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Hong Kong: PLB was forced to rely on gangsters

Hong Kong: PLB was forced to rely on gangsters

  • "And the wins and the" sitting before the House, "Beng Beng mouth," suspected of money laundering were arrested and taken to the black Bumeng first assist in the search of his car before. (Photo: Ming Pao)

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(Hong Kong) Hong Kong, one of the three major gangs "and the wins and the" Museum of the first sitting, "Beng Beng mouth", suspected to walk between Tsuen Wan and Kowloon East, a number of extorting protection fees from public light bus lines more than 4 million yuan (about RM 1.71 million ringgit), and money laundering through the sale of jewelry. Anti-triad Unit Sunday (March 21) high-profile to the "mouth Beng Beng" Tuen Mun apartment search, to "money laundering" charges to arrest him. Public light bus industry of the police to arrest people only a temporary solution, in the long line of public light buses should be converted to green before they can put an end to gang to reap profits.

Insiders pointed out that the availability of public light bus industry to extort protection money into the line charges and the gang are out there, and blamed the government encourage the breeding of gang: "When the government does not intervene in the management of public light buses, so that profit-making routes more competitive, the original route in this underworld to find the driver had no choice but to help manage to expel outsiders has resulted in gangs grow in power, resulting in a vicious circle. "industry believes that only the public minibuses to green, so that the government regulation to solve the problem together. Tsuen Wan Line are running the driver learned that the gang were arrested, only to smile response: "playing with people, I still continue to Jiaoqian (protection money)."

Driven by profit-making routes to outsiders gang

Hong Kong Legislative Council Panel on Transport, Deputy Chairman Mr Andrew said, minibus drivers, the majority of the triads protection fee will not be reported, largely for fear of reprisals, in the past there have been the driver after the attack in the report. He urged the police not only to increase law enforcement efforts, but also to protect the informant's safety, as well as increase the penalties for the offense to stop criminals to transport extortion money.

Alleged "money laundering" arrested 47-year-old man, surnamed Pan, nicknamed "Beng Beng mouth," It is said that gangs and wins, and the former "sit Museum." Panmou 51-year-old ex-girlfriend named rooms are also suspected of "money laundering" and "obtaining pecuniary advantage by deception" were arrested; another 44-year-old woman was arrested last name have been the "obtaining pecuniary advantage by deception," was arrested with the department. All three were detained overnight.

New Territories South Regional Anti-Triad Unit Chief Inspector He Zhendong said the total amount of black money involved in the case of more than 400 million, mainly from the extortion of public light bus drivers and bound in Tsuen Wan, Kwun Tong, Ping Shek Estate and Tsz Wan Shan, Kowloon East district routes, etc., involving to drivers who continue to claim the money two to three years. I believe mafia protection money collected for the purchase of watches, jewelry and other re-sale in an attempt to bribes "bleaching." Police are investigating the past, in many cases related to the public light bus routes wounding and criminal cases related to whether the Pan Mou et al.

Money-laundering methods: Buy watches jewelry sale

Sunday morning 9 am, New Territories South Regional Anti-triad Squad soldiers, three-pronged action, in which a group of officers caught up with us, "Beng Beng mouth," So Kwun Wat, Tuen Mun, Tsuen equal distribution of wealth garden apartments, on the spot the "collapse of mouth collapse, "arrested in his flat and car searches in the safe removal of about 2 million (about RM 8557 ringgit) in cash, a number of jade jewelry, gold and watches and so on, they removed a number of documents and a computer, his car towed away later inquiries from tow test.

Another group of officers went to Harbor Heights in Tai Kok Tsui unit of the arrest of a "mouth Beng Beng," ex-girlfriend's surname room, but also found in the flat to take several hundred thousand dollars in cash, computers, documents and mobile phones and other exhibits, the Housing women after company of a 10-year-old girl I returned to the department. The other officers in Tai Kok Tsui Hoi Fu Court, arrest suspects, with another 44-year-old woman surnamed Zeng.

Bar Lu Weixiong said that the crime of money laundering as "the Organized and Serious Crimes Ordinance," Article 25 "dealing with property known or believed to represent proceeds of an indictable offense," and, upon conviction, be liable to a maximum fine of 500 million yuan ( about RM 2.14 million pounds) and to imprisonment for 14 years. The two women were involved in "obtaining pecuniary advantage by deception," a maximum penalty of imprisonment for 10 years.

"Beng Beng mouth" license plate "489" symbolic sit Museum

Arrested for alleged extortion and money laundering, "Beng Beng mouth", which is one of the three gangsters "and the wins and the" former "sitting Pavilion" (or Tau), has just retired early this year, in the case of yuan to help the elders, have a certain influence. It is reported that a few years ago, the prosecution and the police consecutive wins and two former House seat, so that the two imprisoned, the gang arrogance has plummeted, so that was regarded above all to sit one seat hall has been no one is interested, "Beng Beng mouth" in 2007 in a public request to sit as veterans hall, the performance of a low profile since he took office.

