴力抗争 A branch of the Irish Republican Army to renounce violence and protests

(都柏林12日综合电)美国国务卿希拉莉周日由英国转抵爱尔兰访问,呼吁落实北爱和平进程,而共和军一个武装分支则宣布放弃暴力抗争。 (Dublin 12, Reuters) U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton arrived in Ireland Sunday transferred from the United Kingdom visit, called for the implementation of the Northern Ireland peace process, an armed branch of the IRA renounced violence and protests.

希拉莉到爱尔兰首都都柏林,与爱尔兰总理考恩见面后表示,美国会继续支持北爱和平进程。 Hillary Clinton to Ireland's capital Dublin, with Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowen said after the meeting, the United States would continue to support the Northern Ireland peace process. 目前阻碍北爱和平的最大障碍,是英国政府何时才把调动警队的权力及司法权,交给北爱地方政府。 Currently impeding the greatest obstacle to peace in Northern Ireland, When will the British Government to mobilize the power of police and judicial powers to the Northern Ireland local government.

希拉莉早前在伦敦跟英国首相布朗见面时表示,美国支持英国尽快把有关权力交给北爱尔兰,而且有信心权力移交过程很快会有进展。 Hillary earlier in London meeting with British Prime Minister Gordon Brown said the United States supports the United Kingdom as soon as the relevant powers to Northern Ireland, and are confident that the process will soon be progress in the transfer of power.

推动美俄核裁军协议 The United States and Russia to promote nuclear disarmament agreement

她又承诺,美国会协助北爱重振经济。 She also promised that the U.S. would help revitalize the economy of Northern Ireland. 在希拉莉到访爱尔兰的同一时间,爱尔兰共和军一个武装分支宣布结束至少30年的暴力抗争,不排除会解除武装,但没有明确时间表。 Hillary visited Ireland at the same time, an armed branch of the Irish Republican Army announced an end to at least 30 years of violence and protests, will not rule out the disarmament, but there is no clear timetable. 该个武装组织在1974至1998年间,一再于北爱发动袭击,杀死超过百人,其中一宗是在1979年暗杀保守党政要,亦是时任首相达泽夫人的心腹艾雷尼夫。 The armed organization in 1974 to 1998, and again in Northern Ireland to launch attacks, killing more than 100 people, of which one was assassinated in 1979, the Conservative Party politicians, is also his wife when he was a confidant of Prime Minister Daze Yileinifu. 共和军政治组织新芬党对于该个武装分支愿意放弃暴力表示欢迎。 Political organization, Sinn Fein, the IRA for the armed branch is willing to renounce violence and welcomed.

这也是希拉莉就任国务卿以来,首次访问爱尔兰和俄罗斯。 This is Hillary becoming secretary of state since the first visit to Ireland and Russia. 目的便是鼓励北爱尔兰和解进程,推动美俄两国在12月5日前签署新的核裁军协议。 The purpose is to encourage the reconciliation process in Northern Ireland to promote the United States and Russia on December 5 between the two countries sign new nuclear disarmament agreement.

Moscow over the "Independence Day" halo

二零零九年十月十二日下午四时二十九分 At 4:29 p.m. on October 12, 2009

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(莫斯科12日综合电)外星人袭击地球? (Moscow, 12 AP) aliens attack the Earth? 俄罗斯莫斯科上周三天空出现一个大光环,犹如电影《天煞:地球反击战》(Independence Day)中外星人乘太空船攻击地球一幕,引起一阵心慌。 Moscow, Russia appeared in the sky last Wednesday a large halo, as if the movie "Independence Day: Earth Strikes Back" (Independence Day) in the alien attack on Earth by spaceship scene, causing a burst flustered.

光环体积庞大,直径至少也有50米,四周都是压得低低的乌云,居民都看傻了眼,慌忙把这恐怖情景拍下来。 Bulky ring diameter of at least 50 meters, surrounded by dark clouds presses Didi De, residents are watching most perplexing hurriedly filmed this horror scenario. 但气象专家指出,光环不是外星人的太空船,那只是气象中的光影现象,由于莫斯科近日有好几道锋面掠过,包括来自北极的冷锋,加上当时太阳正下山斜阳西照,便构成这种奇特的光影。 But weather experts say halo is not alien spacecraft, it is just weather phenomena in the light and shadow, as Moscow has recently swept several Road front, including those from the Arctic cold front, coupled with the setting sun when the sun is down Xizhao, it constitute such a strange light and shadow.

气象专家说:“若仔细看清楚,你会发现有光线从云层中射出,影片很大可能在日落时拍摄。” Weather experts said: "If we look more closely, you will find the light from the clouds in the shot the film is very likely shooting at sunset."

HKU latest research: Chicken evil pig-like illness weak incurable bacteria Xiren

二零零九年十月十二日下午四时三十分 At 4:30 p.m. on October 12, 2009

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■ 禽畜摄取过量抗生素,肠道带有具抵御抗生素效用的恶菌。 ■ Livestock excessive intake of antibiotics, gut with a bacteria resistant to antibiotics evil effect.

■ 食用未煮熟肉类,或生熟食物交叉污染,都有可能吞下抗药恶菌。 ■ eating undercooked meat, or cross-contamination between raw and cooked food, are likely to swallow evil drug-resistant bacteria.

■ 何柏良的研究证实,人类从进食鸡、猪、牛等肉类感染抗药恶菌。 ■ Ho Pak-leung of the study confirmed that the human from the consumption of chickens, pigs, cattle and other meat infected with drug-resistant bacteria evil.

