Sunday, October 4, 2009

(UK ‧ London), the Earth has now developed into what species the biggest changes affecting the Earth's most?

  • 蚯蚓存在六億年,遍佈地球各角落,為包括人類在內的許多物種提供了基本的生物模範。 Liu Yinian earthworms exist all over every corner of the earth, for many species, including humans, provides the basic biological model.

近日一本新書《地球演化了甚麼? Recently, a new book, "What on Earth evolved? 》檢視這個星球的歷史和所有生命形式,並依據其成功程度選出百大物種,結果排名第一的既非目前主宰全球的人類,也不是曾稱霸數億年的恐龍,而是外表毫不起眼的蚯蚓。 "View the history of the planet and all life forms, and according to their degree of success selected 100 large species, the results are neither ranked first in the world currently dominated by humans, nor is it has a few hundred million years of dinosaurs dominated, but the humble appearance earthworm.

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