Individuals who act in a low-key that

Although the rivers and lakes human means "mouth Beng Beng," acting in a low-key, but police Sunday at his home in search of a black Toyota Alphard car, the car license plate number is "489." According to a police triad expert revealed that the gang code word among the 489 means "sitting Museum": "I believe he is specifically looking for the license plates, human realize that gangs are nothing but swagger about it, is not at a low-key!" According to vehicle registration data, this car is a company registered vehicle.

Law: the right path and difficult to prosecute cast plate

Bar Lu Weixiong said that although the "489" this group of figures with the "mouth Beng Beng," Museum of the identity of the gang sitting in line, but the police is difficult to prohibit the use of or prosecutions: "unless he is admitted under caution that 'I am the leader, of course, with 489 plates, 'What is the registration plate in the normal way bid, the vehicle is not his name, more difficult to prosecute. "

Under the "Societies Ordinance," Article 20, any person who custody, control, was found in possession of a triad society, belonging to or relating to any books, accounts, writings, members of the list, seals, flags or emblems, it is an offense for the first conviction is liable to a fine of 100,000 yuan (about 42.8 thousand ringgit ringgit) and to imprisonment for 3 years.

Mafia death bite of "fat" ‧ hit the, burning of vehicles and punish whistle-blowers

PLB into line fees and protection fees, as the gang has been the main source of income. The police cracked down Sunday as an example the case of extortion and money laundering, gangs and win and to walk to the East Kowloon, Tsuen Wan minibus routes start with, a few years involving an amount of up to four million yuan. Profits, gangsters will not easily let go of a piece of "fat", but he has to deal with rebels in various illegal means, in terms of the Tsuen Wan minibus routes in the past been a number of protection money involving PLBs wounding criminal cases.

Last year in July, a road to Mong Kok, Tsuen Wan, Shek Lei Pui line of a public light bus drivers, Shanghai Street in Mong Kok suddenly stops, surrounded by three assailants who attacked and injured by glass bottles sent to hospital, police did not rule out the incident involved a minibus Protection fee. Last year in September, Yee On Street, Kwun Tong, Tsuen Wan and Island Line and other public light bus stands head and two parking light windows have been broken into and burned the vehicle is burnt paper, but also into the line of charges related to conflicts of interest.

Sun Ming Pao reporter in the vicinity of Tsuen Wan Market Street to understand the public light bus terminal, on the site there are bound Kwun Tong, Tsuen Wan, Choi Hung, and Xihuan lines, the reporter for the minibus drivers to inquiries about the gangs extorted protection money into the line of charges and issues, have guessed that from the street to the end of the street, a row more than a dozen mini-bus drivers are told reporters: "No such thing!" The gangsters were uttered not a word regarding whether the extortion.

Everyone silently drivers

One of the driving between Tsuen Wan and Kwun Tong Line, the driver admits: "Hong Kong has a light bus terminal which do not charge 'into the line of charge'? If you have informed me, I want to turn to." He lamented: "playing with the (gang leader ) no good because I just have to be according to Jiao Qian (entry-line fee)! "

The driver though outspoken and willing to air their grievances, but other details tend to treat drug unwilling to disclose the details, even the names are not willing to disclose, but vague, said: "call me 'and earners' about her."

‧ Transport industry urged government regulation: You can bid for line

The trade said that most public light buses were controlled by the mafia to collect a lump sum into the line driver fee and monthly protection money, the police arrested Sunday a special mini-bus drivers to extort protection money the gangs backbone. However, Hong Kong, Kowloon and New Territories Public Green Light Bus General Chamber of Commerce Yanao lamented: "Zhuode a few." Litter bugs his analogy: "caught one, they always have another litter to stop them."

Yanao pointed out that fees and protection fees into line these words clearly "illegal", it has changed in recent years gang mode, the "charges" commercialization and legalization. They will set up a firm to owners to "buy" the entire lane of the management rights, "probably paid 50000-100000 yuan a bit." "Gang's" re-lease 1,200 yuan to date (about RM 513 ringgit) rental to the driver than the drivers directly to the dealers 100-200 yuan loan expensive, fine-sounding name for the service fee charged the first management station is actually the original the entry line fees and protection fees, "On the surface Suisi legitimate business, but everyone knows very clearly amazed."

He pointed out that the existing public light bus route more than 200 to urge the Government to legitimize the GMB confirmed that PLB be regulated by the government approval routes, frequency and price and so on, to prevent the recurrence of "other people involved in management . "

Before application was rejected in 2078

Hong Kong's interests to pay attention to the taxi and minibus LI Ming-Hong President of the Union also pointed out that 90% of the public light bus routes controlled by the gangs, some of the monthly maintenance fee commonly known as "terminal fee" protection money, the amount depending on the size of the profit in this line whether the rich, as far as he knew, the most exaggerated of the month to pay 10,000 yuan (about RM 4280 RM). He pointed out that at 7 to 8 years ago, the government asked for confirmation that the GMB public light buses, but the authorities have been refused.

A Transport Department spokesman responded that, at the end of the year, there were 4350 minibuses, of which there are 1373 public light buses, if one-third of the total. The spokesman said, such as public light bus operators intending to convert into green minibus operators through open tender route. (Ming Pao)