■ 恶菌带有一个具传播能力的基因匣,与人类大肠杆菌进行基因洗牌,可令人体的大肠杆菌具抗药性。 ■ bad bacteria with an ability to communicate with the gene cartridge, and human E. coli for gene shuffling may cause the body resistant E. coli.

(香港12日综合电)每日香港人进食的猪只及鸡只,70%、80%带有抗药性恶菌,足以令抗生素无效,人类进食未熟肉类等于吞下抗药恶菌。 (Hong Kong 12 AP) Daily consumption of pigs and chickens in Hong Kong, 70%, 80% with drug-resistant bacteria evil enough to make antibiotics ineffective, immature human consumption of meat is equal to swallow the evil drug-resistant bacteria.

香港大学一项最新研究进一步证实,80%半带有抗药恶菌的动物均具有可传染的“抗药基因匣”,进入人体后抗药基因可传染给人类,进行基因洗牌,令肠道内的大肠杆菌也具抗药性。 University of Hong Kong to a new study further confirmed that 80% of the semi-evil with a drug-resistant bacteria in the animals can be infected with the "resistance gene cartridge" into the human body resistance gene can be transmitted to humans, genetic shuffling, so that intestinal tract of E. coli are also resistant. 恶菌横行,长者及手术病人易因并发症而无药可救,提高死亡率。 Rampant evil bacteria, the elderly and surgical patients with incurable easy due to complications and improve mortality rates.

香港大学传染及感染中心总监何柏良接受访问时表示,一向抗生素失效,主要原因是滥用所致,但近年已陆续发现,人类带有具抗药能力的恶菌,源头可能来自食用动物。 University of Hong Kong Director of the Center transmitted and infection Ho Pak-leung said in an interview has been antibiotic resistance, mainly caused by abuse, but in recent years have been gradually discovered that the human capacity of evil with a drug-resistant bacteria, the source may come from animals.

他解释,抗药恶菌必须带有一个基因匣(integron)才具有传播能力,可令恶菌由动物向人类散播。 He explained that drug-resistant bacteria must be with a bad gene cartridge (integron) only has the ability to communicate can result in bad bacteria spread from animals to humans.

手术入血增死亡风险 Into the blood increase the risk of death surgery

该中心收集了174个抗药性大肠杆菌样本,包括64个食用动物的粪便、59个健康大学生及儿童,以及51个患尿道炎的妇女样本。 The center collected 174 samples of drug-resistant E. coli, including 64 food animal faeces, 59 healthy college students and children, and 51 samples of women suffering from urethritis. 这项香港首次进行的抗药恶菌研究结果令人惊讶,48.4%动物样本能抵御7至8种抗生素,人类的样本也有31.8%达这种抗药威力。 The first of Hong Kong carried out by drug-resistant bacteria evil results are surprising, 48.4% animal samples can withstand 7-8 kinds of antibiotics, humans are also 31.8% of the sample up to the power of this resistance. 何柏良说:“7至8种抗生素都无效,所以这种恶菌可以对所有抗生素有抗药能力。” Ho Pak-leung, said: "7-8 kinds of antibiotics are ineffective, so this evil bacteria can be resistant to all antibiotics have the ability."

为了解人类肠道内的抗药恶菌从何而来,研究分析恶菌是否带有基因匣,结果84.4%动物及50.9%人类样本带有抗药基因匣;研究人员再拆解两者是否相同,结果证实90%人的抗药基因匣与动物恶菌的基因匣一模一样,“这样我们就可以证实,恶菌可能在人和动物之间横行,也就是由动物传过来。” In order to understand the resistance of human intestinal bacteria come from evil, study and analyze whether the bad bacteria with a gene cartridge, the results of 84.4% and 50.9% of human samples of animals with drug-resistant gene cartridge; study and then dismantling the two is the same The results show that 90% of the people's resistance gene cartridge evil bacteria and animal genetic cartridges identical, "so that we can confirm that the bad bacteria may be rampant among the people and animals, that is, transmission from animals over."

他表示,如进食未熟的肉类时,或者生熟食物交叉污染,都可以吞下抗药恶菌,较常见的恶菌是大肠杆菌。 He said that if the meat eating immature, or when cross-contamination between raw and cooked food, can swallow evil drug-resistant bacteria, the more common bad bacteria is E. coli. “ 虽然鸡只的恶菌不会令到人生病,但是恶菌的基因可以与人的大肠杆菌洗牌,人的大肠杆菌就有抗药能力。”恶菌可致尿道炎、膀胱炎,儿童及长者抵抗力较差,感染后或可致病,即使未立即发病,“当做腹部手术时,恶菌就容易走去其他器官甚至入血,这样就难治疗,甚至会增加死亡几率。” "Although the chickens will not lead to bad bacteria to human illness, but the bad bacteria E. coli and human genes may be shuffling, people have drug-resistant E. coli." Evil bacteria can cause urethritis, cystitis, children and the elderly poor immunity, infection or disease, even if not immediately the disease, "as abdominal surgery, the bad bacteria it is easy to walk into the other organs and even blood, he'd better treatment, or even increase the risk of dying."

香港人每日进食数千只猪、2万活鸡,还有不少冰鲜鸡等肉类,当中有多少带有抗药恶菌,惟香港渔农自然护理署及食物环境卫生署未针对这一点直接回应。 Thousands of people daily consumption of pigs, 20000 chickens, there are a lot of chilled chickens and other meat, the number of evil with the drug-resistant bacteria, but the Hong Kong Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department and Food and Environmental Hygiene Department has not targeted This is a direct answer.

