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Engage in stunt car site for members washing four half-naked beauty

Engage in stunt car site for members washing four half-naked beauty

二零零九年十月五日凌晨十二时四十五分 At 12:45 on October 5, 2009

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■ 半裸美女在货舱内为20人洗车,上演香艳一幕。 ■ half-naked beauty in the cargo hold 20 people within the car wash, Xiang Yan staged scene.

■ 其中一名半裸美女珍妮(左)说,她要趁年轻尝试新事物。 ■ One of the half-naked beauty Jennifer (left) said that she wanted to Chen Nianqing try new things.

■ 钟小姐和男友一同前往洗车活动,认为活动富有娱乐性。 ■ Ms. Chung and her boyfriend go with car washing activities, believing that the activities of highly entertaining.

(新加坡4日讯)4名半裸美女,无上装为20人洗车! (Singapore 4 News) 4 half-naked beautiful women, topless car wash for 20 people!

新加坡一个汽车网站为宣传造势搞噱头,20名会员受邀出席另类的洗车活动,在货仓内由4名性感半裸美女,为他们洗车。 Singapore, an auto Web site to publicize the rally engage in gimmicks, 20 members invited to attend a different type of car washing activities in the warehouse by four sexy half-naked beautiful women, for their washing.

身穿3点式的美女们个个身材娇好,一边洗车一边脱下上装,袒胸露背,受邀者在大饱眼福之余,则眼看手勿动。 Wearing a type of beauty are 3:00 Jiao everyone in good shape as he took off his coat while washing, low-necked halter, invitees, apart from the feast for the eyes, then watch hands Do not move.

这项香艳四射的洗车活动,分别在上个星期日和星期一两天下午,在新加坡东部的一个废弃货舱内进行。 The Xiang Yan captivates her audiences washing activities at last Sunday and Monday afternoon, two days, in the eastern part of Singapore inside an abandoned cargo.

刚在昨日启用,名为Motoring Exchange的汽车网站,为吸引驾车人士成为网站会员,让20名幸运被抽中的会员目睹美女为他们半裸洗车。 Just yesterday the opening of a car called Motoring Exchange Web site to attract motorists to become a site member, so that 20 lucky members were drawn witnessed the beauty of their half-naked, washing cars.

被抽中的幸运儿,都可携带一名朋友前往,但都必须遵循活动的规矩,不准触碰模特儿也不准摄影。 Has been in the lucky draw, can bring a friend to go, but they must follow the activities of the rules, are not allowed to touch the models are not allowed to photograph.

每一辆车在驶进货舱后,手持水管、大刷子和海绵的美女们便开始洗车,整个过程大约20分钟至半小时。 Each one vehicle to enter the cargo hold, the hand-held pipes, big brushes and sponges beauty who began washing, the whole process about 20 minutes to half an hour. 幸运儿在一旁享用茶点饮料,一边看着半裸美女为他们服务。 Lucky to enjoy refreshments at the side of the drink, and watching half-naked beauty to serve them.

钟小姐:活动富娱乐性 Ms. Chung: Activities and entertaining

其中一名受邀的车主钟小姐(24岁,广告行政人员)与交往3年的男友一起出席这个活动。 One of the owners invited Ms. Chung (24-year-old advertising executive officers) and contacts with the three-year boyfriend to attend this event.

她说,“我起初以为美女会穿上3点式洗车,后来她们将上装脱掉,只有小小的一片乳贴,没想到最后她们连乳贴都拿掉,真空上阵。” She said, "I initially thought would be beautiful to wear 3:00-type car-washing, then they will coat off, and only a little milk paste, did not expect the final they are not even milk paste are removed, vacuum battle."

钟小姐表示,美女们的身材都很好,整个活动非常富有娱乐性,虽然美女们裸露上身,但是观众只能看不能动,应该没什么问题。 Ms Chung said that the beauty of the body were very good, the whole event is very rich and entertaining, though beauty were topless, but the audience can only see can not be changed, it should be no problem.

另一名受邀的28岁银行家林先生,形容这项活动新颖和刺激,具有格调。 Another 28-year-old banker invited Mr. Lin to describe the innovative and stimulating the activity, with style.

