Tuesday, September 15, 2009


The UK Business Secretary Lord Mandelson (pictured above) yesterday attempted to draw new dividing lines between New Labour and the Conservative opposition over public spending as he admitted a number of major government projects could be put on the back-burner as part of efforts to balance Britain’s books. In a keynote speech to the Blairite think-tank “Progress” (surely a Blairite think-tank associated with progress is a contradiction in terms ?), the unelected and unaccountable noble Lord said the government recognised the need to “prioritise and economise” once Britain emerges from recession (i.e. after the election), but would do so while protecting frontline services. By contrast, he said, the Conservatives were “foaming at the mouth with excitement” at the prospect of spending less on public services. There was a “real choice to be had between the progressive reform offered by New Labour (with Mandy himself really in charge, of course) and the ideologically-driven retrenchment and deep cuts offered by the Conservatives”, he said.

Just one problem – as far as Mandelson’s concerned, we have no choice, because as an unelected member of the House of Lords he’ll still be in a cushy job whatever happens after the election. He’s wangled himself a measure of job security that most of his victims, the voters, don’t have at present. And considering he’s a leading member of a government that’s been acting until recently like no public spending cuts would be needed, he’s not only hypocritically taking the piss – he’s also insulting our intelligence. Why don’t they just call a poll NOW and get it over with instead of subjecting us to another 8 months of puerile, juvenile, meaningless, nonsensical arguments disguised as electioneering ?