Saturday, March 27, 2010

Italy:'s shortest man's death

  • He was born in Inner Mongolia natural flat with "primordium dwarfism" is only 0.75 meters tall, or less than two and a half feet high, in 2008 by the Guinness World Records recognized as the world's most dwarf adults. He later became famous flat travel around the world, appeared all over the media.(Photo: AFP)

(Italy ‧ Rome) tall and 74.6 centimeters (2 feet 5 inches) is the world's shortest man, Inner Mongolia, China's He Pingping, the earlier shooting in Rome, Italy Tugan program is the heart of discomfort last Saturday (March 13) At the hospital died, only 21 years old."Guinness Book of World Records," praised Ho mediocre though small, but significant impact on the world, lighting up the lives of others, and other "unusual" to bring inspiration.

He Pingping two weeks ago to Rome filming the TV show "records show" The Record Show, film