据了解,有研究人员在收集猪、牛及鸡只粪便或肠道样本,每种动物收集数百个,发现近88.7%鸡只及70.1%猪只带有抗药性大肠杆菌,牛的比率为19.7%。 It is understood that there are researchers in the collection of pork, beef and chicken faeces or intestinal samples, each collected hundreds of animals, found that nearly 88.7% and 70.1% of chickens with the drug-resistant E. coli in pigs, cattle ratio 19.7%.

食用动物滥用抗生素 Abuse of antibiotics in food animals

研究同时收集老鼠、狗只及猫只粪便样本,抗药比率均较食用动物低,显示香港人每天进食的动物的抗药情况严重,当中或者与饲养时滥用抗生素有关。 The study also collected rats, dogs and cats stool samples from food animals, drug-resistant than those with low ratios, indicating that Hong Kong people to eat animals every day resistance in serious condition, and feeding them, or the misuse of antibiotics.

至于有多少病人因为吞了抗药恶菌肉类而无药可救,何柏良表示仍未有研究证实每年的死亡人数,但近年在诊所及普通科门诊的数据显示,约40%膀胱炎患者的大肠杆菌有抗药问题。 As the number of patients who had swallowed the drug-resistant bacteria of meat and incurable evil, Ho Pak-leung said the research has yet to confirm that the annual number of deaths, but in recent years in clinics and general outpatient data show that about 40% of patients with cystitis resistant E. coli problem.

Boyzone singer Stephen Gately dies on holiday

Ronan Keating 'totally devastated' as band members prepare to fly to Majorca, where Irish star was on break with partner

Boyzone in Concert - London

Stephen Gately of Boyzone performs at Wembley Arena, London Photograph: Suzan/Suzan/EMPICS Entertainment

Tributes from the world of pop music and beyond have poured in for the Boyzone singer Stephen Gately, who died in Majorca yesterday.

Gately, who was 33, died at his holiday home in Port Andratx, where he was staying with his civil partner, Andrew Cowles. Spanish police said there were "no signs of suspicious circumstances".

Gately joined Boyzone in 1993 after answering an advert in Dublin to audition for Ireland's first boyband. The band were hugely successful, enjoying six number-one singles before they split up in 2000.

Gately, who shared lead vocals with Ronan Keating, came out as gay 10 years ago, shocking the band's legion of adoring female fans but retaining their support.

The Boyzone tour website said that members of the band were flying out to Spain following the news. The band – Keating, Keith Duffy, Mikey Graham and Shane Lynch – said in a statement: "We are completely devastated by the loss of our friend and brother, Stephen.

"We have shared such wonderful times together over the years and were all looking forward to sharing many more.

"Stephen was a beautiful person in both body and spirit. He lit up our lives and those of the many friends he had all over the world.

"Our love and sympathy go out to Andrew and Stephen's family. We love you and will miss you forever, 'Steo'."

The band's manager, Louis Walsh, cancelled his scheduled appearance as a judge on the live X Factor show tonight . Walsh, who had been with Gately at an awards ceremony last Monday, said he was "in complete shock". "We will rally around each other this week," he told the News of the World. "He was a great man."

Nasa's LCROSS lunar mission uses Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Twitter feed from LCROSS quotes final thoughts of missile turned into whale

Illustration of NASA's LCROSS crashing into moon

'What's this thing coming towards me very fast? ... That's it! Ground! I wonder if it'll be friends with me?" ... Artist's impression of Nasa's Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite (LCROSS) crashing into the moon. Photograph: Reuters

In one of its less-reported actions last week, Nasa's LCROSS lunar mission last week gave Douglas Adams's Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy the extra-planetary exposure it has always deserved. A Twitter feed from the satellite sent crashing onto the moon's surface on Friday channelled the voice of an improbably created sperm whale that discovers itself hurtling towards a different outer-space collision in Adams's much-loved story.

Published 30 years ago, the classic novel features two missiles, aimed at Zaphod Beeblebrox's spaceship the Heart of Gold, turned into a whale and a bowl of petunias by the vessel's Improbability Drive (at an Improbability Factor of 8,767,128 against). The whale spends the last few minutes of its life pondering its existence – "Ahhh! Woooh! What's happening? Who am I? Why am I here? What's my purpose in life? What do I mean by who am I?" – before it crashes into the surface of the planet Magrathea.

As Nasa's LCROSS spacecraft travelled towards the moon at more than 9,000 kilometres per hour on Friday afternoon, it tweeted in the whale's words: "And what's this thing coming toward me very fast? So big and flat and round ... it needs a big wide sounding name like 'Ow', 'Ownge', 'Round', 'Ground'! ... That's it! Ground! Ha! I wonder if it'll be friends with me?"

Then it crashed into the moon, unfortunately failing to produce the 10km plume of dust and rock which could have been scanned for evidence of frozen water. Nasa made no mention of Adams's bowl of petunias, which thought only "Oh no, not again" as it tumbled towards Magrathea.

"Many people have speculated that if we knew exactly why the bowl of petunias had thought that we would know a lot more about the nature of the universe than we do now," wrote Adams in 1979.

The 30th anniversary of The Hitchhiker's Guide has also been marked with the publication of a sixth book in Adams's series, written by children's author Eoin Colfer with the blessing of Adams's widow, Jane Belson, and published today. And Another Thing ... picks up from where Adams's Mostly Harmless ended, and has been heralded as a triumph

despite initial trepidation from fans. "Colfer has pulled off the near-impossible," wrote Euan Ferguson in the Observer. "It's faithful to Adams's humour and, more important, it's also got his rhythm, the cadences and the footfalls that made his style so often (badly) imitated."

