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Shareholder dissatisfaction with the Toyota vehicle recalls to mention class-action lawsuit

Shareholder dissatisfaction with the Toyota vehicle recalls to mention class-action lawsuit

At 16:57 on March 23, 2010

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■ Toyota spokesman Hoyt (right) said that the results of police investigation to prove that the Toyota Motor's security. Next to the New York representative of the police. (AP Photo)

WASHINGTON (AP 23) Due to shareholders on the recent Toyota recalls cars dissatisfied with Toyota Motor Corporation has filed suit.

In the recall of nearly 8.5 million vehicles, Toyota is facing from investors to launch at least three class-action lawsuit, the reasons are all violations of securities laws.

Shareholders filed a lawsuit on behalf of the December 22, 2009 to February 2, 2010 Toyota bought shares between. He believes that Toyota has made a "serious false and misleading statements", thereby misleading investors and the public. Toyota, the complaint in his complaint "did not indicate the vehicle security problems." The most important is that this is Toyota's shareholders expressed dissatisfaction with the stock decline in the value of an opportunity.

Dissatisfied with the value of stocks decreased by

January 22, Toyota catching problems due to the accelerator pedal recalled 2.3 million cars, when the company's stock value is 90.42 U.S. dollars per share. At present, the stock value fell to 79.80 U.S. dollars per share. Such stock price decline, largely due to a sudden there is a dispute.

Experts have pointed out, securities cases, investigation and evidence collection will be very difficult.

New York Police Prius hit the wall to support the event of mistakes made by drivers

USA New York Police Department Monday announced support for security checks after the Federal Bureau of view, took place on the 9th of this month in New York on the outskirts of hard phases of acceleration events Prius drivers, operational mistake.

The survey found that Prius drivers, Rozelle was the incident, has never stepped on the brakes, but crashed into the wall directly.

56-year-old woman driving a 2005 annual Grozel day, Prius driving in Harrison, New York, but the car suddenly accelerated out of lane, across the street crashed into a stone wall, she depresses the brake pedal, but can not afford to effect.

Mara police officer in charge of the investigation in Sydney, said: "Accident vehicle record information that the accident happened when the accelerator is 100% shit, but there is no indication that any braking if the owners take measures."

Mara Sydney, said: "She (Rozelle) thought he hit the brakes board, but that is not the case."

This conclusion with the last week, the U.S. Federal Safety and Inspection Service's findings coincided. They told the board data recorder, it was discovered in which the data has not been depresses the brake pedal records show only the time the incident was completely depresses the accelerator pedal.

Depresses the brake pedal is no data recorded

Mara Sydney that driving the computer data also show that the original road traveling at high speed the speed of 56 kilometers an hour, but hit a wall the moment the speed has been reduced to 27 kmh, so the possibility of vehicles, there is little hard phases of acceleration存在.

Toyota department also said that before the accident with the San Diego Prius hard phases of acceleration the same incident, was able to quickly conclude that due to the Prius models installed in a vehicle similar to aircraft black box data recorder, they will vehicle's current situation to record. At present the U.S. government is studying this black box technology as the industry standard in the U.S. market introduced by force.