Monday, October 5, 2009

Lion City has been cheated 420,000 passengers across the ocean in Japan, Malaysian women's Missing

二零零九年十月六日凌晨十二时十二分 At 12:12 on October 6, 2009

(新加坡5日讯)声称参与投资计划,被狮城客骗走大约17万新元(约42万令吉),旅日大马妇女千里迢迢到新加坡希望追查骗子下落。 (Singapore 5 AP) claimed that participation in investment projects have been cheated off the Lion City for about 17 million (about 42 million), Japan to come all the way to Singapore, Malaysian women want to trace the whereabouts of liars.

叶观娣(54岁,寿司摊服务员)和丈夫育有一名成年的儿子和一个女儿。 YE Guan Di (54-year-old sushi stalls attendants) and her husband, father of an adult son and a daughter. 她告诉新加坡媒体指,她在去年3月通过侄儿的介绍认识了一名余姓男子,洋名Jeremiah。 She told the Singapore media refers to her nephew last year, in March through the introduction of an I姓男子know, foreign name Jeremiah.

该名男子今年38岁,从商。 The man, 38-year-old, from the business.

当时,该名男子和叶女士的侄儿到日本旅游,在叶女士家暂住。 At that time, the man and Miss Ip's nephew visited Japan in the Miss Ip staying at home.

堕投资陷阱亏23万 Falling into the trap losses 230,000 investment

叶女士说,那名男子住在她家中的第3天就向她介绍自己的投资计划:只要拿出一笔资金投资,过了一年半就可拿回本钱,之后会连本带利,可以拿回投资额3倍。 Miss Ip said that the man lived in her home in the first three days and was briefed on their investment plans: as long as come up with a capital investment, over a year and a half you can get back the capital, to be followed with interest, can now get back three times the amount of investment.

“我当时不知道为什么给他说得心动了,去银行提了600万日圆(约23万令吉)出来交给他。他隔天就离开,也没有给我收据和证明。” "I did not know why his right cardiac, and go to the bank raised 600 million yen (about 23 million) out to him. He left the next day, it did not give me a receipt and proof."

叶女士透露,她向朋友提起该名男子的建议,朋友都劝她不要加入。 Miss Ip said a friend brought her to the man's proposal, and friends tried to persuade her not to join. 怎么料到,那名男子过了1个月再次探访,叶女士说,这次她又胡里胡涂地向朋友借了近500万日圆(约19万令吉)交给对方。 How to expectation, the man once again after a 1 month visit, Miss Ip said that the she Hulihutu to a friend borrowed nearly 500 million yen (about 19 million) to the other side.

“第一笔钱是女儿的大学学费,第二笔则包括儿子储蓄的老婆本还有向朋友借的钱。” "The first sum of money her daughter's university tuition fees, the second installment will include the wife of the son of savings still to a friend borrowed money."

叶女士声称,男子承诺为她申请储蓄卡,只要有卡在手,就能够提款,可是她等了好几个月都没有等到储蓄卡,让她非常心急。 Miss Ip claimed that men's commitment to apply for her debit card, as long as there are cards in hand, we can withdraw, but she waited for several months did not wait until the savings card, so she is very impatient.

她透露,后来曾两次到香港参观该男子办公的公司,可是对方并没承诺什么时候可获得利润,过后她通过各种途径联络该名男子都联络不上。 She said, and later to Hong Kong on two occasions to visit the man's office, but no commitment to each other when the availability of profits, after which she was through a variety of ways to contact the man had not be contacted.

被指欺骗的男子相信是在类似多层传销公司任职。 Accused of cheating men believed to be serving in a similar multi-layer direct-marketing company. 据叶女士给记者看的资料,有印有阳光大帝公司的宣传资料。 According to Miss Ip to reporters to see the information, there are printed with the sun the Great's publicity materials.

叶女士说,由于她没有证据证明对方拿了她的钱,因此至今还没有报警。 Miss Ip said that since there is no evidence that she took the other side of her money, and therefore there has been no warning.

她说,她唯一有的证据是银行存折被提出现款的证据。 She said that she only some evidence of a bank passbook been raised cash evidence.

记者尝试拨打该名男子在新加坡的电话,可是联系失败。 The man's attempt to dial the phone in Singapore, but the link fails.