"Fans can put away the axes right now, because he has done a fine job," wrote Lisa Tuttle in the Times. "I haven't read anything in a long time that made me laugh as much as the battles on Planet Nano involving the elderly super-rich, their personal trainers and a sect of cheese-worshippers who cry, 'You will bring Edamnation down on us


Saturday, October 10, 2009

Cake wars


A line of judges led by Chef Wan gawked their way enroute to deciding the Best Chocolate Cake at the 3rd annual Best Chocolate Cake Contest at Great Eastern Mall last Saturday.

Great Eastern Mall in Kuala Lumpur was one big chocolate day last weekend as the capital’s four- and five-star hotels tried to outdo each other with their most sinful, delicious and decadent chocolate cakes.

Never was Great Eastern Mall more crowded with chocolate aficionados, as they turned up in droves, keen to witness the chocolate cake fight and get a taste of the yummy creations.

The first person to arrive at noon that Saturday was a Caucasian who carefully scrutinised each cake before plonking down RM350 for the Taste of Legend, the masterpiece by pastry chef Ghouse Ishak of Berjaya Times Square Hotel. He didn’t mind when told that the cake could only be collected at 5pm after judging and exhibition.

Chef Wan judged Beauty & The Beast from Renaissance Hotel the Best Chocolate Cake and Most Creative Chocolate Cake.

Shaped like a coiling dragon atop what looked like a sepak takraw ball, this exquisite cake was the crowd favourite. It failed to wow the judges, however. Apart from being sold whole, the cakes were also sold by the slice at RM15 a piece, and all went like, well, hot cakes.

Gluttony was happily indulged without too much guilt since it was all for a good cause — the proceeds would go to ChildrenCare, a charity project by Great Eastern Life Assurance which, by the way, owns the mall.

“Great Eastern Mall holds philanthropic events to show our appreciation of talented individuals from Malaysia’s art, fashion and literary scene. The third Chocolate Cake Contest is in line with our outlook as a friendly neighbourhood mall second to none for shopping, dining and leisure,” says Bruce Lee Yee Lam, Great Eastern’s vice president and head of finance and corporate affairs.

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Iran sentences 3 people to death over vote unrest

TEHRAN (Reuters) - A court has sentenced three people to death over unrest that erupted after Iran's disputed election in June and links to exiled opposition groups, the ISNA news agency reported on Saturday.

ISNA, citing the head of the publication relations office of Tehran provincial court, did not identify those who received the death penalty, giving only their initials.

A man walks past electoral posters outside a campaign centre for Mohsen Rezai, presidential candidate and a former commander of Iran's Revolutionary Guards, in northern Tehran, May 25, 2009. (REUTERS/Morteza Nikoubazl/Files)

"The execution sentences were handed down because of involvement in post-election developments and affiliation with the Iran monarchical association and the PMOI," the official, Zahid Bashiri-Rad, said.

"These sentences are not final and can be appealed in a higher court," he said.

The People's Mujahideen Organisation of Iran (PMOI) is an exiled opposition organisation, seen by both Iran and the United States as a terrorist group.

One of the initials given by ISNA matches that of Mohammad-Reza Ali-Zamani, whom the reformist Mowjcamp website on Thursday said had been sentenced to death.

A semi-official news agency, Mehr, said in August he was accused of fighting against the Islamic establishment and active membership of a "terrorist" royalist association, and other crimes.

There have been no other reports of death sentences issued against people involved in huge demonstrations that erupted after the poll, which the opposition says was rigged to secure the re-election of hardline President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Ali-Zamani was among more than 100 opposition supporters, including senior reformist figures, who were accused of fomenting post-election street unrest in a series of mass trials that got under way in August.

Mowjcamp said he had made "extensive confessions" during his trial. Reformist politicians have condemned the court sessions as "show trials".

Reformist former President Mohammad Khatami, who backed opposition leader Mirhossein Mousavi in the election, has said confessions made at the trials were obtained under "extraordinary conditions" and were invalid.

Analysts see the mass trials as an attempt by the authorities to uproot the moderate opposition.

The June election plunged Iran into its deepest internal crisis since the 1979 Islamic revolution, when the U.S.-backed shah was toppled.

The authorities have portrayed the street protests as a foreign-backed bid to undermine the Islamic state. The opposition says more than 70 people were killed in the unrest, more than double the official estimate.

Rights groups say thousands of people were detained after the vote, though most have since been released. Last week, Iran freed one detained reformer, Saeed Hajjarian, on bail.

(Writing by Fredrik Dahl; Editing by Jon Hemming)

Copyright © 2008 Reuters

After 50 years sexy women out, cartoon - Marge Simpson - in for Playboy cover

CHICAGO: Aye Carumba! Marge Simpson has done something that Homer might not like but will make Bart the proudest kid in his school: She's posed for Playboy magazine.

After more than a half century featuring women like Marilyn Monroe, Cindy Crawford and the Girls of Hooters on its cover, Playboy has for the first time given the spot to a cartoon character.

And the magazine is giving the star of "The Simpsons" the star treatment, complete with a data sheet, an interview and a 2-page centerfold.

In this photo released Friday, Oct. 9, 2009, by Playboy Magazine, the cover of the November 2009 issue featuring Marge Simpson is shown. It's a first for the magazine, which has never featured a cartoon character before. It will hit the newsstands October 16. (AP Photo/Playboy Magazine)

The magazine's editorial director, James Jellinek, won't say exactly how much of Marge will show in the November edition that hits newsstands on Oct. 16 - or whether she lets that big pile of blue hair down.

