Monday, October 12, 2009

Parliament House to protest the British people to climb on Climate Change

二零零九年十月十二日下午四时二十八分 At 16:28 on October 12, 2009

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■ 英国环保活跃份子在伦敦国会大厦楼顶展开示威,抗议气候变化。 ■ British environmental activists started the roof of Parliament House in London to protest against climate change.

(伦敦12日综合电)“绿色和平”组织表示,50人彻夜爬上英国国会大楼屋顶,抗议全球暖化,其中半数人在警方呼吁及协助下,已经回到地面,但仍有至少20人继续留在“西敏寺大厅”、也就是英国国会大楼的屋顶。 (London 12, Reuters) "Green Peace" organization, said 50 people through the night to climb up the British Parliament Building, the roof to protest against global warming, half of them called the police and assistance have been returned to the ground, but still at least 20 people continue to stay in the "Westminster Hall", that is, the roof of the British Parliament building.

“绿色和平”表示,英国国会夏季休会结束,各个议员都准备周一重返国会议事堂,展开新会期,因此他们想要趁机敦促国会修改政策、阻止气候变迁。 "Green peace" said the end of the summer recess, the British Parliament, all members are prepared to Congress Monday to return to this Chamber, start a new session, so they want to take the opportunity to urge Congress to revise its policies to prevent climate change.

“绿色和平”指出,英国主要政党的议员都未能提出具体措施,促进地球环保。 "Green Peace" that the British members of the major political parties have failed to propose concrete measures to promote the Earth's environment. 因此他们借此唤起各方注意。 They like to take this to draw the parties.