Monday, October 5, 2009

Russian woman into prostitution in Malaysia a monthly income of more than 100,000

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(吉隆坡5日讯)俄罗斯女郎在大马卖淫,月入逾10万令吉! (Kuala Lumpur, 5 News) The Russian girls into prostitution in Malaysia, a monthly income of more than 10 million ringgit!

根指出,潜入我国进行卖淫的乌兹别克斯坦女郎每一次的交易高达1000至1500令吉。 Root pointed out that sneak into our country of Uzbekistan girls for prostitution every transaction up to between 1,000 and 1,500 ringgit.

据据《马来西亚前锋报》,卖淫者3个月内的收入介于30万令吉,换言之,每个月至少有10万令吉,他们“赚够”后,就会“移师”至其他国家,如泰国、新加坡或是印尼。 According to According to "Malaysia's Herald", prostitutes, within 3 months of income between 30 million ringgit, in other words, at least 10 million ringgit a month, they "earn enough", the will "move" to other countries, such as the Thailand, Singapore or Indonesia.

根据一名位于比南里路经营夜店的业者表示,“这些女郎都是在没有中介介绍下,自己'觅食',平常都是租下武吉免登一带的房子,一旦要交易时,则在隆市选择高级酒店进行,所有费用包括衣食住行都由顾客全数负责,每一名顾客的每次性交易都要花上至少1000令吉。” According to a business located in more than a mile south of the nightclub industry, said, "These girls are introduced in the absence of an intermediary, under their own 'food', are usually rented a house in the vicinity of Bukit Bintang, once to transactions, in the long City Select luxury hotels carried out by the customer all costs, including basic needs of all, with each customer each time a transaction should take at least 1,000 ringgit. "

全国刑事调查总监拿督斯里巴克里接受《马来西亚前锋报》访问时坦承,在我国涉及卖淫的女子当中,乌兹别克斯坦女子占多数。 The National Criminal Investigation director Datuk Bakri accept the "Malaysia's Herald," interview admits that among the women involved in prostitution in China, Uzbekistan, women are the majority.

外国女郎涉卖淫5年逾3万人被捕 全国刑事调查总监拿督斯里巴克里周一发文告指出,警方自2005年至今年9月30日,共逮捕了3万6858名涉嫌卖淫的各国女子,而当中有211名乌兹别克斯坦女子。 Foreign girls in prostitution-related arrests five over 30000 Director, Datuk Bakri National Criminal Investigation issued a statement Monday that the police from 2005 to this year's September 30, a total of 36858 arrested for suspected prostitution national women's, of which there are 211 women in Uzbekistan.

在3万6858人当中,已有265人因抵触卖淫条文而被法庭惩罚,另外还有191人已被警方提控上庭。 In the 36858 persons, 265 persons have been due to conflict with the provisions of the court to punish prostitution and another 191 people, have been charged to court.

他指出,今年1月至9月30日,全国共逮捕7810名份别来自21个国家的女子,其中56人来自乌兹别克斯坦。 He pointed out that in January this year, to September 30, the country has higher status and do not arrest 7810 women from 21 countries, of which 56 were from Uzbekistan.

“此外,还有来自俄罗斯、欧洲及其他亚洲国家的女郎也到大马卖淫,对此,警方将与移民局合作,打击卖淫活动。” "In addition, there are from Russia, Europe and other Asian countries, girls also went to Malaysia prostitution, which the police will work with immigration cooperation in combating prostitution activities."

他在文告中表示,警方与大马移民局合作打击卖淫活动,并在往后加强入境通关的检查,只允许以游客、学生或是持有工作证的工作者身份入境,确保减少卖淫活动。 In a statement, he said the Malaysian police and immigration cooperation to combat prostitution, and the subsequent strengthening of immigration clearance check, allowing only for tourists, students and workers holding work permits as immigration, ensure the reduction of prostitution.