But, he said, "It's very, very racy."

But he stressed that the mother of three - the youngest a baby, by the way - has a lot to be proud of.

"She is a stunning example of the cartoon form," he said on Friday at the magazine's headquarters in Chicago, appearing both pleased and surprised at the words coming out of his mouth.

For Playboy, which has seen its circulation slip from 3.15 million to 2.6 million since 2006, putting Marge on the cover was designed to attract younger readers to a magazine where the median age of readers is 35, while not alienating older readers.

"We knew that this would really appeal to the 20-something crowd," said Playboy spokeswoman Theresa Hennessey.

The magazine also hopes to turn the November issue into a collectors' item by featuring Marge, sitting on a chair in the shape of the iconic Playboy bunny, on the cover of only the magazines sold in newsstands.

Subscribers get a more traditional model on the cover.

"It's so rare in today's digital age where you have the opportunity to send people to the newsstand to pick something up," Jellinek said.

Playboy even convinced 7-Eleven to carry the magazine in its 1,200 corporate-owned stores, something the company has only done once before in more than 20 years.

"We love Marge," said 7-Eleven spokesman Margaret Chabris.

For those who do collect the magazine - and they're out there - the cover will bring to mind another first for the magazine that occurred in 1971 when a black woman appeared on the cover in exactly the same pose and, like Marge, smiling under an impressive head of hair.

"We knew it was something all of our readers would get a kick out of," said Hennessey.

Jellinek said putting Marge on the cover, while unusual, made perfect sense. For one thing, the cover celebrates the 20th anniversary of the TV show.

Further, he said there was an episode in which "Marge bears all," which suggested the at she, or at least the people who drew her, would be comfortable with the Playboy treatment.

Perhaps most important, the idea seemed like a good one to the magazine's founder, Hugh Hefner.

"He's a huge 'Simpsons' fan,' said Jellinek. "He's been on 'The Simpsons."' - AP

Gunmen attack Pakistani army HQ and take hostages

By Augustine Anthony

RAWALPINDI, Pakistan (Reuters) - Suspected Taliban gunmen wearing army uniforms attacked the Pakistani army's headquarters on Saturday, killing six soldiers and taking up to 15 hostages after a gun battle, military officials said.

Security officials try to secure a perimeter outside the main gates to Pakistan's army headquarters after an attack by armed men in Rawalpindi, on the outskirts of Islamabad, October 10, 2009. (REUTERS/Faisal Mahmood)

The brazen attack on the tightly guarded headquarters in the garrison city of Rawalpindi came as the military prepares a major offensive against the militants in their northwestern stronghold of South Waziristan on the Afghan border.

Four of the gunmen were killed but military spokesman Major General Athar Abbas said four or five gunmen were holding hostages in a security agency office building near the army headquarters.

"We're facing an extraordinary situation. It's a very difficult hostage situation," Abbas told Geo television. "What I can say is that four to five terrorists and 10 to 15 hostages are there."

"Now a plan is being drawn up through which the lives of as many hostages as possible can be saved," he said.

Pakistani Taliban militants linked to al Qaeda have launched numerous attacks in Pakistan over the past couple of years, most aimed at the security forces or government and foreign targets. Militants have attacked military targets in Rawalpindi before.

On Monday, a suicide bomber attacked a U.N. office in the capital Islamabad, and on Friday a suspected suicide car-bomber killed 49 people in Peshawar -- an attack that the government said underscored the need for the all-out offensive against the Taliban.

"What happened in Peshawar, Islamabad and today, all roads lead to South Waziristan," said Interior Minister Rehman Malik.

"The TTP (Taliban Movement of Pakistan) is behind all of these attacks, and now the government has no other option but to launch an offensive," he said.


Saturday's gunmen drove in a white van with military licence plates to a main gate of the complex, where they were challenged by soldiers and opened fire and threw a grenade. The exchange of fire with troops lasted about 40 minutes.

Six soldiers, including a brigadier and a lieutenant-colonel who were passing through the gate, were killed. Four gunmen were killed there.

Television pictures showed the militants' van, its doors open, where the gunmen had abandoned it beside barriers outside the gate.

Early this year, militants pushed to within 100 km (60 miles) of Islamabad, raising fears for nuclear-armed Pakistan's stability. An exasperated U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the government appeared to be "abdicating" to the militants.

The United States needs Pakistani help against militants crossing into Afghanistan to fight U.S.-led forces there.

In late April, the security forces launched an offensive in the Swat valley, 120 km (80 miles) northwest of Islamabad, largely clearing the Taliban from the region.

The militants suffered another major blow on Aug. 5, when their overall leader, Baitullah Mehsud, was killed in a missile attack by a U.S. drone aircraft in South Waziristan.

The United States and India have also called for action against Afghan Taliban factions on the border and anti-Indian militant groups based in Pakistan's Punjab province.

North West Frontier Province Information Minister Iftikhar Hussain called for the elimination of militant bases in Punjab, telling reporters that, even if an offensive were successful in South Waziristan, militants would get support from Punjab.

The government ordered the army to go on the offensive in South Waziristan in June and security forces have been launching air and artillery strikes while moving troops into surrounding areas, blockading the region and trying to split off factions.

The army has declined to say when it will send ground troops in.

