Tuesday, September 22, 2009

"I'm afraid they are not afraid of pain and death," Australian paralysis, the success of the Han court to die

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■ 获准自然饿死的罗西特(中),周一终于在疗养院病逝。 ■ approved natural starvation Rossiter (middle), died in a nursing home last Monday. (法新社照片) (AFP photo)

(堪培拉22日综合电)“我不怕死,只怕痛。”说这句话的澳洲49岁四肢瘫痪男子罗西特,上月要求法院准他“自然饿死”胜诉,延至周一早上,他终于离世。 (Canberra 22 AP) "I'm not afraid of death, I am afraid the pain." Saying this Australian 49-year-old quadriplegic man, Rossiter, last month, asking the court to him to have his "natural starving to death" in favor of, until Monday morning, he finally passed away.

罗西特2004年遇上严重车祸脊柱折断,从此失去活动能力,要专人照顾,去年秋天更四肢瘫痪。 Rosssiter event of a serious car accident in 2004 fractured spine, began to lose its mobility, to personal care, last fall, more quadriplegic. 他形容自己活在人间炼狱:“我是被囚在自己身体的犯人,我无法移动,我不怕死,只怕痛。” He describes himself as living in the Hell on earth: "I was locked up in their bodies, prisoners, I can not move, I am not afraid of death, I am afraid the pain."

痛不欲生,罗西特曾至少40次要求疗养院停止向他喂食供水,让他自然饿死,但院方拒绝。 You'd rather die, Rossiter had at least 40 times, requested the nursing home to stop feeding him water and let him starve to death naturally, but the hospital refused. 最后他入禀兴讼,上月法院终裁定他得直,下令疗养院必须尊重他拒绝喂食饮水的决定,疗养院毋须负上刑事责任。 Finally, he filed litigation, last month, the court finally ruled that he had been allowed, and ordered the nursing home must respect the decision of drinking water, he refused to feeding, nursing homes do not criminally liable.

不进食不饮水的罗西特,周一终于死去。 Do not eat non-drinking water Rossiter, died last Monday. 他的兄弟表示,他因胸腔受感染,在珀斯市一间疗养院病逝,家人感谢之前帮助他有尊严地活着的人。 His brother said that he was due to chest infections, a nursing home in Perth city, died, his family thanks to help him before the people who live with dignity.