Sunday, October 4, 2009

Taiwan ‧ too long refused to Cardiff genital intercourse ‧ women's petition for divorce was dismissed second degree

(Taiwan ‧ Taipei) the reasons for divorce a wide range, but Taiwan has a unique reason for a woman - her husband genital too long.

台灣媒體報導,台北縣一名游姓婦女因夫妻失和訴請離婚,並在提控後搬回娘家,結果丈夫提告要求她履行同居義務。 Taiwan media reports, Taipei County, a woman surnamed Yu filed for divorce because of marital estrangement, and charged back to her parents after the results mentioned sue her husband asked her to cohabitation.

這名女子為說服法官,爆料指丈夫的“那話兒”太長,每次行房都讓她痛苦不堪,她已隱忍多年。 The woman to convince a judge, broke the news that her husband's "Private Parts" is too long, every time she had sexual intercourse painful, she had forbear for many years.

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