(Additional reporting by Kamran Haider and Sheree Sardar; writing by Robert Birsel; editing by Robin Pomeroy)

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One wife just wasn’t enough for taxi driver

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A SINGAPOREAN who was jailed a day and fined S$5,000 (RM12,000) for bigamy said he has no regrets over his marriages, reported China Press.

The newspaper said taxi driver Keh Teck Bok, who had married three times, was slapped with the bigamy charge last month when it was discovered that he was married to a Chinese national and a Filipina. He had earlier divorced his first wife, a Singaporean.

Keh, 60, had married the Chinese national in 1998 while still legally married to his Singaporean wife.

He had met the Chinese national, who was in her 20s, in Hunan a year earlier and she got pregnant before they got married in China.

Keh’s first wife, whom he married in 1972, found out about the marriage and filed for divorce in 1998. He then married the Filipina in 2003 in the Phillipines. They had a son.

He flew the Chinese wife and his son to Singapore in 2007 but sent her back to China when he was charged. His son continued studying in Singapore.

Keh said he knew it was wrong but he “loves all three women” when interviewed on Thursday.

> The daily also reported that a 28-year-old woman in Singapore left her fiance due to her addiction for Hong Kong TV serials.

Yu Shu Ping would watch the shows on her laptop computer until past midnight, and advice by her 35-year-old fiance Au Guan Rong resulted in arguments.

She then packed her belongings, including the computer, and left their home on Tuesday.

Man delivers baby, thanks to YouTube


KUALA TERENGGANU: A man, forced to be midwife for his wife in the car, safely delivered their baby – thanks to tips from Youtube.

The relieved wife, Siti Norhayati Hambadely, 29, said she was thankful her 50-year-old husband cared enough to scroll through the Net for information and visual tips on child delivery several months prior to the delivery.

“He just wanted to get ready in case of an emergency,” said Siti Norhayati, when met at the house in Panji Alam yesterday.

“I am now thinking of naming my daughter Nissan Sunny as she was born inside our old faithful,” she said in jest.

The safe birth of their youngest child had been a happy ending after a traumatic experience.

The young mother was forced to deliver her baby inside a car after a clinic staff allegedly refused to help.

Siti Norhayati was rushed to a nearby private clinic by the husband Amrun Mamat, when she complained of labour pains at about 12.50pm in their home.

Upon arriving, there was no doctor at the clinic. The couple claimed a nurse had refused to attend to Siti Norhayati and had turned them away.

In the midst of it all, she felt labour pains. Amrun saw her in pain and rushed to her side.

“I knew I was about to deliver and my husband had no choice but be the midwife, as the nurse was not helpful,” she said.

She said her three children, ages between seven and two years, were in the car when her husband managed to safely deliver their baby girl weighing 3.1kg.

“Despite in pain, I had to hold my newborn as my husband drove me to a private hospital to seek medical attention,” she said.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Lion City has been cheated 420,000 passengers across the ocean in Japan, Malaysian women's Missing

二零零九年十月六日凌晨十二时十二分 At 12:12 on October 6, 2009

(新加坡5日讯)声称参与投资计划,被狮城客骗走大约17万新元(约42万令吉),旅日大马妇女千里迢迢到新加坡希望追查骗子下落。 (Singapore 5 AP) claimed that participation in investment projects have been cheated off the Lion City for about 17 million (about 42 million), Japan to come all the way to Singapore, Malaysian women want to trace the whereabouts of liars.

叶观娣(54岁,寿司摊服务员)和丈夫育有一名成年的儿子和一个女儿。 YE Guan Di (54-year-old sushi stalls attendants) and her husband, father of an adult son and a daughter. 她告诉新加坡媒体指,她在去年3月通过侄儿的介绍认识了一名余姓男子,洋名Jeremiah。 She told the Singapore media refers to her nephew last year, in March through the introduction of an I姓男子know, foreign name Jeremiah.

该名男子今年38岁,从商。 The man, 38-year-old, from the business.

当时,该名男子和叶女士的侄儿到日本旅游,在叶女士家暂住。 At that time, the man and Miss Ip's nephew visited Japan in the Miss Ip staying at home.

堕投资陷阱亏23万 Falling into the trap losses 230,000 investment

叶女士说,那名男子住在她家中的第3天就向她介绍自己的投资计划:只要拿出一笔资金投资,过了一年半就可拿回本钱,之后会连本带利,可以拿回投资额3倍。 Miss Ip said that the man lived in her home in the first three days and was briefed on their investment plans: as long as come up with a capital investment, over a year and a half you can get back the capital, to be followed with interest, can now get back three times the amount of investment.

“我当时不知道为什么给他说得心动了,去银行提了600万日圆(约23万令吉)出来交给他。他隔天就离开,也没有给我收据和证明。” "I did not know why his right cardiac, and go to the bank raised 600 million yen (about 23 million) out to him. He left the next day, it did not give me a receipt and proof."

叶女士透露,她向朋友提起该名男子的建议,朋友都劝她不要加入。 Miss Ip said a friend brought her to the man's proposal, and friends tried to persuade her not to join. 怎么料到,那名男子过了1个月再次探访,叶女士说,这次她又胡里胡涂地向朋友借了近500万日圆(约19万令吉)交给对方。 How to expectation, the man once again after a 1 month visit, Miss Ip said that the she Hulihutu to a friend borrowed nearly 500 million yen (about 19 million) to the other side.

“第一笔钱是女儿的大学学费,第二笔则包括儿子储蓄的老婆本还有向朋友借的钱。” "The first sum of money her daughter's university tuition fees, the second installment will include the wife of the son of savings still to a friend borrowed money."

