Monday, July 27, 2009


And we need serious people, not prats like Miliband, to deal with these Iranian mullahs. A hardline cleric close to the Iranian regime has demanded the execution of leading demonstrators opposed to “President” Ahmadinejad. In a televised sermon in Tehran, Ayatollah Ahmad Khatami (pictured above) called on the judiciary to “punish leading rioters firmly and without showing any mercy to teach everyone a lesson”. He claimed that protestors were backed by the UK, US and Israel. They should be treated as “mohareb” — people who wage war against God — and deserved execution. In a clear warning to all dissenters, he declared: “Anybody who fights against the Islamic system or the leader of Islamic society, fight him until complete destruction.” And this delusional clerical cretin claimed that Neda Soltan,the young Iranian woman murdered by his government’s bully-boys last week, had been killed by fellow protesters because “Iranian government forces do not shoot at a lady standing in a side street”. Really it’s high time some of these religious nutcases smelt what they’re stepping in. And the UK should warn this regime comprised of doctrinal medieval tossers that they’ve kidnapped our personnel once too often. But then again, with a wimp like Miliband, I won’t hold my breath. He’ll probably send them a craven apology.


The Queen (pictured above) is reportedly seeking the first increase in the annual civil list – the money she gets from UK taxpayers – for nearly 20 years to plug an emerging £5 million annual funding gap for the royal household. Palace officials have told the Treasury they need the dramatic rise to the £7.9 million grant because they are exhausting their cash reserves and cannot make further cuts in spending. The demand is likely to pitch the palace into political controversy. Ministers have rejected earlier appeals for extra funds towards the upkeep of the royal palaces. What is going on here ? At a time when the average person is struggling to keep their job, home and sanity, the Royals want ANOTHER £5 million of our hard-earned. Maybe they should consider cutting back on expenditure and firing all the hangers-on and retainers instead of taking the piss.


Some people have a strange sense of timing and propriety. The above picture shows the Rev Jesse Jackson, a close friend of the Jacksons, together with the late Michael Jackson’s father Joe outside the family home in Los Angeles during the weekend after the death. The photo probably won’t do much to dampen growing criticism of the Jackson family and their alleged failure to help the singer as his health deteriorated. But at least the family today demanded an independent post mortem to find out exactly why he died. Judging by the good natured humour on display in the immediate aftermath of the death, that’s about as concerned as it looks like they’re going to get – until the will is read, of course.