Monday, October 12, 2009

Moscow over the "Independence Day" halo

二零零九年十月十二日下午四时二十九分 At 4:29 p.m. on October 12, 2009

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(莫斯科12日综合电)外星人袭击地球? (Moscow, 12 AP) aliens attack the Earth? 俄罗斯莫斯科上周三天空出现一个大光环,犹如电影《天煞:地球反击战》(Independence Day)中外星人乘太空船攻击地球一幕,引起一阵心慌。 Moscow, Russia appeared in the sky last Wednesday a large halo, as if the movie "Independence Day: Earth Strikes Back" (Independence Day) in the alien attack on Earth by spaceship scene, causing a burst flustered.

光环体积庞大,直径至少也有50米,四周都是压得低低的乌云,居民都看傻了眼,慌忙把这恐怖情景拍下来。 Bulky ring diameter of at least 50 meters, surrounded by dark clouds presses Didi De, residents are watching most perplexing hurriedly filmed this horror scenario. 但气象专家指出,光环不是外星人的太空船,那只是气象中的光影现象,由于莫斯科近日有好几道锋面掠过,包括来自北极的冷锋,加上当时太阳正下山斜阳西照,便构成这种奇特的光影。 But weather experts say halo is not alien spacecraft, it is just weather phenomena in the light and shadow, as Moscow has recently swept several Road front, including those from the Arctic cold front, coupled with the setting sun when the sun is down Xizhao, it constitute such a strange light and shadow.

气象专家说:“若仔细看清楚,你会发现有光线从云层中射出,影片很大可能在日落时拍摄。” Weather experts said: "If we look more closely, you will find the light from the clouds in the shot the film is very likely shooting at sunset."