叶女士声称,男子承诺为她申请储蓄卡,只要有卡在手,就能够提款,可是她等了好几个月都没有等到储蓄卡,让她非常心急。 Miss Ip claimed that men's commitment to apply for her debit card, as long as there are cards in hand, we can withdraw, but she waited for several months did not wait until the savings card, so she is very impatient.

她透露,后来曾两次到香港参观该男子办公的公司,可是对方并没承诺什么时候可获得利润,过后她通过各种途径联络该名男子都联络不上。 She said, and later to Hong Kong on two occasions to visit the man's office, but no commitment to each other when the availability of profits, after which she was through a variety of ways to contact the man had not be contacted.

被指欺骗的男子相信是在类似多层传销公司任职。 Accused of cheating men believed to be serving in a similar multi-layer direct-marketing company. 据叶女士给记者看的资料,有印有阳光大帝公司的宣传资料。 According to Miss Ip to reporters to see the information, there are printed with the sun the Great's publicity materials.

叶女士说,由于她没有证据证明对方拿了她的钱,因此至今还没有报警。 Miss Ip said that since there is no evidence that she took the other side of her money, and therefore there has been no warning.

她说,她唯一有的证据是银行存折被提出现款的证据。 She said that she only some evidence of a bank passbook been raised cash evidence.

记者尝试拨打该名男子在新加坡的电话,可是联系失败。 The man's attempt to dial the phone in Singapore, but the link fails.

Russian woman into prostitution in Malaysia a monthly income of more than 100,000

二零零九年十月六日凌晨十二时五十三分 At 12:53 on October 6, 2009

(吉隆坡5日讯)俄罗斯女郎在大马卖淫,月入逾10万令吉! (Kuala Lumpur, 5 News) The Russian girls into prostitution in Malaysia, a monthly income of more than 10 million ringgit!

根指出,潜入我国进行卖淫的乌兹别克斯坦女郎每一次的交易高达1000至1500令吉。 Root pointed out that sneak into our country of Uzbekistan girls for prostitution every transaction up to between 1,000 and 1,500 ringgit.

据据《马来西亚前锋报》,卖淫者3个月内的收入介于30万令吉,换言之,每个月至少有10万令吉,他们“赚够”后,就会“移师”至其他国家,如泰国、新加坡或是印尼。 According to According to "Malaysia's Herald", prostitutes, within 3 months of income between 30 million ringgit, in other words, at least 10 million ringgit a month, they "earn enough", the will "move" to other countries, such as the Thailand, Singapore or Indonesia.

根据一名位于比南里路经营夜店的业者表示,“这些女郎都是在没有中介介绍下,自己'觅食',平常都是租下武吉免登一带的房子,一旦要交易时,则在隆市选择高级酒店进行,所有费用包括衣食住行都由顾客全数负责,每一名顾客的每次性交易都要花上至少1000令吉。” According to a business located in more than a mile south of the nightclub industry, said, "These girls are introduced in the absence of an intermediary, under their own 'food', are usually rented a house in the vicinity of Bukit Bintang, once to transactions, in the long City Select luxury hotels carried out by the customer all costs, including basic needs of all, with each customer each time a transaction should take at least 1,000 ringgit. "

全国刑事调查总监拿督斯里巴克里接受《马来西亚前锋报》访问时坦承,在我国涉及卖淫的女子当中,乌兹别克斯坦女子占多数。 The National Criminal Investigation director Datuk Bakri accept the "Malaysia's Herald," interview admits that among the women involved in prostitution in China, Uzbekistan, women are the majority.

外国女郎涉卖淫5年逾3万人被捕 全国刑事调查总监拿督斯里巴克里周一发文告指出,警方自2005年至今年9月30日,共逮捕了3万6858名涉嫌卖淫的各国女子,而当中有211名乌兹别克斯坦女子。 Foreign girls in prostitution-related arrests five over 30000 Director, Datuk Bakri National Criminal Investigation issued a statement Monday that the police from 2005 to this year's September 30, a total of 36858 arrested for suspected prostitution national women's, of which there are 211 women in Uzbekistan.

在3万6858人当中,已有265人因抵触卖淫条文而被法庭惩罚,另外还有191人已被警方提控上庭。 In the 36858 persons, 265 persons have been due to conflict with the provisions of the court to punish prostitution and another 191 people, have been charged to court.

他指出,今年1月至9月30日,全国共逮捕7810名份别来自21个国家的女子,其中56人来自乌兹别克斯坦。 He pointed out that in January this year, to September 30, the country has higher status and do not arrest 7810 women from 21 countries, of which 56 were from Uzbekistan.

“此外,还有来自俄罗斯、欧洲及其他亚洲国家的女郎也到大马卖淫,对此,警方将与移民局合作,打击卖淫活动。” "In addition, there are from Russia, Europe and other Asian countries, girls also went to Malaysia prostitution, which the police will work with immigration cooperation in combating prostitution activities."

他在文告中表示,警方与大马移民局合作打击卖淫活动,并在往后加强入境通关的检查,只允许以游客、学生或是持有工作证的工作者身份入境,确保减少卖淫活动。 In a statement, he said the Malaysian police and immigration cooperation to combat prostitution, and the subsequent strengthening of immigration clearance check, allowing only for tourists, students and workers holding work permits as immigration, ensure the reduction of prostitution.