美女身材娇好专人指导摆性感姿势 Jiao well supervised body beautiful swing sexy pose

半裸美女洗车女,把公众当透明。 Half-naked women beautiful car washing to the public as transparency. 其中一名半裸美女珍妮(21岁,行政助理)告诉《新报》,她穿着三点式高跟鞋洗车,刚开始时感觉相当尴尬,但后来渐渐就习惯了。 One of the half-naked beauty Jennifer (21-year-old administrative assistant) told the "Hong Kong Daily News," She was wearing three-point high-heeled shoes and washing cars at the beginning felt very awkward, but then gradually get used to.

珍妮说:“因为我不是一个人这样做,有其他美女陪着壮胆。这是个难得的机会,我觉得年轻时就要尝试新的事物,如绑紧跳等活动。” Jenny said: "Because I am not a man to do so, there are other beautiful accompanied embolden. This is a unique opportunity, I think the youth should try new things, such as the Reverse Bungy and other activities."

珍妮充当业余模特儿大约半年,她是通过友人的口中获知这项活动的消息。 Jennifer about six months as an amateur model, she was informed of this through a friend's mouth activities. 她说,她被录取后,有专人指导她如何一边洗车,一边摆出性感姿势。 She said that after she was admitted, there is someone to guide her how to hand washing, while put on sexy poses.

珍妮说:“把观众当透明的,想象自己和其他女生一同嬉戏洗车就行了,我相当满意照片出来的效果,觉得很有艺术感。” Jenny said: "so the audience as transparent, to imagine themselves and other girls playing with car wash on the line, and I am very satisfied with the effect of pictures out, feeling very artistic."

策划两天洗车活动主办商砸3万令吉 Planning a two-day car wash event organizers ringgit hit 30000

主办商砸上万元,策划两天的洗车活动! Organizers to hit the million, planned a two-day car wash event!

洗车活动策划人陈先生(洋名Gerald,29岁)说,两天的洗车活动共花费了1万1800新元( 约2万8864令吉)来打造,其中5600新元(约1万3698令吉)是4名半裸美女的酬劳。 Car wash event planner Chen (Western name, Gerald, 29-year-old) said that two days were spent washing the activities of 11800 Singapore dollars (about 28864 pounds) to build, of which 5,600 Singapore dollars (about 13698 RM) is a four half-naked beauty of the reward.

他说,公司之前也花了大约2万5000新元(约6万1154令吉)来拍摄及制作活动的预告短片,另外则花费4万5000新元(约11万令吉)也用来设立网站。 He said that even before the company spent about 25000 Singapore dollars (about 61154 pounds) to filming and production activities, short notice, while the cost of 45000 Singapore dollars (about 11 million) is also used to setting up websites .

他是在征询一名退休警官的朋友的意见后,决定将活动搞成纯粹是个私人的活动。 He is a retired police officer in consultation with the views of our friends, decided purely private activity into an activity.

受邀的会员只能看,不能触碰模特儿,也不能拍照,上载在网页上的照片,重要部位被打格,避免裸露,他至今仍未接获任何有关洗车活动的投诉。 Invited members can only look, not touch the models, we can not take pictures, upload photos on the page, it is important part of being Dage to avoid nudity, he has not received any complaints related to car-washing activities.

律师:活动涉及灰色地带 Counsel: Activities involved in a gray area

律师表示,活动涉及灰色地带,若遭投诉,当局可介入调查。 Counsel said that the activities involve gray areas, if the subject of the complaint, the authorities may intervene in the investigation.

受访律师纷纷表示,活动是否违法,关键在于这是否能够归类为“私人活动”。 Respondents lawyers have said that the activities are illegal, the key lies in whether this can be classified as "private activities."

卢平池律师说,货舱毕竟是个公共场所,公众能进入,而受邀的会员也可被视为公众。 Lupine pool of counsel, the cargo hold, after all, is a public place, the public can access, which invited its members can be seen as the public.

吕德强律师表示,接下来要看外界对于这项活动有何反应,若接到投诉,有关当局可介入调查。 Lv Dejiang lawyers said, the next to see the outside world react to this event, if the receipt of complaints, the authorities may intervene in the investigation.

在新加坡,任何人在公共场合或能让别人看到的私人地方裸露都是犯法的。 In Singapore, a person in public places or allows other people to see the private parts exposed are breaking the law. 在杂项(公共秩序和骚扰)法令下,罪成者可判罚款高达2000元(约4892令吉),坐牢长达3个月,或两者兼施。 The Miscellaneous (public order and harassment) Act, the convicted person may be sentenced to a fine of up to 2,000 yuan (about 4892 euros), up to 3 months in prison, or both.