Sunday, October 4, 2009

(Africa ‧ Ethiopia), she may be the ancestor of mankind

  • (圖:美聯社) (Photo: AP)

(Africa ‧ Ethiopia), she may be the ancestor of mankind Let's!一支國際科學家團隊週四(10月1日)公佈,他們在非洲埃塞俄比亞境內,發現了距今已有440萬年的女原始人骨骼化石,是迄今所發現的年代最久遠的原始人骨骼。 An international team of scientists Thursday (October 1st) has announced that in Africa, Ethiopia, 440 years have elapsed since the discovery of a female hominid bones ever found in the oldest age primitive skeleton.

這名女性原始人屬於始祖地猿,科學家將其暱稱為“阿爾迪”(Ardi),她的第一塊骨骼出土於1992年,科學家根據陸續出土的骨骼,包括帶牙齒的頭骨、手臂、手、骨盆、腿、腳(小圖)等,“復原”了其整體特徵。 The woman belongs to primitive ancestor to apes, the scientists of its nickname as "Aldi" (Ardi), her first a skeleton unearthed in 1992, scientists unearthed the skeleton according to one after another, including the skull with teeth, arm, hand, pelvis, legs, feet (small pictures), etc., "rehabilitation" of its overall characteristics.

科學家推測,“阿爾迪”身高約12公分米,體重約50公斤,比此前認為是最古老的人類祖先的原始人“露西”生活的年代,還要早100多萬年。 Scientists speculate, "Aldi" is about 12 centimeters meters tall and weighs about 50 kilograms, more than previously considered to be the oldest primitive human ancestor "Lucy" years of life, but also as early as more than 100 years. 在“阿爾迪”出土前,“露西”被認為是最早的人科動物之一,後者屬於南方古猿阿法種,同樣出土於埃塞俄比亞境內。 In the "Aldi" unearthed ago, "Lucy" is considered one of the earliest animals, Hominidae, which belongs to Australopithecus afarensis species, also unearthed in Ethiopia.

科學家指出,“阿爾迪”即使不是我們的直接祖先,她也為研究者提供了新的見解,瞭解人類是怎樣從與黑猩猩等共同擁有的祖先那裡進化來的。 Scientists pointed out that "Aldi", if not our direct ancestors, she also provides researchers new insights to understand how humans and chimpanzees from a common evolutionary ancestors have come.

科學家對其特徵進行的分析表明,人與黑猩猩的共同祖先,與如今的人類和黑猩猩特徵迥異,因此,往後在研究人類進化時,不宜再將黑猩猩當作共同祖先的“替身”。 Scientists of its characteristics analysis showed that the common ancestor of human and chimpanzee, and human and chimpanzee characteristics of today's very different, so when the next in the study of human evolution is not appropriate then the common ancestor of chimpanzees as a "substitute."