The "Ford World Supermodel Contest" as the bait Kate XIE cheated 100,000

The "Ford World Supermodel Contest" as the bait Kate XIE cheated 100,000

以“福特世界超模大赛”为饵名模谢丽萍被骗10万 The "Ford World Supermodel Contest" as the bait Kate XIE cheated 100,000

二零零九年十月六日凌晨十二时五十六分 At 12:56 on October 6, 2009

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■ 记者会开始未及5秒钟,谢丽萍就梨花带泪地道出受骗经过了。 ■ press will start less than 5 seconds, Li-Ping Xie Lihua tear on the ground tells deceived after.

■ 谢丽萍在其代表律师Rajan Navaratnam的陪同下,道出事情的过程。 ■ XIE his legal representative, accompanied by Rajan Navaratnam, tells something of the process.

(吉隆坡五日讯)大马名模Amber Chia谢丽萍的新模特儿公司开张未及2个月,就遭27岁女子以“福特世界超模大赛”为饵,骗约10万和名誉面子。 (Kuala Lumpur on the 5th AP) Malaysian supermodel Amber Chia Li-Ping Xie of the new modeling agency opened less than 2 months, it was 27-year-old woman with "Ford World Supermodel Contest" as the bait, lie about 10 million, and an honorary face.

不但如此,那叶姓女子如今还搞失踪,逼至谢丽萍发出48小时现身的通缉令。 Not only that, it leaves Xing Nvzi Today you can still engage in disappearances, Bi Zhi XIE issued arrest warrants for 48 hours to show up.

今天下午3时,Amber Chia在代表律师Rajan Navaratnam的陪同下,召开记者会道出“上当记”的经过。 Today at 3 pm, Amber Chia on behalf of the lawyer Rajan Navaratnam, accompanied by a press conference tells "be taken in mind," was tested.

今年8月,谢丽萍的Amber Creations开张,专门承接有关模特儿行业的生意。 This year in August, Li-Ping Xie of the Amber Creations opened specifically took on the modeling industry, business.

9月初,她接到一叶姓女子的邀请,一起联手主办“福特世界超模大赛”的真人秀节目。 Early in September, she received a leaf Xingnv Zi's invitation to host jointly with the "Ford World Supermodel Contest," a reality show.

谢丽萍表示,福特世界超模大赛是一场世界级比赛,是每一个模特儿的梦想,所以她极度希望能够接手这场演出,让大马的模特儿都有机会踏上这世界级的天桥。 Li-Ping Xie said that the Ford World Supermodel Contest is a world-class competitions of every model's dream, so she hopes to take over this great show, so that Malysia's model has the opportunity to set foot on this world-class bridge.

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Young woman hiding bedroom with drug money!

二零零九年十月六日凌晨十二时十三分 At 12:13 on October 6, 2009

(新加坡5日讯)钞票卷成纸筒,一名少妇躲在房间内吸海洛英,以为神不知鬼不觉,岂料肃毒人员上门突击,少妇在惊慌下,将钞票等吸毒“道具”一并抛下楼,企图毁灭证据。 (Singapore 5 AP) notes rolled paper tube, a young woman hiding inside a room smoking heroin, thinking that without anybody knowing it, our surprise, surprise visits Su-drug officers, the young woman in panic, will money and other drug use "props "thrown together with buildings, an attempt to destroy evidence.

天网恢恢,少妇企图瞒天过海的举动被肃毒局人员发现,他们将证据取回,入屋将少妇当场逮捕。 Justice has the young woman move was an attempt to deceive Narcotics Bureau found that the evidence they would get back, entry will be the young woman arrested on the spot.

去年6月17日4时许,肃毒人员在掌握可靠情报之后,到少妇花蒂玛的家中进行突击,她的丈夫开门时表示妻子不在家。 Last year, June 17 4 pm, CNB officers have reliable intelligence, after the young woman Fatimah's home to conduct a surprise, her husband opened the door, said his wife was not home.

这时,肃毒人员发现有人从2楼单位的睡房窗口,把东西抛下楼。 At this time, Su-drug officers discovered that someone from the 2nd floor bedroom of the flat window, the floor, throwing things. 他们将被丢弃的物件取回后,入屋调查,发现少妇躲藏在睡房的衣架背后。 They will be discarded objects to retrieve after the burglary investigation, found that the young woman hiding in the back bedroom of the hanger.

少妇当场承认,她见肃毒人员上门突击,将用来吸食海落英的铝箔纸和卷成纸筒的新币2元钞票给抛下楼。 Spot young woman admitted that she come see the Su-drug officers, assault, will be used to abuse the sea Laying of aluminum foil paper and roll into a paper tube 2 yuan of new currency notes to the floor, throwing. 经过化验,2元钞票也证实占有含海洛英成份,她的尿液化验证实含有吗啡成份。 After testing, 2 yuan notes are also confirmed with possession of heroin, ingredients, and her urine test found to contain morphine ingredient.

她因吸毒被法官判处罪坐牢5年。 She was a judge sentenced for drug crimes in prison for 5 years. 根据警方的记录,被告有多项吸毒以及诈骗案底。 According to police records, the defendant has a number of drug abuse and fraud at the end.

少妇在求情书中声称,自己已多年没有沾上毒品,近期因为和丈夫面对财务方面的压力,导致毒瘾重犯,而身体检查报告也显示,她的乳房长有肿瘤。 In mitigation, the book claims that the young woman he has been for many years has not stained with drugs, because the husband and the face of recent financial pressures, leading to drug addiction recidivism, while the physical examination report also revealed that her breast excised tumor.

少妇目前在服刑,她已针对判决提出上诉。 Young woman is currently serving a sentence, she had appealed against the sentence.